A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Here’s the ‘this.’

This is a portrait of Park Jung-Min, a Korean singer/actor. He was so much fun to draw; everything just ‘came together’ as it so rarely does. I’m very happy with it. =)

As for the ‘that,’ – I got this response to the lovely Monica, who’s always so wonderfully enthusiastic to read my writing. She read “The Shadows Fall” and I got this very, very amazingly encouraging reply (I edited it a tiny bit so as to avoid spoilers)-

I have to admit, picking a favorite character is tough, i loved Sienna and Eristor and just all of them! And you killed XXXXXXX!!!!! How could you kill XXXXXX? I mean, you did a good job killing XXXX, because you’re obviously getting a good reaction from me ;). But how could you kill XXXX!!?! I live in hope that maybe XXXXX not really dead, I mean, this is a fantasy novel after all, it could happen. Good job with that btw ;). I guess that could count as the scene that I responded to the most emotion-wise, I was almost crying…
One of the characters that I actually liked the most, with the obvious exception of Eristor or Sienna ;), would be Marcus Gale, I loved the guy! He was pretty awesome,   and I hope he gets more page time in book two. Caranthir was an amazing villain! I loved the bantering between Sienna and Alec, and having four brothers, I can totally relate to it, which is fun! Those scenes were so much fun to read through, and just to see them interact like that was hysterical. I also love how Alec “stepped up to the plate” during the scene with the merrows. And the scene were Eristor finally just laughs! When Marcus is giving Sienna swimming lessons!! *squeal* He’s just adorable there! Okay, okay, I may as well just give up on trying to pick a favorite scene, really! Sorry if this was a little muddled and jumbled a bit, hopefully its in a decent enough form for you to tell how much I sincerely loved that novel! Can’t wait to see what happens with its sequel 😉

Now what author doesn’t like to hear that said about her novel? I ask you.

Credendo Vides,



In which I discuss the Hunger Games controversy

You know what irritates me?

When people have an opinion about something they know nothing about.

Mainly, the Hunger Games.

I’ve read so many reviews of the movie/books this past week my head is spinning, and I know the only thing to do is go and SEE the movie. (I am, later this week, if all works out). I read the books and, while I loved 1 and 2, I felt a little disappointed with 3 – but as a series? I love them. Now, I’ll let you know some of the things that majorly, majorly irritate me in reviews I’ve read.

Calling Cinna a homosexual. He is NOT, people. Does this look like a homosexual man to you?

It’s like people are LOOKING for anything they can to tear apart about this series. I mean, do I love it? Yes. Do I think it’s perfect? NO!  People who haven’t read it look at it and say “It’s all about kids killing kids and it’s gory and there’s NO WAY I’m reading that.”

Don’t you even realize what Suzanne Collins is saying? She’s giving us a WAKE UP CALL! We could *easily* become the next Panem – as scary as it is, it could resemble our future.

Why do parents who let their children read classical Greco-Roman literature about gladiators as part of ‘Christian homeschooling’ have a problem with this series? It’s the SAME THING! Even the names of people in the Capitol – Caesar? Flavia? – are Greco-Roman! It’s a clear parallel, not just something tossed up for twisted entertainment.

Suzanne Collins, as far as I know, is not a Christian. These books are what can happen to the country without God, and to me, that is very, very clear. My mother recently read a rather frightening, post-apocalyptic/dystopian novel called Something-Seconds Later that had the same principle.

There are several reasons I root for this series, and one is that it’s a wake-up call for teenagers, and they’re DEVOURING it. It’s creating deep discussions and political awareness.

As a book series, there is very little swearing and/or sexual content; next-to-none, in fact. Violence? Yes, of course there’s violence. I would even go so far as to say they’re the most violent series I’ve ever read – but it is not MINDLESS violence. Go read Fox’s book of martyrs and see if the Hunger Game still botherse you.

 (Note: The third book seemed to hold some violence that was gratuitous just for the sake of being gross, but it was also the darkest in the series and focused on full-out war.)

I have not seen the movie, but from what I hear, it’s pretty close to the books, and I’m looking forward to seeing it so I can tell you my thoughts and give you my highly-opinionated review.

Tip: Parents, don’t take your six-year-old to see the movie, but don’t be afraid to let your 16-year-old see it. In fact, it would be an EXCELLENT discussion-maker.

This is a very controversial series, and I can understand it. But people, at least READ the BOOKS before deciding to have an opinion!!!!

With much enthusiasm and emotion,



A (literal) Sun Flower. A (very) blonde princess. A thief on the run. And a horse who thinks he’s a dog. Tangled.

I went to the theaters expecting to see a cute movie. After all, the preview looked adorable, right? I’ve got news for you.

It was BEYOND adorable. It was downright hilarious. It was wonderful. It was the best princess movie ever (it even – slightly – beats Beauty and the Beast).

And it all begins with a Sun Flower. No, not the kind you plant in your backyard. The kind that springs from a drop of the sun when it hits the earth. It’s pretty, it’s yellow, and has healing and anti-aging powers, to boot! The queen of the land falls sick, and drinks water from the flower. Ta-daa, healed! But just one thing – it’s given her daughter magic hair. Just one catch – (very very very) old lady was using the flower to keep her young, and she isn’t happy about the fact that it was used by someone else. But wait, all is not lost – if she sings a certain song, Rapunzel’s hair glows and still de-ages her. Obviously, there’s only one thing to do – kidnap the child and raise it as her own! Fast-forward seventeen years. Enter Flynn Rider – charming, somewhat egotistical, and – oh, yeah. Wanted. By the law. For thieving.

Rapunzel has spent her entire life locked up in a tower, believing Lady Gothel (the very very very old lady) is her mother – who absolutely FORBIDS going Outside. But Rapunzel is determined to go see the Floating Lights for REAL on her birthday – and there’s only one person who can take her.

No, not the horse. Flynn. Yup. But the only way Rapunzel will get him to take her is if she hides his most recent stolen item. Of course, she’ll give it back once he’s guided her to the Floating Lights and back.

So, the reluctant guide and the (slightly ditzy) princess set off on an adventure that had me in both stitches and tears. I didn’t want it to be over. I ordinarily don’t like animated movies this much – but seriously. I liked it better than Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I suggest watching it. I suggest watching it twice. Three times. Buying it. I plan on it =)

~ Ëarwen

WARNING: In spite of its being a princess movie, it’s not a ‘little’ kid movie. Kid, yes. Little, no. Take caution.