Snippets of Stories

 I thought I’d share some snippets from my various literary endeavors with you, just for fun. These are a few of my favorite passages. Enjoy!

She looked up into the face of a boy her age, or a little older. He had straight black hair and gray eyes. His face was a laughing sneer.  “Why did you do that?” asked Emmaline, too surprised to be angry or upset.  “Because picking on anyone bigger than a tree sprite is too much of a challenge for Horus,” said Tam’s voice. She felt his hands picking her up off the ground, and her plate – all in one, solid piece – was placed in her hands.    Horus glared fiercely at Tam, but was obviously too frightened to do anything else. Tam smacked him hard upside the head. “Ow!” the boy said, trying to dodge another blow.  “Leave Emmaline alone, or so help me I’ll hit you so hard that when you wake up the world’ll be over,” Tam threatened, his hand raised.  “All right! All right!” Horus growled, clutching his aching head.   “Thanks, Tam,” said Emmaline sheepishly as Horus dumped his plate in the sink and fled from the kitchen.  He shrugged. “Don’t worry about him,” he said, jerking his thumb toward the doors Horus  had vanished through. “If he ever bothers you, just tell me.”  “And you’ll hit him so hard, when he wakes up the world will be over?” she grinned, her admiration for Tam having shot up several feet in the past few seconds.  He grinned and nudged her shoulder. “Yeah.”

 –  Tales of Matchwick Manor

The hearts of men are like glass; transparent and easily broken.” – Faren, The Shadows Fall

“My crown does not define who I am; it only gives me a title.” – Artemia, Wolfsguard

“Patience is a virtue, Thalion.” “It isn’t one of my more prominent ones.” “True; but you have so few that I’d work on cultivating it anyhow.” – Thalion and Hezikiah, Wolfsguard

“However!” he thundered, “Impractical or irresponsible use of glamour is strictly prohibited! If a student goes missing and a toad appears, or it begins snowing in the dining hall, or a canary begins howling, someone will be thoroughly punished.” He scanned the classroom with a thunderous scowl, punctuating his last two words.   – Bernus Grimblewhite, Matchwick Manor

“My enemies think before they act; that’s theier mistake. I act before they’ve finished thinking.” – Marcus, The Shadows Lengthen

“It’s amazing, the feats one can accomplish when one is bored.” – Hezekiah, Wolfsguard

“The enemy of my enemy is the next one to die.” – Morgan, Wolfsguard

“That must have wounded him deeply.” “Oh, no. His heart isn’t one of his more vulnerable spots.” Hezekiah on Morgan, Wolfsguard

“Yes, we know, he was brave and caring and loved his country and his king, etcetera, etcetera, and so on and so forth.” Morgan on Reinhart, Wolfsguard

Emmaline saw the glass front of the shop approaching and stopped several feet before she hit it. Tam, however, called “Thanks” to a customer just leaving the shop and cart wheeled through the open door in a feat of gymnastic agility.            He righted himself and grinned, his face flushed, and the proprietor, a pretty, round girl with blond ringlets and permanently rosy cheeks. “Hi.”  “Hi.” She grinned and immediately began making his favorite; namely, the largest cone available, chocolate-dipped and sprinkle-covered, with one scoop of every flavor (except licorice).  Emmaline walked in and glared at Tam. “You cheated,” she scolded, fishing money from her pockets. She stopped, patted them again, and then a slow, mischievous smile spread over her face. “Oh, dear,” she said. “I seem to have forgotten my wallet.”  Tam leaned his elbows on the counter, buried his face in his hands, and sighed. “Emma, Emma, Emma.”   “I’m sorry,” she said, stifling a giggle. “I’ll pay next time; I promise.”  He lifted his head, and she saw he was smiling. He gave her a wink and said “Don’t worry about it, princess. I’ve got it.”  “My hero,” she responded, hugging him from behind.  “Please,” he said loftily, “no personal contact between princess and hero until after the wedding.”The girl behind the counter stopped in the middle of scooping pink strawberry ice cream to stare at them both. “You’re getting married?”  “What? No!” cried Tam and Emmaline at the same time, shooting her incredulous looks.  “Okay.” She resumed scooping. “Just checking.” 

Matchwick Manor

“Hez, you addlepated trickster, how are you?” “Over-worked and under-appreciated; so kind of you to inquire,” was the glum reply, accompanied by a sigh that seemed to come from the depths of his soul.  ~ Hezekiah, Wolfsguard

She was not sure if he was dead or not, but she did not have anything long enough to poke him with from a safe distance. – Blackmore’s Chaville

“I’m not rude. I just was not taught to pretend politeness to people I can’t stand.” – Sir Avalon Blackmoor, Blackmoor’s Chaville

You’d be surprised what you can live through,” he said quietly. The story that lingered behind his haunted eyes sent a chill up her bare arms.  – Blackmoor’s Chaville

“He’s the kind of person who would defend himself from vultures by playing dead.” – Alec, The Shadows Lengthen

“Good morning,” he greeted the young knight with forced heartiness. Turning to his advisor, he muttered under his breath “I see your assassins failed again.” – Wolfsguard



Confessions of a Bookaholic, or, for Anyone Who Wants to Understand One

Yes… I’m sorry to say (well, not really) …they’re all true. Mostly, anyway. 😉

I felt like posting this; my Dad bought me a new bookshelf which I instantly filled up with the various books I’d had laying around (yes, it was a full size) and tomorrow I’m making another jaunt to the used book store… life is good ♥ Thank you, Lord, for good books! For the smell of the pages, the wonderful characters, the settins, the vividry. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Author of the One Sacred Book!

Yes. I can even become deaf to music (though I’d rather read WITHOUT it…)

Sad but true.

Yep! I’d love to be a ‘book doctor’ like Moe Fulchart!

I do this =D

I have 4; two half-sized, two full-sized. All full. =D


If I like the series, that is =D

Exactly *snif* Though I don’t read them, I feel sorry for all those Pottermania folks whose ‘era’ is ending. It must be heartwrenching!

Weeellll, not quite. I DO enjoy it, though. I like to have all the authors grouped, and all the ‘types’ in the same group as the author… if possible, of course.

Pretty much, yes. Of course, this happens all year round. =D

YES! *snif* Warmn’fuzzyfeeling…


Dreaming whilst wide awake!!

Yup. No book-burners here! (Unless it’s Twilight. In which case, I have a box of matches handy).

So many choices! And then there’s never one when I need it…

Ocassionally I have this sensation.

Well, I’m not won QUITE that easily. But it’s definitely an excellent start. 😉

I do this all the time =D

Very hard.

Yes. I admit.

*sigh* Another trap I fall into…

If it’s an emotional book, then yes indeedie. If it’s just ‘meh’ then not really.

Yes!! I love new books, but old books have been previously loved and it’s all stored up in the pages. Of course then there’s new books, waiting for their own love 🙂


“Remember now, not a scratch!” *ten minuts later* “I don’t know, I just have the strangest feeling I’m never gonna see her again…” ~ Han Solo

Yes! Partially why I’m so excited my chances look good.

Definitely happens.

If the people’s bookshelves are full of blah books (grrr) or NO books (heartbreaking) or things OTHER THAN BOOKS (sacrilige!!!) then, I’m sorry to say, my opinion probably won’t be very high first off. I may like them later, though.

But of course, that would take too long…


*siiiiiiiiigh* The sad truth…

AUGH! I can’t STAND it!

EXACTLY. I AM ANTI NOOK/KINDLE/E-READER (unless it’s for vacations).

Exactly. EXACTLY. *hugs quote*

Takes one to know one.

Yes! I love heartfelt notes… though I feel kind of sad if they were written only a few years ago. Somebody threw the book out much too soon.

Though I’m usually told to “HOLD ONTO THE RAILING!!”

*sigh* Exactly.

OH, they tick me off!!

Yes. I’m definitely a re-reader. I don’t understand people who buy books and then get rid of them after one reading.


Yeah!! ^_^

Um, yes. Very yes. Sometimes I reread a book just for that character because I miss them. (See how powerful the written word is, people? Let’s not abuse it by writing trash!!)

…You should see me watching Eragon. Though I don’t read Eragon anymore and I DO enjoy the movie. Long story. But still. (Solembum? Hello? Uh, what’s up with the Urgals, people? And the Ra’zac are killed WAY too quickly…)

Hah, well, I still depend on my parents to drive me places, but if possible, I ask to be left at a book store. =)

YES! =)

Yes… plus, it’s a great conversation-starter!

Uh-huh. I do that when reading catalogues, too. I squint and turn the pages around trying to see what the titles are. XD

Yes 😦 Though it’s usually only with male characters. I don’t know why. I think it’s because my spiritual ‘gift’ is mercy. I empathize very deeply with feelings of discomfort or humiliation. Sometimes I feel like Deanna Troi 🙂


*ahem* Well, ‘KILL’ might be a bit overdoing it. Not much, but overdoing it.


“Cuz I’m readin a BOOK man, I’m readin’ a BOOK! Don’t you EVAH interrupt me while I’m readin’ a’ BOOK!”

Yes. I do.

Well, DUH!! I actually usually have my ‘back-up’ book and the book I’m currently reading.

…what do you MEAN, I need to get out more???

A new favorite quote

“You cannot fully read a book without being alone. But through this very solitude you become intimately involved with people whom you might never have met otherwise, either because they have been dead for centuries or because they spoke languages you cannot understand. And nonetheless, they have become your closest friend, your wisest advisors, the wizards that hypnotize you, the lovers you have always dreamed of.”
-Antonio Muñoz Molinas