un announcement

I’ve decided it’s high time that I start getting my life in order. Enough of this crazy disorganization, I say! – well, I’ll keep some of it, no doubt; there’s a certain degree of comfort in a little clutter. Some things, however, need a good metaphorical spring-cleaning and I decided my website looked sad and pathetic and lonely, and then I thought that my blog title and url no longer match anyway – and so I’ve heaved to and switched everything! Rather than just a blog, I’m now queen of my own domain over at mirriamneal.com and from there, I’ll do everything – blog, artwork, columns, writing, life in general. It’s a much neater setup, and I hope you enjoy it! This blog will still be here, and I’ve lined to it on the Wishful Thinking website so you can come back and browse as much as you like. This isn’t an upheaval so much as a change of address. See you there!