I woke up this morning and rushed to the computer in a whirl of excitement that tops even Christmas morning – and found that my friends (who are, without argument, the best) had already searched Monster on Amazon and been posting the link on Facebook. I almost cried when I saw the book – MY book – there on Amazon. I ran upstairs where Mom, Dad and I proceeded to crowd around the laptop and squeal, with hugs all around.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…



Finally, the giveaway I’ve been talking about…

For a while now I’ve been dropping hints as to a giveaway for Monster’s release date on the 15th (Saturday! Tomorrow! Good gracious!) Several people thought it would be a copy of the book, but nooo – that will come later. This is something even more special, something unique, something brainstormed between myself and Ashley, the owner of Etsy’s Avalyn Designs. We wanted something Monster-themed, but not necessarily Monstrous, if you know what I mean. And so, together we came up with something we decided most girls, even those who haven’t read Monster, would enjoy winning. Behold her simple, elegant creative genius.


These earrings she designed to resemble Mir’s black tears in the novel, since we wanted something to represent Monster in a subtle, classy way. I can let you know that these have sat in my room since I went to Florida, and I’ve considered just keeping them more than once. (I’m not saying I take them out of the box to watch them gleam in the moonlight, stroke them and whisper “My preciousss,” but…)

Would you like to win them? Enter by clicking the link below!

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Also, check out these interviews and leave a comment – it’s worth extra points in the giveaway! The questions varied from the expected to the hilariously fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every interview! Give the lovely ladies some love.

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And a special, actual Monster review by the crazyamazing Ashley at Cheery-O!

Now, what I’m hoping for.

I’m hoping for a Blitz tomorrow on Amazon when Monster becomes available for order – if you order the book tomorrow, you’ll boost my ratings, and make me easier to find on Amazon! If you do this, you’re a fantastic fish, and I’ll love you forever.

Monster Blog

In which I talk about Two Very Important Releases

As you all know, I’ve been preparing to publish Monster. It’s been written, re-written, edited and polished by more hands than I can count, and now finally, thanks to Mom and Dad,  it’s happening. Ladies, gentlemen, aliens, all – Monster is going to be released through Amazon and bookstores on June 15th. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Care for a sneak peek at the cover?


I’ve been invited onto several blogs for conversations with the lovely bloggers, so I’ll be posting links to those soon! If you’d be interested in hosting me on your blog or website, I’d love it! Also, I’ll be hosting a Monster-themed giveaway, courtesy of Avalyn Designs on Etsy!

Also, please check out my author page on Facebook, and like/share it if you feel so inclined! Honestly,  I couldn’t ask for a better gift.

However, if you were thinking mine is the only epic release (winknudge) you’re wrong! Gifted author (and my personal editor and soul-sister) Amanda Bradburn and her cousin, Emily Bradburn, have released a fantastic story, “Little Red Robin Hood (The Underthieves)” on Amazon! It’s a cute, adventurous romp that I suggest you buy. Some of the words are a bit difficult for small children, but the story itself is pure gold and kids 8+ should have no problem making it a favorite! And if you don’t know any kids, then buy it for yourself. It’s an inexpensive treat you’ll read time and time again!


To purchase the book on Amazon, go here! To visit it on goodreads, go here! To find out more about Amanda, go here! And, to find out more about Emily, go here!

Finally, a small sneak peak into Monster – coming soon!!!

            “Tiger’s in the Procedure Room,” said Brenton, tilting his head and giving her a smile she thoroughly disliked.

            “The Procedure Room? But – how? Who’s using it?” She took a step closer, her hands tightening into fists.

            “Some research scientist named Harborn.” Brenton slung his gun over his other shoulder as if it had gotten too heavy for him. “Oh, don’t worry,” he added. “He had permission. Dr. Ross brought him down here himself.”

            Eva could hardly contain her anger. It was all she could do to grind out the words “Thank you” before turning on her heel and rushing to the Procedure Room.

            Two guards stood outside, but they recognized her and let her burst into the room. She opened her mouth to yell for Jude, but froze.

            Unable to move, Eva beheld the scene in front of her with horror.