Make Believe Day 3: The best versions of Peter Pan!

I grew up watching a very, very old version of Peter Pan – I couldn’t even find it on Wikipedia! It was not the silent version, but one very soon after that starring a woman as Peter Pan (I remember giggling with my sister, going “Look! You can even see the black string holding her up!”) and Tigerlilly was… blond?

And then when I was about six, I first saw the Disney animated version of Peter Pan – and I was… well, Hooked!

After that, my sister found a version of Cathy Rigby’s portrayal of Peter Pan at the library. I thought “Oh, joy… do we HAVE to!?” And she went “Yes!” So I forced myself to watch it and actually laughed a LOT in it! She was amazingly agile, tumbling, doing gymnastics… ah, bliss…

And then came the sequel to the Disney Peter Pan – Return to Neverland!


I remember thinking “Well… Jane’s a brat, but… it’s still fun!” And the octopus was great… 🙂 And then we gooootttt…

The way we got to watch this is actually rather humorous – this was when we still enjoyed the Cathy Rigby version. One day, Mom and Dad were asleep, but my sister and I had ants in our pants, wanting to watch the “new Peter Pan!!!!” so we woke Dad up and said “Dad! Can we watch the human Peter Pan?” Of course, he thought we meant the Cathy Rigby version and said “Sure…” so we watched the new version! Mom came out and said “Wha… who said you could watch that!?” (I personally had never seen a man get run through with a hook before, and was thinking it was all rather gory to my young eyes, but was really enjoying it) and we said “YOU did!!”

So after everything got (reasonably) straightened out, we watched it again… and again… it’s definitely my favorite version, although a romance between two thirteen-year-olds is a little ridiculous =)

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I watched HOOK for the first time!

I remember going “…uh, Mom, it’s Robin Williams.” Once again, I thought “Oh, brother” as we started it. But I actually really ended up enjoying it – “Bangarang!” is a very frequently used word in this house =) And sometimes, to make my sister laugh, I’ll say in this really over-the-top voice, “What fun, what laughs, what GREAT TIMES!!!!”

Once, actually, I was in church and was sitting next to one my older friends, Sarah. Her brother, Jake, was on her other side, and we were having an insult war on sheets of paper, passing them back and forth. And um *cough* I, very innocently, called him a “Math tutor.” For some reason, he started laughing (quietly, we were in Church – and yes, I did get talked to for doing this in church) and I was like “What!?” and he showed it to Sarah, who stared at me in a funny way and said “I’m a math tutor!” and we all three were pretty much hysterical… so, anyway…

Good times =)

Which is your favorite version?


Make Believe Day 2: Tinkerbelle

If you say “Tinkerbelle,” everyone will know who you’re talking about, even if they haven’t seen or read Peter Pan.

She has become as much of a staple to little girls throughout America as the Disney Princesses. But what lots of people don’t know is where she got her name. In the book, Peter tells Wendy that she is named Tinkerbelle because she “mends the pots and pans.” In the new Tinkerbelle movie (which I watched, and sadly found myself laughing throughout the entirety of) she does NOT want to be a tinker… until she finds out that it really is the one thing she’s gifted at.

In Peter Pan movie portrayals, she is somewhat two-faced; angelic to Peter, with whom she is jealously in love, and diabolical to Wendy and her siblings. But after she makes a big mistake, she realizes what she’s done and sets out to save the day.

But still – is this really a good role model for young girls? My oldest niece, several years ago, was even convinced that Tinkerbelle was her guardian angel until it was explained otherwise to her. And look at the way Tink is dressed – what is she, a cute little fairy, or a voluptuous vixen in Fun Size?

I’m not a big fan of Tinkerbelle, and probably never will be. But still, Peter wouldn’t be Peter without his faithful Tinkerbelle (hair-puller or no).

Make Believe Day One!

I am so excited!!! Today is the first day of Make Believe week, celebrating Peter Pan! My project for today was a photo shoot – my outfit was a combination of Wendy and the Lost Boys (although my brother said he thought it looked ‘elf woman’ and not ‘lost boy’ – oh well =)

I just realized that I post an awful lot of pictures… ha! Oh well. I love fashion and goofing off. Therefore,  I give you the Peter Pan Picnic and Photo Shoot!  (Images Copyrighted 🙂 Not that I need to tell you.)

Outfit: A long, green, embroidered house-jacket thing (don’t know the name) over a white shirt with black leggings and a thimble necklace I made out of my mom’s thimble and some of my sister’s yarn (because Wendy gave Peter a thimble =)

This is a mushroom.


This is the ‘Heffalump tree’ in our backyard =)

A conversation with Tinkerbelle…

With knife in hand, Wendy Pan (as my brother dubbed me) lunges forward!!

Hmm… to cut, or not to cut? (We didn’t XD)