Glimpses of Goodness Week 4

 hot chocolate//good hair days//pretty new eyeshadow colors//meeting new friends online//writing letters//receiving letters!!//receiving books in the mail//reading about other people’s characters//Once Upon a Time//love stories//Disney songs//my promise ring//beautiful songs that get stuck in my head//friends who forgive me for stupid things//the little pink letter-table in my room//new spring daffodills, now also in my room//new rosebushes we’re going to plant – I’m naming the first one Titania, but need suggestions for the others!//being able to retreat to my room even when the house is hectic//finding new musical groups I like//being awoken by a crow cawing outside my window//quoting movies with my family//being able to pray wherever I am//taking daily walks with my sister, especially on windy days//random, good talks with mom and dad//

NOTE: In March, Dad, my sister and I will be going to Vision Forum’s Father-Daughter Tea in Calloway Gardens. Are any of you going? I went the year before last, and met some girls who have become my best friends. 🙂 It was a wonderful time. So, to repeat – are any of you going?



Glimpses of Goodness week 3

Well, here we are, followers! These are the glimpses I’ve managed to pen down for this week.

My key-shaped necklace holder/stationary/blue nail polish/mail in the mailbox/a piece of breathtaking artwork/birds nests/breath fogging in cold air/snowmen/dreams that stick with you after you wake up/J. W. Waterhouse/KPop/my yellow flower light/having a ceiling fan in hot weather/leather-bound journals/my ‘write your own life story’ picture/the little globe that hangs from my ceiling/Grant’s Coffee Shop/the snoring dormouse/hedgehogs/eccentric college professors/Shasta greeting me with a wagging tail in the morning/parents who love and try to understand me/inscriptions in used books/sunlight dappling the water/my hair blowing from wind that comes through the open car window/singing along to my favorite songs/hugs from my nephew/curling up with a book at night/full moons in a clear sky/recognizing a constellation/private jokes shared with whispers and giggles/whipped cream in my coffee/baby gorillas at the zoo/the librarians sneaking free used books to me so I don’t have to pay (shhh!)/blog comments♥/random emails from nice people/fashion shoots/quoting movies back and forth/an angry sparrow chasing a marauding raven from the nest of babies/latin phrases/Sneetches/long, cool BBC King coats/field sketches/sweet potatoes with syrup/the way children phrase things/gangster-looking guys who are surprisingly polite/the crisp cheese on pizza crust/singing KOrean songs and trying to master the fast rap sections/horses in a field/the way my horse would nudge me when we’d had a good day/Converse All-stars/Fontana bread/bagels + cream cheese/”Here be dragons”/romantic comedies/happy endings that leave me feeling warm and fuzzy/surprises/my brother waking me up with ‘sunshine’/dancing like a crazy person in my room/Dark Kiss lotion/my brand-new masquerade masque/amazing friends I have.

What were yours for this week, mellon-nins? =)

~ Mirriam

Glimpses of Goodness and a trip to the zoo

Penny the flying pig/striped socks/typewriters/silly faces at the picture machine/talking animals in Narnia/muddled colors of watercolor paint/the sound of Canadian geese as they fly south for the winter/the silhouette of trees against a peach-colored sunset/a fire crackling in the fireplace/teacups/cozy sweaters/yummy-smelling candles/She & Him/wordl maps/Beatrix Potter and Winnie-the-Pooh/curly hair/ball gowns/masquerade masks/fairy tales/Alice in Wonderland/roses/old-fashioned tokens of a lady’s favor/Miss Potter/taking walks with my sister/hugs from Mom/pointed ears/Irish, British, Scottish, Jamaincan and Aussie accents/hunting for bargains at bookstores/capturing exactly the right phrase/that perfect moment when a new character announces him/herself/witty conversations/Smore’s Mochas from Grant’s/creating videos with WMM/fanfiction that makes everything okay/

We went to the zoo yesterday and had an amazing time. It was me, my sister Riah, my sister Maralie and Maralie’s son (my nephew♥) Silas. He brought one of his friends, Issa, along – they were so adorable!

(This is what happens when I ask Silas to do his puppy-dog face =D)

(Look! Baby naked mole rats! They’re so disgustingly cute!)

(The wind tunnel. Issa pulled a Marilyn Monroe – so cute!)

Grant’s coffee =) Great place to stop by for coffee =D

What are your glimpses of goodness for this week?

Credendo Vides,