“A kind of pale jewel open and closed within your eyes…”

I blame this entirely on Jenny and Katie. When Jenny had the marvelous idea to create a makeup look based on her fabulous world of Plenilune, I thought, “I like it.” And then Katie followed suit with her own look, and shamed everyone with her beauty – and then they coerced me into following as the third party. (I’ll admit, I didn’t really need much in the way of coercion.) The only hitch was, as the makeup look is fairly dramatic and not exactly everyday fare, I had to apply it all at night so I could wash it off before morning. Hence, while my face might look relatively done-up, I’m wearing a ratty gray sleep shirt. I apologize for nothing except my dramatic expressions.


For this look, as Jenny so aptly described as ‘Plenilune meets Labyrinth,’ I used nearly all e.l.f. products – shimmery white, shimmery gray, shimmery black; with a shimmery black eyeliner and lots of mascara. I used a deep red lipstick and applied some silver eye shadow to the lower lip for a more metallic, glamorous effect. I used a dark orange blush to create the illusion of cheekbones, and added light pink on top so I didn’t look cadaverous.

12 4

And a smiling picture because trying to look glamorous is a strain…576

And then some – what Ashley calls – ‘hipster model’ pictures because I like them a lot and don’t know what to do  with them.



 (And the title is taken from David Bowie’s song ‘As the World Falls Down,’ which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time.)


Almost Alice Day #2 – Wonderland Fashion!

Alice’s wardrobe has undergone many changes throughout the years. Take a look –

 From the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations

 From the original Disney film

 The new 2010 movie version.

The newest one is by far my favorite – throughout the whole movie, the wardrobes astound me. They are FANTASTIC! Definitely one of my favorite things about the movie (the only thing being, some of the dresses show too much skin).

Let’s take a closer look at Alice’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” dress from Tim Burton’s movie version –

Celine also gave me this link – a girl made her very own dress exactly like the one above – complete with the GORGEOUS gloves that I adore. Go here – http://alice-kingsley.livejournal.com/ – to get inspired!

Here is another picture of my second favorite Alice outfit ( I have chosen the picture where she is the most ‘covered’ due to the lack of sleeve).

Also, Alice’s beautiful “Sailing” outfit…

And the dress/outfit underneath (SO cute!! Notice – she’s wearing the gloves from the BEGINNING of the movie, at the END of the movie!)

In honor of Alice, I have prepared a few “Alice” outfits of my own!

Miss Alice setFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Miss Alice set by TOPssecret featuring Bloch shoes

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Summer Fashion for Girls


Some inspiring pictures and tips to help you with your summer wardrobe!

 <- a replica of clothing/accessories of one of Taylor Swift’s outfits  from SuddenlyDarling.com (Longer skirt – the double layers are SO cute!! And the shirt would have to be sleeveless, not spaghetti-strap).

 <- ShopRuche.com

 Taylor Swift looks classy in this cute sweater-skirt set. The skirt would be just as cute longer, paired with black flats.

 Taylor Swift – with slightly wider straps and longer shorts, this outfit is adorable. My mom also pointed out that if you added another ruffle and leggings, it would be really cute, too!

TIPS – Short – short dresses are all the rage this summer, but that fact has a silver lining – it also means that long shirts are all the rage, too! That’s right – turn a short dress into a pretty top! Pair with shorts, leggings, jeans – you may have to add a tight t-shirt underneath a spaghetti-strapped or even sleeveless dress for a modest look.

Another cool thing – this summer, feminine outfits are coming back into style. It will be a lot easier to find cute, pretty things to wear than before – it’s all about girly-girl style!

Think outside the box – if something is immodest but could be made modest by wearing leggings or a t-shirt under it, then try it!

Try an ordinary t-shirt with a frilly skirt, leggings, and flats for a unique summery look.