Getting to Know Angel – The Final Round!

damon wowWell, I’d say Angel has had a very long and illuminating run here on the blog – maybe eventually he’ll get another turn (although I can’t imagine there are any more questions in the universe to ask him!!)

But for now, it’s time to carry on with the last round of questions and move on to his best buddy (yes, Skata is his best buddy, not that he’d ever admit to such a thing except in jest).

This has been fun, and I’ll miss the questions – but I’m definitely looking forward to Skata’s run! And now – on to the questions!

Or, as Angel would say…

damon get this party started

In school, did you get straight A’s or A’s and B’s and C’s or F’s? Well, when I went to school it was a one-room schoolhouse and I was a pretty good student. I got straight B’s, mostly.

damon eyebrows

Who is someone you wish you never met? I’d tell you, but then I’d have to – you know.

damon - we're not gonna fight remember
What is your biggest fear? Probably that a certain – undisclosed – secret of mine will be brought to light.

Have you learned to deal with Easton yet? ….Yeah. I coax, wheedle, and sometimes beg. Threatening doesn’t usually work. And I can’t compel her now that Skata has her on vervain, so…

damon clasped hands

What would you tell someone you didn’t like, if they proposed to you? Two answers.

damon i'd rather poke my eyes out

damon have you met you

I also have one for Mirriam to answer for Angel, what is a song that makes you think of Angel? There are quite a few of them, but one would be Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You (Makes You Stronger)”

Do you prefer normal people or crazy people (crazy as in ‘fun’)? ‘Normal’ and ‘people’ aren’t synonymous? I thought everyone was just…naturally that way.

damon - oh
Quiet evenings or loud parties? Loud parties. The more, the merrier.

Will you miss me – *cough* I mean US- after the interviews are over?

damon - ... well eyebrows
Pizza or burger? Pizza. Duh.

Cheeseburger or regular burger? I thought a cheeseburger WAS a regular burger.

Do you and Skata work well together as a team? Pffft, yeah. We’re awesome.

damon the amazing race

Will you help me hide a body?

damon - what's the catch

What’s the most you could bench press? Not that into bench-pressing, soo…a lot. I exercise by fighting with Skata…or showing Easton how to kill me. Or vampires. She has work to do.

damon wanna fight

damon warrior princess

Who do you dislike the most out of the entire populace of the earth? Once again…

damon side smile
Do you fake a smile a lot or are you genuinely happy when you smile (generally speaking)? I smile in sarcasm. Usually.

damon smirk

Favorite lollipop flavor? I don’t care, but if it has caramel in the center – awesome.

Would you ever make a ginger bread house? If Easton forced him to, he would. But it would end up looking something like this.







How would a sass-off between you and Skata sound? There would be a lot of name-calling and veiled allusions. I’m sure you’ll see a good example soon.

Are you good with kids? Kids love me, but that’s probably because I’m a bad influence.

damon - mouth quirk

Chocolate or vanilla? Depends on the food.

Favorite kind of pie? Marshmallow.

damon approving nod

Do you write in all caps or caps and lowercase? I’m not much of a computer guy. I tend to write in all lowercase when no one’s editing my stuff.

Do you send letters? To whom would  I send letters, exactly?

What plan didn’t go well? A lot of them, but not for lack of genius.

damon - epic failure


damon - is that a good sign

What do you want most out of anything? Oh…world peace.

damon is awesome
Do you have any regrets? Yeah.

damon - i do a lot of things i don't have to do

If there was one person you would willingly team up with (from any book/movie/whatever), who would it be and why? Oh…the Black Widow. For obvious reasons.

Are you a memory person, or do you just make history instead of looking back on it? Memories are annoying. The past doesn’t hold a lot of interest for me.

What’s the most annoying thing about other vampires? They just won’t die.

damon - killing

What advice would you give a new vampire?

damon - you're dead dude

If you could pick one time in any period of the world to live in for a year, what would it be? This one. I mean, come on – you’ve got fast food, R-rated movies passing for PG-13, and cell phones.

On yourself, long hair or short hair? What’s the longest your hair has been? My hair’s always been pretty short. Long hair and me aren’t friends.

Do you sing? When the mood takes me. And when I know it’ll annoy the housemate.

If there was one person you had to spend your life with, who would it be? He just said ‘my doppleganger’ so I’ll give the true answer – Easton.

Favorite movie? I have no idea. I’m nore of a TV-show person. 24, Fringe, White Collar.

Thoughts on marionettes? …I have none?

What’s your favorite hobby? Is getting into trouble a hobby? Because I do that a lot.

Do you like flavored hot chocolates? Probably not.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Active.

damon - dreaming about me

How do you typically spend Christmas? At home, like any other day; or at the Diamond Straight.

I know I’ve asked this before, but – can I see your vampire face again?

damon - vampire eyes smile

So this is your last interview — what’s the final thing you want to say to us until we meet again?

damon - i rocked your world
And Angel, for your information, you hold our hearts in your hands … for better or for worse. We love you.

damon you have a good day

damon you have a good day mmhm bye now


Getting to Know Angel Round Eight

And here we have another round of Angel questions! Sometime this week (possibly tomorrow) I’ll list the March candidates for Getting To Know You and put up a poll. In the meantime, enjoy round eight!

1. Do you have an inferiority complex?

No! Why would you ask that? Seriously?

damon i'm fine

 2. What is your favorite musical?

Oh….I’m not really into musicals.

3. When you’re bored, what’s the thing you to do get out of it?

I’ll probably go find someone to flirt with. Or I’ll think of a new way to torment Skata, like the time I played a little revenge by locking the cat in his room all day until he came back. There was hair everywhere; it was great.

damon i was bored

 4. Do you ever get depressed?

damon completely miserable

 5. What makes you sad? (I know you get sad. You’re still human in there … somewhere. Like, really deep down somewhere. XD)

damon how long his this gonna take

 6. Where can I get a wooden stake? (It isn’t for you; just a precaution?)

damon van helsing

 7. How do you feel about Rukiel?

damon scram nobody likes a lurker

 8. How do you feel about Mirriam?

She’s okay. I guess I should probably like her more, considering she holds my fate in her hands.

9. How about…EASTON?

Partners in crime?

damon and easton perfect

 10. Okay, how do you feel about Skata?

Homicidal, in the most friendly way possible.

11. What would your response be if someone you liked enjoyed Skata’s company more than yours? Would you be offended?

damon more like disturbed

 12. I will be your babysitter. (Not a question. A fact.)

damon - telling me this why

 13. What is your ethnic background?

Besides American? Who cares?

14. Because as a vampire you’re extra strong, how loud can you be?
It’s not like I scream in front of a decibel detector, but pretty loud.

15. Why are you the way that you are?

damon - no reason

16. How do you feel about kidnapping?

damon anyone ever tell you thats creepy

17. Is there anyone you depend on, or are you self-sufficient?

damon - the only person i can count on

18. You and Skata seem to work well together as a team. How do you feel about that?

damon we're awesome

19. I just want you to know that I believe you can be a good person.

damon see i don't understand that

20. Are you tired of being interviewed yet?

damon just a little bit

Getting to Know Angel Round Seven

Angel is one popular vampire! Every time I get a new batch of questions for him, I’m amazed (and he’s flattered). It’s a good thing I gave him February as well as January, otherwise we’d never get to these – and I don’t even answer every single one of them! He loves the attention, just so you know. You’re making him an even bigger egomaniac than he already is. Enjoy!

1) I just read that since 1962, James Bond has killed over 150 men and slept with over 44 women, 3/4 of whom tried to kill him. Does that scare you? Are you kidding? He gives me something I can aspire to.

damon smirk

2) Are you a cautious guy? Not unless I have a good reason to be.

3) Do you act weird on full moons? Or is that just the other unnaturals? If you do act strange, what sort of things do you do? …Do I look like a werewolf to you?

damon hello look

4) If you accidentally bit your lip, could you poison yourself? No; injecting venom is something we choose to do. It doesn’t accidentally happen. Even if it did, I’m pretty sure we’re like snakes and can’t poison ourselves. That would be weird. And…pointless.

5) How long does it take to recover from another Unnatural’s bite? Well, if it’s a werewolf…we die. So, you could say a really long time.

damon eyebrows

6) Do you have to bite a certain area to turn someone into a vampire? Or can you just bite them and voila! they’re a vamp? You can bite them anywhere, and if you inject them, they’ll turn. Well. They might not. Like I said before, they could either turn into a strigoi, or they could die. Or they could turn into a malkavian and go crazy. There are all sorts of variables.

7) Are you a hard worker? Or would you do anything to keep from getting your hands dirty? Oh, I’ll get my hands dirty if I feel like it. I’m the one who has to do all the housecleaning around here, anyway. And if you’re feeling skeptical about it –

damon cleaning 1

damon cleaning 2

6) What’s your favorite ship (talking couples here, not boats)? Oh, come ON. I guess if I have to give ship anyone, it would be Kate and Sawyer on LOST. Man, I miss that show. Kept me mindbent for YEARS.

7) Are you a romantic? Depends on what you mean by romantic. I’m not a roses-and-wine kinda guy. I think the most romantic thing I’ve done with Easton so far is teach her how to kill a vampire. (Not me.)

damon fight

damon 2

damon fight 3

damon fight 4








8) Are you coordinated and graceful or do you trip over your own feet sometimes? I actually have yet to meet a clumsy vampire. I’m holding out for the day.

9) How do you act when you’re very angry? Do you shout, throw things, get physically aggressive, bite…? Or do you just kind of boil inside your head? Or does it depend on how angry you are? Oh, if I get angry, I just go out and…bite someone. Or I have an argument. I get angry very easily; I’ve just learned to control my temper. Sort of.

10) Do you like to cuddle on the couch and watch movies?

damon i'm gonna barf

11) Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

damon tattoos



 damon tattoos2









12) Do you have trouble accepting love (and I mean true love, not just temporary enjoyment)?

damon been in love

13) Do you have trouble giving out love (same condition as the previous question)? And…same answer as the previous question.

14) What’s your favorite weapon? Me.

15) Are you really narcissistic or do you just play at it to make yourself feel better? Why wouldn’t I feel fine?

damon - pat head rub tummy

16) Favorite memory? I know you have a hundred years’ worth. Actually I have a hundred and eighty-six years’ worth, thank you. My FAVORITE memory… being human.

17) Do you think national security or freedom of the press should be valued higher in times of conflict? Oh, let people say what they want. They always do anyway.

18) I think it’s wonderfully menacing when someone walks toward me while drinking something. Do you feel the same way? …no? I’m a vampire. If someone’s walking toward me drinking, they’re probably drunk.

19) Is there a way for you to become human again? Or will you forever be a vampire? Rumor has it there’s a cure, but…I don’t know if I’d want it or not.

20) If you had a teddy bear, what would you do with it (hug it, punch it, rip it to shreds, etc.)? Easton has a teddy bear, and I treat like it was my own.

damon teddy bear damon teddy bear 2 

damon teddy bear 3 damon teddy bear 4







21) Do you know how cute your blink is? I know I already said it before, once here and once to Mirriam, but seriously.

damon side smile

22) Intelligent or stupid women (careful on this)? Depends on whether I’m befriending them, which is rare; killing them, which is less rare, or enjoying myself, which is very frequent.

23) Do you hold grudges? Oh……………..yeaaaah.

24) Are you patriotic? Nnnnot really, no. I mean I was, once upon a time. Fought in the civil war. That was a blast. Nowadays, I just…live and let live.

25) Do you prefer one-on-one conversations or do you like larger groups better? Depends. I like the party scene as much as anyone, but I don’t go there to ‘talk.’ If I wanted to have a deep one-on-one conversation with someone, I’d hire a shrink.

26) Would you still look hot without brushing your hair? I don’t brush my hair. I give it some gel, run my fingers through it, and Voila! I think it’s pretty impossible for me NOT to look hot.

DAMON - smile bad

27) What’s your ideal date? Female. Petite. Big eyes. Prefferably brunette. Spunky.

28) Do you prefer older songs or newer ones? I was always a big fan of AC/DC, but now and then a catchy song comes on the radio.

29) Does it pain you to congratulate people? Depends. What am I congratulating them for, exactly?

30) Can I see your vampire face again?

damon vampire 2