Artwork and Commissions


Current works in progress –

‘Rea,’ lineart for Michelle Black

Steampunk Dragon, full color for Heather Titus

‘Ekwynae’ for Leanna Bechtel


  • One Character Only –Character portrait pencil sketch with minimal shading – $50 USD
  • Color character portrait, semi-realism, shoulders/waist up – $100Shaded pencil character drawing with intricate details – $180
  • Colored pencil character portrait, full detail – $200
  • Pencil lineart with border or background – $125-150 USD depending on the details
  • Grayscale pencil character portrait/semi-realism, shoulders/waist up – $75

Additional characters will increase the price, please ask first. Sketch pages are also available but must be discussed first. Prices are negotiable.


Things I will NOT draw –


Satanic/occultic themes

Explicit sexuality or same-sex couples

Machinery/detailed buildings or landscape settings/robots/mecha

Real-life portraits (such as a family member, pet, or celebrity) – with a few exceptions



Progress scan/s of the drawing will be emailed to you for approval before your commission is finished. The original drawing will be shipped to you upon request (shipping/envelope fees apply).




All work must be prepaid. I accept cash and personal checks. Mailed artwork is sealed and shipped in a stiff envelope. You can contact me through email: or through Facebook:

If I accept the commission, I’ll give you my address and we can sally forth!


Please note: I retain the rights to all artwork *unless* prior arrangement is made for otherwise. Exclusive or joint copyrights can be purchased for an additional fee. Once payment is received it is final; no refunds unless I become physically unable to complete your request. I have the right to refuse any commission based on subject, religious morals, lack of time, or any other reason. Please respect my artwork policies.


Thank you for your interest! ^___^


18 thoughts on “Artwork and Commissions

  1. Do you have any tips on getting as amazing as you??? You’re epic! Seriously! Would you be alright with my emailing you some pics of mine and your could let me know how to make them better???

    God bless!!! <3<3<3

  2. Would you happen to have any tips for drawing suits? I’ve been working on some DW fan art and I haven’t quite figured out how to do their suits. The concept of stiff fabric is hard for me to comprehend xD

  3. Haha… This. PERFECT. I’ve been working on my commission policy myself because some guy took advantage of the idea of ‘commission’. So, I find it helpful to read other people’s policies. Good call on *selling* the copyright, otherwise retaining it. Very wise of you, my dear ❤

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