kissable dandelion fuzz: portraits of summer

Today for the first time in too long, I went for a bike ride. I took the bike out of the garage, pumped up the wheels, and cruised around the subdivision with the wind blowing my hair and the pedals digging into my bare feet. It was a day for sunglasses and shorts and playing on the grass with my nephew S and his bud, B. It was a day for chewing grass to prove to a six-year-old that I could, for admiring chalk art on the sidewalk, and loving the juxtaposition of cool grass and the sun’s heat. I’m not an ‘outdoorsy’ person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the outdoors. Today, I proved to myself that I could play, that I could do something outside and have fun. Today, for the first time this year, I fell in love with summer.






My sisters are pretty fun people.








7 thoughts on “kissable dandelion fuzz: portraits of summer

  1. I would like to fall in love with summer, but winter keeps trying to come back. Oi. It’s not as bad as Colorado with their 6 inches of snow . .. .buuuuut the temperature needs to stabilize up here. We went from oppressive sticky humid 85 degrees yesterday to 59 degrees this morning and right now it’s somewhere around 65.
    Right now, all those pictures are just dreams of summer, for me. 😀 but its a lovely dream. ..

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