“A kind of pale jewel open and closed within your eyes…”

I blame this entirely on Jenny and Katie. When Jenny had the marvelous idea to create a makeup look based on her fabulous world of Plenilune, I thought, “I like it.” And then Katie followed suit with her own look, and shamed everyone with her beauty – and then they coerced me into following as the third party. (I’ll admit, I didn’t really need much in the way of coercion.) The only hitch was, as the makeup look is fairly dramatic and not exactly everyday fare, I had to apply it all at night so I could wash it off before morning. Hence, while my face might look relatively done-up, I’m wearing a ratty gray sleep shirt. I apologize for nothing except my dramatic expressions.


For this look, as Jenny so aptly described as ‘Plenilune meets Labyrinth,’ I used nearly all e.l.f. products – shimmery white, shimmery gray, shimmery black; with a shimmery black eyeliner and lots of mascara. I used a deep red lipstick and applied some silver eye shadow to the lower lip for a more metallic, glamorous effect. I used a dark orange blush to create the illusion of cheekbones, and added light pink on top so I didn’t look cadaverous.

12 4

And a smiling picture because trying to look glamorous is a strain…576

And then some – what Ashley calls – ‘hipster model’ pictures because I like them a lot and don’t know what to do  with them.



 (And the title is taken from David Bowie’s song ‘As the World Falls Down,’ which happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time.)


23 thoughts on ““A kind of pale jewel open and closed within your eyes…”

  1. HOW ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL?????? WHY DON’T YOU TWO DO YOUTUBE MAKEUP VIDEOS. *melts* Your face… I just… so beautiful. *wipes tears away from eyes*

  2. Quicksilver. It isn’t called milk of the moon for nothing.

    THIS is PERFECT. I am thrilled to see all the different ways you girls utilize the general atmosphere of Plenilune fashion. Not only is the execution of this look beautiful, it fits wonderfully and it fills my heart with love and powder-dragons. ^_^

  3. I just want to say I couldn’t wait for this post. You’re gorgeous! Love the mask you have on. When it’s pushed back your hair it looks like an ornamental head covering. I love all these pictures! You Rock!

  4. Wow you look amazing. I especially like the second photo.’As the World falls down’ I love the whole dance scene. My favorite Labyrinth song is ‘ Within you’, but that one is a close second. I also love the hipster model photos. You look stunning, I adore your hair.

  5. Oh gosh. GIRL. You’re like drop dead GORGEOUS. HOW YOU DO IT?! ^^; oops. If I wear makeup at all, I always use the shimmery ‘fairy/elf’ stuff… pretty much just dress like Zooey (My Zo) would XD I only use shimmery stuff

    AND THAT MASK?! IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I’ve seen something like it before… but Romancing the Stone doesn’t have them like that anymore. It’s sad 😦 YOU KEEP THAT FOREVER. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!

    • Sarah bought it for me; it was in my Christmas package from you two last year!
      (Romancing the Stone – the movie – is wonderful. I’ve never been to the store, however.)

      • oh. Duh! No wonder it’s so familiar. LOL! Good thing I know, I almost kept buying you one… My memory =P (never seen the movie, but the store is awesome. Tell you what, when you visit us the end of this year, WE WILL TAKE YOU! YOU WILL LOVE IT!)

  6. From the blog of Pepper Darcy I come to take back the child that you have stolen…
    Eh… Oh well. It sounded better in my head… Anyhow, I really love the artistic effort that went into the color combos. Very pretty!

  7. Ha, I saw the title of the post in my inbox and went, “I understood that reference.” XD I grew up on that movie and no one shall ever take it from my heart. XD And GURL — you’re GORGEOUS. You’re so … CAUCASIAN with your big blue eyes and ability to wear awesome makeup. ;D (Love being Bolivian, but sometimes it’s a pain when it comes to the ‘looking good in pictures’ department. XD) Love ’em ALL!

  8. This comment is late in coming, but immediate in sincerity.

    YOU. You with your carmel-hued curls and your expressive eyes. You are stunning. I adore the silver colors you chose to work with in this look; they look fabulous on you. And the red lipstick. Can’t go wrong with red lipstick.

    You are a radiant, shining, happy beauty and I love you. ❤

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