Friday Favorites


Wit & Delight

Deeper Story

Ponyo by Studio Ghibli

A Soft Murmur – I love to turn on rain and thunder when I’m writing.

Insomniainspiration that goes as long as you want it to as you watch a child’s dream unfold.

On Journaling by Grace – this made me wish I had words leftover at the end of the day.

The song of my people

How to Send a Message in Your Story Without Preaching

• I’m currently reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Errand.

• I’ve updated my Artwork & Commission page, so take a look, or don’t, as it suits you!

• My nephew Silas found five tadpoles and we have them in a vase on the center of the table. He’s completely enraptured with the little chompers, and who knew they eat boiled lettuce?



13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Ohhh! Yay! Thanks! I’ll have to go through these later! I’m especially interested in the sending a message without preaching one!

  2. The song made me laugh, the song for nerds everywhere. Ponyo huh, I just started watching some anime. I loved Howl’s moving castle, and my friend wants me to watch Full metal Alchemist and Ouran Host club. I really like the one about how to send a message without preaching. It is funny and oh so true.

  3. Ponyo; haha. My sister and I watched that, it was a little too weird for us. Ponyo and the little boy are, like, five years old!!! And they’re falling in love!!! 😛 I got a kick out of Liam Neeson voicing Ponyo’s dad…the long red hair and the pink suit were just hysterical. Have you seen From Up on Poppy Hill? It’s probably one of the best Ghibli movies.

  4. I just started my first online college classes and I can already tell you that A Soft Murmur is going to be perfect for college work.
    Thank you Mirriam!

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