twenty (part two)

Someone pointed out that I only included ten things about myself when I promised twenty, and I can only say it was because I was still under the influence of the flu, and I have no other excuse. Plus, everyone wanted to know what I got for my birthday, so here’s the summary of it –

– a dark blue owl mug that you will probably see, eventually

– a green flowered mug that is just as large as the aforementioned owl mug (which is really a tankard)

The Secret World of Arrietty, which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time

– a completely wonderful purse

The Art of Frozen (and other magical miscellany in a box from my fairy godsister; including an iTunes gift card which I used to buy the Arrietty soundtrack and my favorite episode of Once Upon a Time; Be Enchanted perfume, lotion and shower gel, and other things)

Unhinged by A. G. Howard

How To Draw Anything (a crazy art book) and Draw, Inspire, Create (an equally crazy companion doodle book)

There you have a summary – it was, in short, awesome. And, as promised, here are the last ten facts about myself.

My three favorite authors are (probably) Stephen Lawhead, Patricia McKillip, and Georgette Heyer

I have a thing for David Bowie

I also have a thing for Jai Courtney

I have never finished a Jane Austen novel, but I’ve seen all the movie adaptions

I have a gift for voice impersonation, talking or singing

If left to my own devices I will stay up until three o’clock in the morning and sleep in past noon

I would dress like Helena Bonham-Carter every day if I could

I can write like a fury on a novel, but when it comes to writing the last chapter I will procrastinate until the world ends

If I write a book, chances are 99% that a great deal of Shakespeare and Latin will sneak their way in

If it came to a choice between King Arthur and Robin Hood, I would not be able to choose.


And, on another note – guess who, amidst a good deal of emotion yesterday, completed Paper Hearts?



27 thoughts on “twenty (part two)

  1. Why do you have a happy .gif? That’s not okay. Well, it kind of is, but you know. *wails* I see an owl trend… 😛 Do you have a thing for owls?
    Girl, you’re awesome. Your unsupervised sleep-schedule and mine would probably be the same. xD

    • Oh, and happy belated birthday again. 😉 You’re a flipping wonderful blessing to this galaxy. May the force be with you. *holds up hand in the Vulcan sign thing*

        • Accomplishment: yes. Happy? Eh. xD I just love them (and you, duh!) so much. ❤

          I don't like mixing them either. It's like eating something after brushing your teeth. Feels wrong. But, you know. *shrugs* xD

            • Completely! xD
              Hey. *pokes* I dare you to take a picture wearing and surrounded by everything you can find that you’ve ever gotten on a birthday. Don’t know if that’s doable. But it’d be flipping cool. xD

            • lol! I just got the image of you surrounded (buried) by all of your gifts. xD I knew it wouldn’t happen, but it was funny to think of. 😛

  2. King Arthur v. Robin Hood – I just think you are forgetting the whole archery and getting to live in the beautiful greenwood thing…… no contest (but it would actually have to be Lawhead’s Rhi Bran to be perfect!)!

        • wait… YOU SAW I HAVE A PINTEREST BOARD FOR PAPER HEARTS/PAPER CROWNS?! ARE YOU A WIZARD?! 🙂 Yeah. It helps inspire me when I doodle the precious babies :3

          But yesssss THEY ARE THE BESTEST. And so fun to draw… ❤ I JUST WANNA DRAW THEM ALL DAY LONG! ❤

          • Haha, you sent me your pinterest link so naturally I scrolled around and found it. XD
            *fangirls with abandon*

  3. NICE gifts! Seems you’re quite beloved! ;D And the TANKARDS — XD Great!
    David Bowie? YES. That man is perfect. My mom seriously had a calendar of him in college and my Labyrinth picture book is currently standing on my desk where everyone who enters my room can admire it. XD HELENA BONHAM-CARTER. YES. /LOVE/ THAT WOMAN!
    You’re awesome, Mirr. XD But I think you knew that.

  4. I’ve been getting all of your posts in my e-mail box and reading them. But I only have time to comment on some of the posts sometimes. But you always say and talk about the most awesome things. And I’ve been *waiting* for this, and to hear what you got for your birthday. YOU GOT A DARK BLUE OWL MUG?! TOTALLY AWESOME. Owls and dark blue? My FAVOURITE! Plus you got a lot of crazy awesome things it sounds like 😀

  5. Ehehe, I guess I’m that ‘someone’ who pointed out the half-list… 🙂 If I had realized that you were feeling under the weather, I wouldn’t have! Anyway, it’s a lovely list, and I just might send a hobbit to burgle those mugs. 😉
    Oh! And congrats on finishing another novel! Your speed and creativity never fail to amaze me.

  6. CONGRATS ON FINISHING PAPER HEARTS!! And also having a happy birthday full of awesomeness. 😉 I’m kind of jealous of the owl mug. Gosh, two of the best things in the world combined?! Massive win. x)

  7. You like OUAT and Rumbelle, I adore those two. You finished ‘Paper Hearts’ 😀 congrats, I knew you could do it! I am so excited and on the verge of crying at the thought of finishing it. I don’t like endings.

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