Interview with an author

Ladies and gents, exciting news – the gifted Meghan Gorecki is about to publish her first novel! I have gained the privilege of asking her a few questions, and telling you about her novel God’s Will. Sit back, relax, and read all about it!

GodsWill_FrontCoverforPromotionKathy Andrews is good at goodbyes. Her mother is sent to a sanatorium, her sister, left behind in Chicago, and her father, forced to roam looking for work. So she holds close to the only one she has left, her brother Danny. When the two go to live with the Marshalls in the sleepy town of Brighton, she doesn’t let anyone past hello. Elliott Russell frowns at his aunt and uncle’s generosity–even though he and his sister are on the receiving end. He frowns, too, at the uppity city girl with a chip on her shoulder whom he can’t get out of his head. When a tragedy rips apart what tenuous existence they manage to forge, will they find the sweetest place to be is in God’s will–or will they turn their backs on faith that fails to protect against pain?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I asked her a few questions out of sheer curiosity.

If your novel was a movie, who would you cast for the three main characters?
What novel have you re-read more than any other?
What is your favorite line or conversation in your book?
Does your novel have an OTP?
If you had to choose, which writer would you pick as your mentor?

She answered swimmingly.
1. If my novel were a movie–and let’s face it, which one of us doesn’t picture it like that in our mind? I would cast Ryan Gosling as the main character, Elliott, for sure. I know that’s being a total girl about it, but The Notebook is a period movie so it is incredibly easy picturing Ryan Gosling in Elliott’s character. For Kathy, oh gosh … I would cast Anna Kendrick. She has equal parts depth and spunk.
2. I’ve re-read Little Women so many times, as well as Pilgrim’s Progress. Classics aside, I’ve read Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire trilogy countless times over the years.
3. I have to pick a conversation or favorite line? Oh, great. I know this book like the back of my hand and I’m coming up blank and I don’t want to give anything away. There’s one part near the end of the book, after so much has happened and changed and grown the two main characters, and they’re sitting on the farmhouse’s front porch shucking corn. And for once, they’re not bickering! Elliott mentions this and instantly the mood changes and they catch up a bit. Trust me–once you read the book and see where they’ve come from, you’ll see why this is a simple but pivotal moment.
4. My novel, while not a romance through out the entire book, most definitely does have an OTP. Kathy and Elliott. My one friend Michaela has been shipping these two since day one–seven years ago when I first started sending her snippets of the story in my letters!
5. Oh wow … what a loaded question! I think I would choose Jocelyn Green or Joanne Bischof as my mentor. Both are fantastic historical authors with unique writing styles but with identical emphasis on the history woven through out the story. I want to not just give a passing mention to the history in my own writing, but “feature” the history with as much respect and honor it deserves.

Add it to your wishlists, people!

GWProfilePicforBlog Meghan M. Gorecki is a twenty-something living a hundred or so miles from Gettysburg and a hundred or so years from the history that beckons her. So she goes there (and elsewhere) in heart and on pages. Meghan works as a medical receptionist by day and types away on her novels and blogs at night. She’s a redhead thanks to a box, but a daughter of God thanks to the Cross.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with an author

  1. I cannot seem to find this book on Amazon. Am I missing something??? Has she changed the title or her name? Wondering…

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