Getting to Know Skata, Round Five

1. Would you kill kittens? Would I kill kittens?

dean confused no

2. Are you a texter, or do you prefer to talk with people face to face? If I can call someone, I will, but I’m not much of a texter.

3. What’s your personality type? INTJ.

4. If Angel wasn’t a vampire, would you two be friends?

dean i don't know maybe irritated

5. On what occasion would you wear a tux? I wear tuxes. Sometimes. Funerals or business meetings or whatever.

6. Were you and your mother abused by your father as a child? I wouldn’t say ‘abused.’ Pushed around, yeah. It was a tough life, and we were never good enough for him.

dean sad thoughtful

7. Do you take more after your mother or your father? Neither, not that I can see. I look more like my dad, but everyone said I had my mom’s eyes.

8. What was your awkward phase in life like? I never had an awkward phase. Too busy.

9. Do you have any health issues? Besides an apparent death wish? Nah.

10. If you had only a month to live, what would you do? I’d track down Samuel and kill him, same as I’m doing now. I wouldn’t change a thing.

11. Have you ever lost a bet? Yeah, but I left before I had to pay up.

dean chew then oh smile

12. Do you take dares? Only from people I trust, which means only my own.

13. Do you still wear your wedding ring? On a chain around my neck.

14. So do you still believe in God and are just bitter toward Him, or…? I’m completely done. God’s never done anything for me, and I sure as death ain’t gonna start doing favors for Him.

15. Do you have any stuffed animals, or is that strictly an Easton thing?

dean ew

16. Did you ever go to college? No, and I dropped out of eighth grade.

17. Are you artistically inclined in any way? I can carve meat.

18. Do you like to talk about your problems, or let them fester? The day you see me spilling my guts on a couch is the day I’m dead.

19. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? I…I’m not sure if…I don’t know.

dean sad

20. What horrific experience do you have with house cats? Besides Angel’s housecat from hell? I’m allergic to ’em and they all seem to like me, that’s what. It would traumatize you, too.

21. If you had to spend an entire 24 hours (no murder involved) with Angel or Morticia, who would you choose? Angel doesn’t make me sneeze.

22. Do you like holding babies? Do I like – what kind of question is that?


23. Would you ever remarry? I’m no fortune-teller, but I can’t see it happening.

24. Do you like living, or would you prefer to be dead, with everything that’s happened to you? When death comes, I’m gonna stare it in the face and take it, but I’m not gonna go until I say it’s time.

25. What’s your favorite movie? Braveheart.


12 thoughts on “Getting to Know Skata, Round Five

  1. “artistic inclination… I can carve meat.”!!!!!! Hahhahahahahha!!! Sorry that struck me as very humorous. Nice! Love his face when he’s asking for the baby. Hah!

  2. He is WAY too adorable. And a mess. XD

    Nearly all of these cracked me up. Stuffed animals… hahaha. Nice. XDDD And wait… ANGEL HAS A HOUSECAT? I must not be there yet. o.o THIS I MUST SEE.

    *collective fangirl scream* (all together now: one, two, three…) WE LOVE YOU SKATA!

  3. THE STUFFED ANIMALS GIF. UNCLE SKATA, I LOVE YOU. I feel so sorry for him, but he cracks me up. Yep. Official adoption papers are on the way.

  4. Also if Skata dropped out of school at 8th grade, how did he get to where is he is today or does he not need a graduation equivalent for the work he does. Maybe he doesn’t have “you know people make more if you graduate school and even more if you graduate collage.” hanging around his neck.

  5. Rea says it’s nice to see someone hit him with hard things to answer instead of fangirl “what kind of salad dressing do you like on your hamburger” stuff. Also, Rea says he’s not open for more questions. Skata can, if he likes, come for some deep sea fishing. Angel, is not welcome on Daitha. Angel would “sparkle” in the sun and annoy everyone. Cos, that’s what faeries like Angel do. They twinkle. And sparkle. And shine.

  6. Skata, I want to hug you. And your answer to the baby question. I feel like that’s something I’d like to say, but never would. I think that’s the wrong way to ask a parent to hold their child… Unfortunately. :/ I totally relate to the dad one. I WANT TO HUG YOU, BLAST IT.

    • I forgot to ask questions. o.o

      1) When’s your birthday?
      2) Who was your childhood hero?
      3) Who is your hero now?
      4) Headphones or earbuds?
      5) Heavy rock, classic rock, pop, or punk? (I know the answer. xD)
      6) Did you ever have braces?
      7) Cereal or eggs?
      8) Do you want to die peacefully or go out with a bang?
      9) Can and do you dance?
      10) What’s your ideal birthday party?

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