a tale of two sisters


I would ordinarily write something like this on her birthday, especially with her 18th coming up, but I won’t be here for her birthday; I’ll be across the country. So today, I’m going to take a moment to brag about my baby sister. and moreover, the things she loves doing that I don’t (and probably should).

She loves being in the kitchen. She can knit; something I never had the knack or patience for. She’s a much kinder, more thoughtful person than I will ever be. I don’t know how many nights we’ve stayed up past midnight talking ourselves to sleep, or how many times we’ve finished each other’s sandwiches, or how many times we’ve jinxed ourselves by talking at the same time. Our relationship is 50% love and 50% private jokes, and I love that about us.

She never objects when I strangle and/or smack her during an emotional movie. She can crack me up with a single look. She knows who my favorite character will be by the first time they open their mouth (or sooner). She’s the shortest in the family and I will forever tease her about it, but to clarify – she isn’t short. She makes me coffee when I don’t even ask for it. She’s the Anna to my Elsa. The years when we hated each other and got into daily fights are gone, but we still anger and annoy each other constantly and still we manage to be the best of friends. Some people think our relationship is confusing, but I don’t.

We’re just sisters. And it’s what we do.


19 thoughts on “a tale of two sisters

  1. 1) You are both so gorgeous. Tell her that for me, please, will you? And an early happy birthday!! ^_^

  2. Hurray for sisters! Mine is epic. 🙂

    Happy (early?) birthday to her then! 😀 Wow, she’s awesome, like you… Now I want to meet her. ^_^ Ooh, and I just started knitting again!

    Picturing you two as Elsa and Anna is cracking me up. XD

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