March Snippets

tumblr_mt2kaxh2Vw1sqtd8yo1_500“Have care, my pet.” Titania’s smile was a gleeful sickle in the darkness. “You are in danger of burning in your own flame.”

– Sometime a Fire

“I cannot, in all good conscience, let you go out that door.” Skata narrowed his eyes. “Why not?” “You are simply too inept,” was the diplomatic answer. 

– This Mortal Coil

He was intangible, nothing more than a pale shadow, and it was maddening. How she wanted to touch him; to feel his salt-skin and tame the thick, wind-blown darkness of his hair.

– This Rough Magic

“I’m a wizardess,” she responded, unnerved at his insight. “Nothing about me is natural. And you – there is nothing natural about you, either. Natural implies the normal, the ordinary – what would you know of it?”

            “A great deal.” His voice was soft and thoughtful, calling back a hundred memories Prosper would never know. “For twelve years I gazed upon the natural, and watched. Fighters battling with swords until the ground soaked up their blood, lovers tangled in their own embrace. Children, playing hide-and-seek, screaming when their companions discovered them. Killers killing – once, even hiding a body underneath the roots of my tree.” He bent his head, and drew his arms together as though the cold was affecting him. “I was unable to help or hinder any of them and that,” – here he lifted his head and pierced her with the fathoms of his frozen eyes – “that was unthinkable. That was what caused me pain. To refuse my help, to refuse me – is unnatural of you, my noble mistress.”

– This Rough Magic

        “Silence, Quockerwodger, or I’ll have you in splinters!” thundered Azrael, pointing his finger at the ceiling with such enthusiasm he nearly fell backward out of his chair.

– Paper Hearts

The werewolf turned his head to eye Skata in a blaze of angry blue irises. Skata faced him and tilted his head, more than willing to take on another fight in spite of the pain in his shoulder. He had been cooped up for so long, he felt he was beginning to rust. Violence was just the right sort of oil to get him back in working condition.

– This Mortal Coil

“Tell me, how did you acquire the stake in the first place?” Gideon adjusted the cuff of his left sleeve. Jackson looked up and smiled darkly. “Way too easily.”

The elder Moroi sighed and turned to face his brother. “Your penchant for taking things that don’t belong to you will earn you a stake in the heart, and sooner rather than later.”

Jackson swung his legs over the side of the couch and settled comfortably against the pillows. “That may be, but we’ve already lived ‘later’,” he pointed out, following Gideon with his finger. “Sooner seems rather out of the option box.”

– This Mortal Coil

             “You look atrocious,” he hooted. He tapped his finger against the top of the table. It shimmered, and the brown wood rippled out from the center, leaving it shiny and reflective. “You really should see yourself.” I bent down over the top of the table. My reflection met me with a scrunched nose, one eye squinted farther than the other, and a frazzled mass of hair piled around my head. “I look perfectly normal,” I said. “Considering it’s midnight.” “If this is your midnight normal, I’m glad you weren’t Cinderella.”

– Paper Hearts

Angel pried Graham’s fingers away from his arm. “A, don’t touch me. And B – don’t touch me.”

– This Mortal Coil

“We had better get started. I assume you have some diabolical plan, best served with coffee.”

– Natural Disasters



15 thoughts on “March Snippets

    • Then you’d love this bit –
      “I don’t get the point of having indoor plants,” said Angel, tapping one of the leaves so a shiver ran up the thin length of the twisted tree. “They grow outdoors for a reason.”
      “Yeah, well,” said Graham, who obviously couldn’t care whether they had an indoor tree or not. “It’s mom’s, so.”
      “Your mom has sucky taste in decorating.”

  1. Aiyeah, these are great! You have so much sass, I love it! There is only one Sometime A Fire, which is disappointing, but I’ll take what I can get. 😛 Ariel’s sweet temper and dark brooding are right up my alley. (Because Bruin *da dum TISH* is nice; dark, but nice.) I am looking forward to getting my teeth in Paper Hearts Etc.!

    “A, don’t touch me. And B – don’t touch me.”

    Priceless. ^_^

      • In his way, he loves you too. 😉

        I love them both. Puck and Ariel are my favourites; I think I gravitate toward Puck’s dangerous mischievousness, but I love the shackled spirit as well. I am so glad you yanked them out of their original stories to write stories of your own for them. It is too much. Sophy, it is too much.

        • A+ use of Sophy quote. A+.
          Ariel’s personality came to me very quickly – Puck’s is coming together, and I’m extraordinarily happy with it. Of course, I hope you’ll love both of them as soon as they really come to light. ^.^

  2. Dude. Snippets from stuff I know — EXCELLENT. But the stuff from TRM and SaF — I AM SOO IRRATIONALLY EXCITED. I can’t pick a favorite — I love ’em both!


    “Silence, Quockerwodger, or I’ll have you in splinters!” thundered Azrael, pointing his finger at the ceiling with such enthusiasm he nearly fell backward out of his chair.

    “We had better get started. I assume you have some diabolical plan, best served with coffee.”

  4. AAAAAZRAEL!!! *squeals* (Sorry. Just every time I see his name anywhere I have to squeal it. I’m not obsessed, no, what gave you that idea?)


    And all the other sound interesting! Every time you have a “Snippets” post it just proves how stupendous of a writer you are! ^_^

    And every time I hear more about This Mortal Coil, I kick myself for not having been on the beta-list. -_- NEEDZ. ❤

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