Getting to Know Skata, Round Three

A shoutout to marvelousdiscovery for asking brilliant questions!

dean you're awesome

1) Do you like puppies or kittens, or both? I’ll pick dogs over cats any day. I’m allergic to cats. Dogs are friendly. No contest.

2) Tea or coffee, and how do you take them? Coffee, straight-up black. I know this one guy – name rhymes with ‘paingel’ – who takes – what, five packets of sugar in one black cup of coffee? It’s ridiculous.

3) What’s your weapon of choice, or do you prefer fists? I use a shortened Remington 870, but I like a good brawl. Nothing quite beats fist to face. My fist, other guy’s face.

4) Do you have any siblings? No; it’s just me now.

dean sad thoughtful

5) What was your family like? I had a mom that was too sweet for my leather-knuckled dad. Vamp killed her and infected him, so I took the shotgun and I killed him. I was ten years old.

dean hunters  dean hunters 2

6) Are you photogenic? Not especially.

dean handsome though

7) What was the last thing someone you cared about said before they died? Nothin’. I haven’t had anyone like that in a long time – not about to start now. I got sick and tired of failing every God-forsaken thing I cared about.

8) Do you believe in love? Yeah, sure. For instance, I love beer, but it’s one-sided and makes me feel used.

9) Are you what girls might call ‘a knight in shining armor’? Are there qualifications?

dean yes no maybe so

10) Did you have a mentor teach you to become a vampire hunter, or did it come naturally? It came naturally. Everyone knows you can stake a vampire with wood, so that’s how I did it. It’s how I did it the second time, and after that, I thought hey, I should do this all the time. ‘Course now I’ve got the preacher who looks like he’s about eight years old trying to give me pointers. Do I need ’em? Maybe, but it chaps my hide. I call him Father just to irritate him. sam and dean

11) If you weren’t a hunter, what would your profession be? Ahh…I’d probably still be on a ranch somewhere. Wide open spaces – can’t beat that.

11) Would you take a beating or watch one? Depends on whether I like the person taking the beating or not. If it was Easton, sure I’d take it. If it was Angel? Well, he’d be on his own. He can heal up later.

12) Can you talk your way out of a problem, or are you not the talking sort? I try all the time, but honestly, it doesn’t seem to work. I usually end up having to fight my way out.

13) Is there any girl who you feel is like a sister to you? Easton Everett. Practically raised her, and I wish Angel’d stop sniffing around. They’re like Bonnie and Clyde or something.


14) Who was your best friend growing up? My dog. I was really original and named him Scout, but hey. German Shepherds look like Scouts.

15) If you knew you were going to lose Em, would you not have married her and saved yourself the heartache? No. I’d do it over again, no matter what I knew. Every time.

16) Do you know about Roy Rogers? Yeah, but I was always more of a Lone Ranger fan.

17) This isn’t really a question, but I know you love Angel. Do not.

damon killer vampire hunter

18) What’s your favorite method of hunting? I like to track ’em down, but they seem to find me an awful lot, so I just kill them there and then.

19) What do you think of Easton? She’s like my baby sister. Probably more trouble than a real sister, but she’s worth it. Most of the time.

20) How is your name pronounced? Uh, flat? One word? Skahtah. Something like that.

Bonus Question: Who is your favorite Disney character? Dude, really? I don’t know; probably the horse in that one movie with the tower.


14 thoughts on “Getting to Know Skata, Round Three

  1. Oh. My. Word.
    Skata, you’re amazing.
    Also heartache.

    1) So Angel never gave an answer (apparently he doesn’t want to get PAID *cough* ’cause I’d be willing to pay in cash), but maybe you’d be willing to teach classes on snark and sass? Quite frankly, you’re hysterical.
    2) So was your father abusive? That’s the idea I got…
    3) Who taught you to be a man (YOU’RE SO SWEET ABOUT EM I CAN’T EVEN)? Normally, guys take after their fathers, but you don’t seem to be “leather-knuckled” as you put it.
    4) Would you have liked to have siblings?
    5) Were you close to your parents?
    6) Did you feel bad for killing your dad?
    7) If you need to write down and address or telephone number, are you more likely to have a piece of paper and a pen on hand to write it down on, or will you ask for a pen and write it on your hand?
    8) Cold or hot weather?
    9) Would you ever kill Angel?
    10) If you saw someone getting mugged on the street, what’s your first instinct?
    11) Do you have a favorite pen?
    12) What’s your favorite cologne? Or do you not wear it…?
    13) Would you rather watch LotR or Lassie (you know… the movie about the heroic dog)?
    14) What grades did you get in school?
    15) Are you a tidy person, or are you not the type of person to make your bed every morning?

      • 17) Red or green apples?
        18) Country or city?
        19) Favorite color?
        20) Again (I think), where are you getting the money to ditch whatever job you had so you can go personal bounty hunting?
        21) Can you cook? (I promise I don’t have an obsession with dudes who can cook. I’m just curious.)
        22) What’s your favorite snack?
        23) What’s your favorite meal?
        24) What is the biggest lie you caught yourself every believing?
        25) Have you ever lied to anyone?

  2. #5. Kill my heart, will ya? Really? Man, I didn’t know how SAD his life was even before Em died. No WONDER he hates vampires.
    What made you not be religious?
    Is there anyone alive now that you would save from the jaws of death without a second thought, besides Easton?
    How often to you use the internet, and why would you open up a search page?
    How early do you get up in the morning?
    If you could live in another country, what would it be and why?
    What do you think of Mirriam?
    What do you think of your fangirls *coughmecough*?
    What do you do to get over depression?
    Did you know I’ve adopted you as my uncle?

  3. hahahahah… ! “I know this guy- name rhymes with ‘paingel’… hahahhahahahah…. “For instance I love beer, but it’s one-sided and makes me feel used”. hahahahahahah… so funny laughing here all my myself. hahahah… Thank you!

  4. A Lone Ranger fan you say, do you think of yourself as the masked man himself and Angel as Tonto? Hypothetically, if Em is a vampire and tried to kill you would you kill her? Who was the first vampire you killed? If Angel turned Easton would you kill her or him?

  5. Skata, you’ve lost points on not liking Roy Rogers the best. (Okay, kidding actually. 😛 Is it because you see yourself as a lone ranger or just cause?Or Did you like lone ranger growing up?) And gained points on the fighting with fists. (My favorite part of westerns) And cats, Dude yes. I am allergic to them as well. Well I guess they’re okay (I have several friends that own cats and love them)

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