Getting to Know Skata, Round One

Holy granola, did you guys have a lot of questions for Skata! As usual, I’ll do twenty questions at a time and space the rest out. If you have any more questions, be sure and put them in the comment section of this post. Have fun!

dean gif intense

1. How do you put up with Angel, who seems very…self-involved? Doesn’t it get tiring? *snort* You have no idea. The guy’s a prima donna with fangs and he thinks I’m his agent.

2. Angel is said to like pie as much as you do. How much do you like pie and what’s your favorite kind of pie? Any kind, so long as it’s pie.

dean pie

dean pie 3

3. Would you ever get married again? It’s not really something I think about, to be honest. I gotta stay focused on killing Samuel.

4. What did you do before you became a vampire hunter? I was a wrangler on a ranch in Montana.

5. Is the Lamia Venator still around? Yeah, I’ve heard of ’em. I’m not looking to get mixed up in any kind of vampire-staking club, though. I want to do my own thing.

6. Are you better at math and science, or creative subjects? Neither of those involve guns.

7. When is your birthday? October third.

8. How old are you? Thirty-three, but seriously, the amount of people who think I’m younger – it gets annoying.

9. What are your favorite songs? Back in Black, AC/DC. Anything AC/DC, really. Led Zeppelin’s not bad, either. I’m a classic rock fan. Anything that makes me want to drive fast and punch someone in the face.

10. Are you looking forward to these sessions?

dean shrug sturgeon

11. You have fangirls. How do you feel about that? Fangirls? Like…girls who are fans, fangirls?

dean excuse me what

12. How many languages do you speak? Uh, three. English, Canadian, and American.

13. Are you up to date on the latest technology, and do you own any of it? I own a laptop and a cell, but it isn’t one of those fancy smart phones or anything.

14. You used to babysit Easton – did you babysit a lot? Are you good with kids? Depends on the kid, I guess. Once they’ve stopped drooling, they’re okay. Plus, they’re great at taking bribes to behave, seriously.

15. Do you prefer small talk, or intellectual conversations? Don’t try and get all deep and philosophical because A, it’s annoying, and B, it’s annoying. Nobody wants to hear about your second cousin’s midnight epiphany.

16. How late do you go to bed, and what time to do you get up? I don’t get enough sleep. I like sleep. Sleep is good. Screw consciousness, that’s what I say.

17. Do you wear any pieces of jewelry, and if so, what is the meaning behind them? I wear Em’s wedding ring on a chain around my neck…for obvious reasons. I wear dog tags, too.

18. Do you have a drawl? I was born in Texas, so I guess I sorta do.

19. Have you ever eaten llama?

dean gross no thank you

20. What did Em look like? Oh, man. She was gorgeous. She had dark hair and eyes that just…and this smile, you know?emilia clarke 3


31 thoughts on “Getting to Know Skata, Round One

  1. I love this. Skata is amazing. ❀ D'awww! Em is gorgeous! </3

    1) How long were you and Em married?
    2) How old was Em?
    3) How long did you know Em before you got married?
    4) Is Em short for something? Like Emma?
    5) Do you like yogurt? If so, what's your favorite kind?
    6) Favorite ice cream flavor?
    7) Coke or Pepsi (just a warning: I've got guns too and I know how to shoot. Careful with this answer. All I'm gonna say is you seem like a Coke-drinker and I don't want that to change.)
    8) How many guns do you own?
    9) What types of guns do you own?
    10) What's your favorite gun?

    • 11) What was your job before you went into the revenge business?
      12) When you meet Samuel, will you say, “I am Skata. You killed my wife. Prepare to die.”?
      13) Where are you getting the money to ditch your job and go hunting?
      14) What sort of laptop do you have?
      15) What’s your favorite snack?
      16) What’s the farthest place you’ve been from home?
      17) What’s your biggest fear?
      18) How do you feel about Angel? He thinks you’re awesome.
      19) On a scale of 1 – 10, how annoying is Angel?
      20) Is he like a college dorm buddy?

  2. 12. That made me laugh. I love it. And 6. I love six.

    15. Holy cow, I think I’m really going to enjoy these Skata interviews. Much more than I thought.

    Aaahhhhh 20. So adorable, he’s still in love with her XD

    • I loved number 12 too! I’ve had a some interesting conversations with Americans who’ve never heard of a certain Canadian term or phrase, and they’re things I just thought ‘everybody’ said. πŸ˜›

        • Well for starters…
          – Canadians say runners while Americans say sneakers/tennis shoes/running shoes. (I was actually at a family camp in Wisconsin last summer, and my siblings and I all stayed off the tennis court because a sign said “Tennis shoes only”… and we thought that was a specific kind of shoe that we didn’t have. At the end of the week, we realized that hey, tennis shoes means ANY kind of closed-toe athletic footwear! :P)
          -Americans call it a bathroom, but we Canadians frequently interchange that term with washroom. Apparently you Americans think it sounds goofy to call it a washroom… πŸ™‚
          – A soft drink is usually called pop, not soda.
          – The medicine taken for nausea is called Gravol in Canada (and Dramamine in the U.S., I hear).
          – Kijiji is the Canadian equivalent of eBay.
          – The paper used to wipe one’s hands or lips at a meal is called a napkin in the States, but we interchange that with serviette sometimes.
          – We say chocolate bar instead of candy bar.
          – We say pencil crayon, not colored pencil.

          Then there’s words like loonie (one-dollar coin)… toonie (two-dollar coin) — and speaking of currency, we stopped making pennies… double-double (coffee with two cream and two sugar)… and klicks or kay (slang for kilometers). There’s a few pronunciation differences, like for the word roof. We pronounce it with a long O and Americans seem to pronounce it like ‘ruff.’ Oh! And we can’t forget Tim Hortons, our favorite coffee and donut chain, often shortened to Tim’s or Timmy’s.

          A difference unrelated to slang or phrases is how we deal with snow. A friend in Tennessee told me school gets canceled if it even /looks/ like snow. Here in Canada, we don’t care how much snow comes down — school will only get cancelled if the windchill or visibility is too bad!
          Yikes, this is LONG, but I had one more. An American teen once asked my brother if we had big buildings in Canada. I laughed so hard when I heard that one! Um, no, we all live in igloos and travel by sled dogs. Whaddaya think?? πŸ˜›
          Sorry this is so long — guess I had a lot to say on the topic.

            • Yay, that’s awesome!!! And I just realized I made one mistake — for the pronunciation of roof, it’s more of the O sound in ‘loop’ rather than a long O… if you want to be technical about it. Anyway, if you do ever write a Canadian, feel free to ask about more Canadian stuff. πŸ˜‰

          • Another Canadian yay, I think most of the stereotypes about Canadians are hilarious. You also forgot about the word ‘eh’ I have never used this when talking to someone, but in movies Canadians always say it XD.
            Oh and hockey, I’ve been to two hockey games in my entire life. I’ve never played I do wear hockey skates but it ends there. Timmy’s is great, but I prefer Starbucks. I only get coffee at Timmy’s because it’s cheaper πŸ˜‰

            • Hi! πŸ˜› I know, the stereotypes are just funny sometimes.
              Right, I totally meant to mention ‘eh!’ I also use it rarely. And I’ve been to like, /one/ hockey game. I also wear hockey skates, but the only time I’ve used a stick was for balance when I was learning to skate. And yeah, I know a lot of people that prefer Starbucks as well. πŸ™‚ It seems to be about a fifty-fifty split…

  3. 1- when and how did you and Em meet?
    2- if the option to get Em back was presented to you, how far would you go to bring her back?
    3- what color is your toothbrush?
    4- Comfort food? (that isnt a ‘do you have a comfort food’ but a ‘what is your comfort food’ sort of question. ‘yes’ as an answer or ‘no’ as an answer is not allowed).
    5- On a scale of 1-10, how lovable do you consider yourself?
    6- what did you think of vampires and other nonhumans before you launched your revenge strike against Samuel?
    7- what do you plan to do after you kill samuel?
    8- do your plans involve killing Angel?
    9- who do you hate the least (who is still alive)?
    10- any nervous ticks/habits?
    11- any habits period?
    12- what if I told you that, in a past life, you were a venator?
    13- have you ever watched kitten videos on youtube?
    14- what are your feelings regarding puppies?
    15- green or blue?
    16- pink or purple?
    17- if you could choose your last words, what would you say?

  4. Love it. Though I still view Skata as a this guy (whatever his name is) and a Kai hybrid πŸ˜› … which makes for a very interesting mental image.

  5. He speaks Canadian, I’m in love. Finally someone who can understand me. He used to babysit Easton :0, I’m so confused. I will make you pie any day Skata πŸ˜‰

  6. AAAHH Loved this! πŸ˜€ He’s surprisingly… fun. ^_^ (Also, he’s from Texas! — Mirri, do you know anything about Texas? Because I could be your research and you could ask me things. XD Seriously.) Oh, and I love question 12. πŸ˜€

    1. Where-ish in Texas are you from? General area is okay… I’m just vaguely wondering if I know your hometown. XD (No, I’m not actually creepy)
    2. I get that you like guns. Are any other weapons good in your opinion?
    3. Do you have a cowboy hat or any other sort of hat?
    4. Favorite color, please.
    5. What’s the stupidest/worst thing you ever did?
    6. Do you feel like all the people who are asking you these questions are all either really shallow or really sadistic?

  7. Mirri, I love him ALREADY. 0.0 πŸ˜€

    1- What are three words that you feel describe you?
    2- What are three words that you WISH described you?
    3- What’s your favorite food?
    4- There are at least 14 girls in the world who are in love with you: are you okay with that?

  8. Skata, sir I salute you. Also, run. Run now, do not look back. Fangirls are like the zombies in 28 days later. They’re fast, most dangerous in pack formation, and if they scent blood you’re dead. ~Rea

  9. Dude, I sympathize on the age thing totally. Do people ever get your name wrong? it happens to me. I’m kinda like “Eh.. whatever.” unless it’s someone that bugs me or got on my bad side. Then I /make sure/ ! they know how to correctly say my name. Those are far and few between.

  10. I have a feeling I am really going to love your series!
    But fyi, if Skata really did work on a ranch in Montana, he would never call himself a ‘wrangler’. Nor would any cowboy that I know. It’s a city-fied term, like saying ‘lasso’ instead of ‘rope’. Instead he might say that he worked cows or was a hand on someone’s ranch. People in the ranching community tend to steer away from titles in general, and those who make any sort of claim better be ready to back it up. It’s a strange dynamic of being unassuming but incredibly proud, which is a good idea to keep in mind if Skata has been a part of the cowboy community.
    Which I guess is my question for him: Is he a cowboy, or did he just work for awhile doing cowboy things?

    I think this Q&A series with your characters is such a cool and fun thing!

    • Really?
      Because my best friend has lived on a ranch in Colorado her whole life, and ‘wrangler’ is the term they’ve always used. o.O Thank you for the heads-up!

  11. hahahahahhaha… “How many languages do you speak? Three, English, Canadian, and American.” hahahahhahahahahahah… I can SO hear that!

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