GTKY March: Open for Questions!


Have questions for Skata? Do you want to know what his favorite weapons are, or what he used to do before he became a vampire hunter? Want to know whether he likes martinis shaken or stirred, or whether he likes them at all? The month of March is open to anything you want to ask him. Have fun, and ask away!


24 thoughts on “GTKY March: Open for Questions!

  1. How do you put up with Angel, who seems (at least from the interviews) so oh what do I want to say, self involved. How do you put up with that much ego? Doesn’t it get tiring? 😛

  2. 1) Angel is said to like pie as much as you do. How much do you like pie and what’s your favorite kind of pie?
    2) Would you ever get married again? 😥
    3) Do you like pens or pencils?
    4) What DID you do before you became a vampire hunter?
    5) Where did Collins go between drafts?
    6) Is the Lamia Venator guild still around?
    7) If so, are you still a part of it?
    8) Are you better at math and science or creative subjects?
    9) What are your favorite songs?
    10) When’s your birthday?
    11) How old are you?
    12) How much do you weigh?
    13) Are you looking forward to these sessions?
    14) You have fangirls. How do you feel about that?
    15) You seem more outgoing in this new draft – do you like yourself better now?

    • 16) How many languages do you speak?
      17) Do you have an iPod?
      18) Are you up-to-date on what’s the latest technology?
      19) How much did you get paid when you were a babysitter?
      20) Would you babysit some more now?
      21) Do you like kids?
      22) Do you prefer small talk or intellectual conversations?
      23) How late do you stay up at night?
      24) What time do you wake up?
      25) Do you wear any pieces of jewelry? If so, what are the meanings behind those items?

      • 26) Do you have a drawl?
        27) Have you ever eaten llama?
        28) What type of phone do you have? Or would you have if you had one but don’t?
        29) What did Em look like? </3
        30) Do you like to read? If so, what are your favorite books?

  3. How does a vampire hunter come to babysit, or room with (however you want to name this arrangement) a vampire?

    Being a vampire hunter, does Angel’s general attitude and carriage gall you?

    Would you be flattered if someone named a drink after you?

    Do you enjoy reading? If so, what genre do you prefer and which is your favourite book?

    Is Skata your Christian name?

    If you knew a grenade was about to go off in front of you, what would you instinctively lunge toward to save?

  4. 1) How do you like your bromance with Angel? 😉
    2) How old are you?
    3) If Angel was dying, would you let him take energy from you? Hmmm??

  5. Rea would like to know, paper-tiger-to-paper-tiger, some things.

    1.) What is the darkest desire you have ever held in your heart; that thing that you prayed to God (or whatever you want to insert here) that no one would ever find out you wanted to do to someone else. Because if they knew, well you’d be a monster in their eyes.

    2.) What are you the most ashamed of?

    3.) What one person that you let down would you give your right arm to go back and make things right with them?

    4.) Who has died because you were too slow or not skilled enough?

    5.) Do you face your enemy when you kill or do you come up quietly behind them and take care of business?

    6.) If the devil himself would take your soul and you could ransom another by giving it to him, who would you save?

  6. hey Skata! -waves-
    What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
    What’s your full name?
    Did you have a good childhood?
    Does any of your family still live? (grandparents, cousins, uncles, etc)
    What’s your opinion on horses?
    Late nights or early mornings?
    What do you say when someone sneezes?
    Do you enjoy reading?

  7. Yeah! Those things you just mentioned, plus…. When you have the munchies, do you prefer salty, sour, bitter, or sweet? 😉 First kiss, and with whom? Are you close to your family? Do they approve your occupational choice? Do you think you’ll ever settle down, get married, have a load of kids? As a vampire hunter, do you remember your first catch/kill? Was it a hard job at first? What is it that you like about your job? Have any close friends who are not human? Do you have any close human friends with whom you do normal things like watch football, have garden parties, or go to the zoo with? Do you like kids? Do you like to read? Favorite book? Character? Are you reliant at all on the Farmer’s Almanac? What do you think about on your days off? Are you afraid of clowns, lightning and thunder, spiders, or forward women? What are you afraid of? Pet peeve? Biggest regret? And… I’ll leave you alone now. 🙂

  8. 1.) Do you like puppies or kittens or both?
    2.) Have you ever ridden a horse?
    3.) Tea or coffee? And how do you take them?
    4.) What is your weapon of choice or do you prefer your fists?
    5.) What’s your most embarrassing moment?
    6.) Do you have any siblings?
    7.) What was your family life like?
    8.) Are you photogenic?
    9.) What was the last thing someone you cared about said to you before they died?
    10.) Do you believe in love?
    11.) Are you what girls would consider “a knight in shining armor”?
    12.) Did you have a mentor to teach you to be a vampire hunter or did it come naturally?
    13.) If you weren’t a hunter, what would your profession be?
    14.) Do you have any tattoos?
    15.) What does your name mean?
    16.) Would you take a beating or watch one?
    17.) Can you talk your way out of a problem or are you not the talking sort?
    18.) Is there any girl who you feel is like a sister to you?
    19.) Who was your best friend growing up?
    20.) If you knew you were going to lose Em, would you not have married her and saved yourself the heartache?

  9. Here goes!
    1. (not really a question) I know you love Angel.
    2. How do you feel about watermelon?
    3. If you had to choose between eating a million scorpions and eating a million cockroaches, which would you choose?
    4. What is your favorite method of hunting?
    5. What do you think of Easton?

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