Still life


I love it when life is like this. When tragedies and troubles take a lull and days are full of reading outside in the gray, windy weather; of handwriting things down in a notebook because the day seems too nice to waste sitting in front of the computer (this means it’s a very nice day, trust me); of evenings where the sky changes from one perfect color to another; of days when the frogs keep a continual chorus; when the day finally ends as a black canvas and all the stars shine crystal-clear in my favorite constellations.

The Getting to Know You column has got a lot of attention, and some bloggers have even picked it up and begun doing it with their own characters. I like that. I like starting something that other people enjoy. Oddly enough, I’ve had a few people say Can we have a Getting to Know You column featuring you? Which strikes me as flattering, but funny. Don’t you know enough about me? And then I realize that while many of you have followed my blog for years (my blog’s four-year WordPress anniversary was a few days ago!! Happy birthday to us!) I have a bunch of new followers who don’t know that much about me.

I could tell you to just go through all my old posts and glean whatever you can from there, but let’s face it – a) that’s almost six hundred posts to wade through and b) looking at my early stuff is embarrassing. So for now, I won’t do a Getting to Know You for myself, but at the end of each personal post I’ll throw out a handful of random facts about myself and hope that satisfies you all for now! ♥

• The family is about to start a paleo diet…! I’m enjoying my tea while I have it because in two days there will be no acidic food, no grains, and no caffeine.

• I really love ‘Rocks’ by Imagine Dragons right now (who am I kidding; I always love Imagine Dragons)

• My archery skills are improving. I can hit within 3 feet of my target at a 100 foot distance now! *faint claps*

• I’ve made my mom fall in love with Orson Scott Card and I’m very happy for it

• I’m going to need new notebooks before I go to Colorado, so if anybody feels like randomly sending me a few of them, I totally wouldn’t object

• I want to be one of those people who journals dutifully at the end of each day but the truth is, I put so much of myself into my blog and my books that at the end of the day, I rarely have anything left for a journal. I don’t know how I feel about this

 • My swonker Ashley is coming over in March. Oh, the places we will go and the times we will have!



18 thoughts on “Still life

  1. Is tea still allowed in some form? If so and you like mint teas, I highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend Numi’s Moroccan Mint. I like to think of it as a ”vagabond” tea. It’s exotic and homey and all together lovely.

    Also if mint is not your thing, I highly recommend checking out their website—I’ve only tried a few but I love the ones I have tried. And Moroccan Mint (isn’t that a lovely word, Moroccan. ..makes me think of Zanzibar and the sound of sand blowing against canvas) is naturally caffeine free.

    LINK because TEA LOVE 😉

  2. *is totally smiling* This made me happy. I’m so glad everything’s turning out well for you right now. ;D And we love you because we’ve gotten to know you — we won’t object to dumping bucketloads of questions over your head, and will probably disregard your protests. I like the idea for facts about you. Just call us your stalkers.

  3. Good luck with your paleo diet. -_- My mum is fascinated with all things diet and I can’t even COUNT how many diets we go on. If anybody ever mentions a diet, unfortunately I probably have heard of it before. *deep sighs* I LIKE this idea of getting to know YOU month.

  4. You are making me jealous of your entire existence. BUT YAY! I’m so happy you get to live such a wonderful life (even if it’s just a lull, but you know! ^_^ Everything’s all good in the end)!! ❤ Good luck on that Paleo diet! 😉

    We're doing something like it, but it's called Trim Healthy Mama. Mom's lost 25 lbs. with it, I think. And she looks awesome (not that she didn't before)! So good luck to you all! And whenever you're missing your tea, shoot me an email and I'll drink it for you. 😛

    And HOORAH for the Mirriam Neal tid-bits! I am looking forward to ALL of them. Not because I'm a stalker. No. But… erm… because you're awesome. 😛

  5. Oh, I love days like that, too! They’re so refreshing, aren’t they? It’s days like that, that really makes God feel so close. You can just see Him in all the beauty.

    Other people are doing the Getting to Know You thing on their blogs as well? Because I LOVE it and thought it’d be so much fun to do, but I didn’t want to take your idea at all. So if I decided to do it or something like it, you don’t mind?

    And I agree that it would be fantastic if you did one featuring yourself! That’d be so fun! But having random facts of you will suffice. 😉

  6. I cant remember how I found your blog, but I read your snippets which were awesome and some old posts. Practically all your old posts, you love Robin Hood as much as I do. So I followed you and became a beta reader. Now I am obsessed with your books, characters ( mostly the guys), and snark. I regret nothing. XD

  7. Dear Mirriam… you have said it yourself, there is no way that we can fully know you by reading your blog, because life has many dimmensions, we only see one of them. so, I, for one, am always learning new things about you. Such fun. You make me laugh and you make me think. You make me feel like I CAN. And, when life is full of a lot of “no, you can’ts”, that means so much. Your personal journaling is important, you know. You are more careful about what you put on your blog, and you may be missing something by not just laying it all out there somewhere to yourself. I always learn something new from you… That comes partially because we are different people, partially because I am significantly older than you, and I am out of the loop. I have no idea who Orson Scott Card is, but I will now have to check him out. Thank you for adding one more interesting Mirriam thing to my list. That’s all I needed. hahahahah… No, really, I enjoy it. 🙂

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