Getting to Know Angel Round Eight

And here we have another round of Angel questions! Sometime this week (possibly tomorrow) I’ll list the March candidates for Getting To Know You and put up a poll. In the meantime, enjoy round eight!

1. Do you have an inferiority complex?

No! Why would you ask that? Seriously?

damon i'm fine

 2. What is your favorite musical?

Oh….I’m not really into musicals.

3. When you’re bored, what’s the thing you to do get out of it?

I’ll probably go find someone to flirt with. Or I’ll think of a new way to torment Skata, like the time I played a little revenge by locking the cat in his room all day until he came back. There was hair everywhere; it was great.

damon i was bored

 4. Do you ever get depressed?

damon completely miserable

 5. What makes you sad? (I know you get sad. You’re still human in there … somewhere. Like, really deep down somewhere. XD)

damon how long his this gonna take

 6. Where can I get a wooden stake? (It isn’t for you; just a precaution?)

damon van helsing

 7. How do you feel about Rukiel?

damon scram nobody likes a lurker

 8. How do you feel about Mirriam?

She’s okay. I guess I should probably like her more, considering she holds my fate in her hands.

9. How about…EASTON?

Partners in crime?

damon and easton perfect

 10. Okay, how do you feel about Skata?

Homicidal, in the most friendly way possible.

11. What would your response be if someone you liked enjoyed Skata’s company more than yours? Would you be offended?

damon more like disturbed

 12. I will be your babysitter. (Not a question. A fact.)

damon - telling me this why

 13. What is your ethnic background?

Besides American? Who cares?

14. Because as a vampire you’re extra strong, how loud can you be?
It’s not like I scream in front of a decibel detector, but pretty loud.

15. Why are you the way that you are?

damon - no reason

16. How do you feel about kidnapping?

damon anyone ever tell you thats creepy

17. Is there anyone you depend on, or are you self-sufficient?

damon - the only person i can count on

18. You and Skata seem to work well together as a team. How do you feel about that?

damon we're awesome

19. I just want you to know that I believe you can be a good person.

damon see i don't understand that

20. Are you tired of being interviewed yet?

damon just a little bit


31 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel Round Eight

  1. I love these.
    You’re both brilliant.
    I’m going to go into a major depression when Angel’s rounds are over.
    I had a question for him this morning, but now I forgot. *sobs*

  2. Is it weird to totally have spazz attacks whenever I see a new interview? I just get SO — DARN — EXCITED — AND — HAPPY!!! XD
    Are we … getting a new interview before the month’s up? Just oooone moooore? Pweeeeaaaase? XD

  3. He seems to be getting more snarky. I think he might be getting tired of these questions. Maybe he’d like….a slice of pie or something. Does he like pie? Maybe I should just ask him. (Do you like pie?)

  4. Who is someone you wish you never met.
    What is your biggest fear.
    I don’t know if these were asked before or not. I also have one for Mirriam to answer for Angel, what is a song that makes you think of Angel.

  5. Do you prefer normal people or crazy people (crazy as in ‘fun’)?
    Quiet evenings or loud parties?
    Will you miss me – *cough* I mean US- after the interviews are over?
    Pizza or burger?
    Cheeseburger or regular burger?

  6. 3. Angel… I’m not going to reprimand you even though that was mean, because it was also hilarious XD

    He doesn’t like Rukiel…? o.O

    16 XD Yes, we know it’s creepy, Angel. And it’s never stopped us fangirls from kidnapping anyone.


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