A general update

The last couple weeks have been a real apocalypse for Georgia. We’ve gotten snow and ice, and an ice storm is expected to sweep through starting tomorrow and carrying (possibly) through Thursday. So, as I said on Facebook, if I fall off the face of the earth it’s because the power went out (probably. The other options are aliens and zombies). Being a Northwestern girl, the cold weather has been brilliant – fires in the fireplace, the Cosby Show, sweaters, Avicii on replay, and cups of hot chocolate are the stuff of dreams. However, not everyone sees it that way. I found this picture online, and it pretty much sums up the way most Georgians are feeling about the weather.

one inch of snow

Fortunately we made a run to the library this morning, so I have seventeen books that should occupy my time in case the power goes out. (I ordered Ruins by Orson Scott Card from Amazon, and my mother and I have been fighting over who gets to read it first, so she checked out a library copy today. Peace is restored.) My sister and I have been theorizing over our favorite Walking Dead characters (Me: Daryl. Her: Shane – it’s okay, she know he dies) and sharing Runaground covers of our favorite songs, since we can’t talk about books (she reads Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. I read everything else) – and she’s been helping me out with my host of vampires in This Mortal Coil as well as my family of elementals in Natural Disasters. I’ve filled up three notebooks in the last week and a half with plotlines, chapter outlines, character quotes and descriptions and scribbles.

Jokes are being made about Riah getting married while I’m away in Colorado. (Ha-jolly-ha. I’m afraid she knows that I’m going to have to okay the lucky guy before any bells start ringing.) On another note, I’ve re-discovered my love of the card game Skip-Bo! I’ve been playing several games a day with mom, and sometimes dad joins in. This is a rare thing, because I don’t usually enjoy playing games. I used to love Cribbage, but we lost our good board during our trip to Florida, and I don’t like playing on the other board we have. I’m picky (I don’t like to write with anything but my best pen, I don’t like to drink out of any mug other than my favorite, etc.) but we’ll just call it charm.

What about you? What have you been up to?


6 thoughts on “A general update

  1. well I live in the Northwest, so we’ve got a solid foot of snow ;D It was snowing earlier, and it’s 15 degrees now. enjoy your snow!
    You’re out of school, right? Do you write most of the day?

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