Some Very Not-Small News


 It’s barely into February and already the year has taken a few unpredictable and exciting turns; one of which is still up in the air and so I won’t mention it until it’s landed one way or the other. One I can tell you about, though, is possibly the biggest thing I’ve ever done: I have a job. It starts halfway through May and ends in early October. It’s in Colorado. At a dude ranch. A dude ranch owned, in fact, by the family of my closest and dearest friend, whom I met a few years ago on this blog (and people say blogging won’t make you friends). I got the call saying I’d landed the job earlier this afternoon, and it took a while for the shock to sink in.

I’m going to the Colorado mountains.

For almost half the year.

To be a waitress at one of America’s best dude ranches.

Could God be any more amazing? I think not.

In case you were still wondering, I won’t have as much time for extracurricular activities such as writing and blogging. However I won’t be completely without such things, and barring any strange unforseen events, I will continue to blog and write over the summer, if much less frequently.

I’m telling you this now rather than later because I want you all to adjust to the idea while I do, so I’m not springing the news on you the day before I take off, leaving you wondering where I went. Now that you know where I’ll be spending half my year – carry on. I am excited.

(P.S. We’ve been having a good deal of deliciously cold weather, including a few handfuls of snow that shut down half the state. We’re expecting more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. This person is excited for that reason as well.)

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10 thoughts on “Some Very Not-Small News

  1. It’s part of growing up. I get that. Good for you! Though, a part of me is sad, too. Less days to interact, but possibly more hefty creative goodness yet in store. Hmmmmm… Less time sometimes means making the most of whatever time you do have to make it count for more. Does that make sense? Will soak up whatever I can get. 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m so glad for you, Mirri! We’re gonna miss you, true, but as Celita so wisely put it, it /is/ part of growing up. You’re gonna take Colorado by storm — and we’ll enjoy your more-frequent presence until then. ;D

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