February Chunks

So far, February has been a very productive writing month in This Mortal Coil and Natural Disasters. I think I enjoy both of these novels so much because of my favorite characters, respectively Angel and Skata (and their epic bromance) and Jasper Morgan. It will be no surprise when most of the chunks (they’re honestly too long to call ‘snippets’) involve them and their peculiar brands of humor (and danger). So here I give you February Chunks, featuring:

dean gif


damon - grin




Jasper. Enjoy!

Angel walked up the stairs, and Skata followed, looking down over the rail once they reached the top. “Big place.”

            The vampire grinned over his shoulder. “Been in the family for generations.”

            “Oh, yeah?”

            “Not my family, however.”

– This Mortal Coil

Angel put the cat down and crossed over to the sink. He turned the hot water on, pumped two pumps of soap into his palm, and proceeded to scrub them like he had just been handling toxic waste.

– This Mortal Coil

“Offer’s open for…” Angel glanced down at an imaginary watch on his left wrist. “Thirty seconds. Going once…going twice…”

            “Fine,” said Skata. “I’m sick of house arrest anyway.”

            “Oh, go easy on yourself.” Angel gave his shoulder a solid pat as he walked past. “It’s not every day the magnificent hunter gets bitten by the big, bad wolf. You should lie down. I’m sure the wear on your ego must be exhausting.”

– This Mortal Coil


The vampire was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time to the music, mouthing the lyrics to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

        “What’s the matter, hunter?”

            “Nothing,” said Skata, pressing the sole of one boot against the floor to keep from slamming into the door as Angel made a sharp left turn. He had decided against wearing a seatbelt due to his injuries, but now he was wondering whether it would have been safer to wear it. Oh, well. Maybe on the way back. “Just remembering the good old days, when I thought all vampires burned in the sun.”

            “Not moroi, my friend.” Angel grinned. “I miss the good old days when people still thought we slept in coffins and turned into bats.”

            “They weren’t far off the mark, there, if you take it as a metaphor,” was Skata’s response.

            “Ooh, give the man points for trying.”

            “I just say it like it is.”

            “I’m still impressed by your use of the word ‘metaphor.’ I thought people like you stuck to little words like ‘food’ and ‘breathe’ and ‘slay.’”

            “This is good,” said Skata, grinning a little in spite of himself. “The vampire is a fan of  the Freud theory. Does that count as a paradox, or is it just ironic?”

            “Not exactly a fan. Besides, I haven’t always been a vampire.”


            “Nope. I was once like you.” Angel made a gagging face. “All pathetic and…mortal.” He said the word ‘mortal’ like most people would say diseased.

            “You mean to say you never wish you were human?” Skata asked. The vampire looked over at him and he held up a hand. “In all seriousness. You really don’t miss it? Ever?”

            Angel pursed his lips and shook his head once. “Nnnn-ope.”

– This Mortal Coil

Angel picked up a menu from behind the napkin dispenser and flipped it open. “I hope you like milkshakes and fries.”

            Skata took the other menu and searched for something with meat. He settled on a plate of ribs, which didn’t seem very sixties. From the jukebox, the Lovin’ Spoonfuls were asking if he believed in magic. As if magic was pixie dust you could sprinkle and wish on.       Across the table, Angel moved his lips, mouthing the lyrics. He caught Skata giving him a dead glare and sang louder. “If the music is groovy, and makes you feel happy like an old-time movie—”

            Skata kicked his shin as hard as he could under the table.

            “Ow!” Angel yelped and grimaced. “Why was that for?”

            Unamused, Skata answered, “You know what it was for.”

            Angel quietly groaned and massaged his leg under the table, even though it had been like kicking a brick wall and he knew the vampire wasn’t hurt at all.

– This Mortal Coil

“Standing all alone, I see.”

            The soft, English-accented voice was close, and she turned immediately. A tall young man in a tasteful, tailored tuxedo had approached her without her noticing. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he was smiling at her as if both amused and intrigued.

            “My escort is talking with his sister.” She nodded across the room.

            “Ah, yes.” He nodded. “Still, it seems a shame, to leave someone so beautiful without a dancing partner.”

            Dahncing pahtnah.  Bree would have loved him based on accent alone. He held out a hand, and his smile deepened. He was not exactly handsome, but there was something magnetic about him. He made her want to impress him, and she had no idea why. “Would you do me the honor?”

            She glanced back at Adam, still engaged in deep conversation with Celia. Sean had managed to get a glass of champagne and was looking like a dejected but eager puppy. “I can’t think of a reason to say no.”

– Natural Disasters (Also known as ‘Home of My Only Love Triangle’)

He smiled again, and it struck December as amazing that, for someone with curly hair and a face still clinging to boyishness, the air around him could so clearly communicate danger. He reminded her of a lionfish; all spines and bright colors. They were beautiful from a distance, but too obviously untouchable. If they injured you, there was no one to blame but yourself.

– Natural Disasters

Jasper leaned over the railing. “Indoor voices, please, sister,” he called down, pressing a finger to his lips.

– Natural Disasters

“I missed you,” said Mikael, pushing past Jasper. “If that’s any consolation.”

            “It is, Mikael, thank you.” Jasper nodded his head sideways in his brother’s direction. “At least someone noticed my absence.”

            “We all noticed it.” Adam leaned against the side of the doorway that was not taken by Jasper. “There were a lot less fires, accidental deaths…yeah, we noticed.”

            Jasper’s smile darkened. “Well, well. Look who’s better than everyone else.”

            “No.” Adam met his brother’s gaze with mild certainty. “Just better than you.”

            The energy shifted then, the way the air charged before a lightning storm. Mikael stilled, his hand wrapped around the refrigerator door handle.

            Jasper used his shoulder to push himself away from the wall. He stood inches from Adam, the shrunken smile on his face hiding whatever feelings he wanted to keep hidden from view.

            Suddenly, Adam was no longer tired. He was threadbare. “I didn’t mean that,” he said heavily, running his hands across his face.

            “Of course you did, Adam.” Jasper moved as if to go past him, but not before he gripped Adam’s arm in a way that would have seemed companionable from anyone else but was threatening from Jasper. “Of course you did.”

            When he left, the fabric of Adam’s suit had burned away in the shape of a smoldering handprint.

– Natural Disasters

             “I’m going upstairs,” Celia announced with a bored sigh. “Try not to burn the house down.”

            “We will do our best,” said Jasper in a sing-song voice, without looking at her.

            Celia harrumphed, spun on her heel, and left the room with brisk steps. December watched her go. “She hates me.”

            “Rubbish.” Jasper gave her a consoling smile. “She just mildly dislikes you.”

            “She doesn’t, either,” Mikael joined in, glaring at Jasper. “It’s Jasper she doesn’t like.”

            “I’m wounded,” said Jasper, taking a stack of plates from the cabinet above Mikael’s head.

– Natural Disasters


35 thoughts on “February Chunks

    • Thank you! I love writing the complex layers of the Morgan family.
      Plus. I’m rather fond of the triangle I have begun.
      I swore I would never write a triangle. Oh, well.

  1. I LOVE YOU.
    I feel like we need to write a motivational song for you.
    You’re a fast writer, but I need new chapters every minute. 😛

  2. …I make very weird noises of pure excitement whenever I get to read something you wrote, Mirri.
    OKAY, I LOVE your babies!!!! And you put a gif of Jasper actually SMILING WITH HIS TEETH!!! (Not sure whether he’s going to bite me with them, but hey, I’m proud of him).
    Question: Are we going to do more Angel interviews?

  3. Oh! I just had to pop back in to say that it looks like Skata didn’t get his morning hug. If someone ever skips out on him again, I just want to let him know, I’d be more than willing to make up for it. 😛

  4. OH, Rana’s comment reminded me — I’d like to reiterate the fact that I am Skata’s fan. I even made another one of my weird songs about it, but I forgot it. XD

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