Getting to Know Angel, Round Six

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the next installment, and since I have a cold, we’re more or less snowed in (in Georgia. Snowed in. It makes me miss the Northwest even more than I do on a usual day-to-day basis) I have a bit of time on my hands. (I’ve been doing a lot of writing, reading, and agent research since we got back. Keyboard, I missed you. Handwriting just isn’t the same.) So sit back, relax, and enjoy scrolling.

damon - face 2

1) Angel, do you like makeup on girls? We’re discussing makeup at home, and now you’re the person we ask about everything — feel honored. Do like kissing girls with lipstick? If you can make yourself more attractive, I say go right ahead. Don’t over do it, though. Looks trampy.

2) Leather or sparkles? On me? Leather jacket. No sparkles. Sorry, Bella girl.

3)  Could you describe your fashion style? Irresistable. Which means a lot of jeans and tees. I make ’em work.

4) Do you ever get tongue-tied and stutter? I never stutter. Getting tongue-tied has its merits, though.

damon eyebrows

5) Are you afraid of heights? Pfft, no.

6) What do you normally wear around the house? Am I alone?

7) Are you rich? Filthily so.

9) How many rooms are in your house? Twelve bedrooms, if you aren’t including main rooms, the attic, the basement…

10) If you were dying, what would your last words be? Rosebud.

11) Would you ever right a book? What would it be? (Let me guess – autobiography?)

damon - ding ding ding

13) Do you believe that the end justifies the means? At the risk of sounding predictable – *smile* – yes.

14) Do you believe all life is precious?

damon - smile no

15) What is the meaning of life for you? Don’t give me all that destiny, fate, ‘divine providence’ junk. The meaning of life is nothing.

16) Are you an artist? I draw killer stick figures.

17) What do you call your mansion? Bob.

18) D0 you ever get bored? Not for long.

damon wink

19) Okay, here’s a big one – when you have women over, do you take their energy, drink their blood, or just have a good time? Depends on the woman.

20) If you had some bad habits, what would you change? I’d change something that haunts me every day; like the way I leave the toothpaste cap unscrewed.

21) What would happen if you were bitten by another unnatural? Well, werewolf bites are fatal. Being bitten by another vampire is no big deal. As for other unnaturals, I have no idea. Never hope to.

22) If you had one superpower, what would it be? The ability to punch someone in the face without repurcussions.

23) Who’s your favorite superhero? Definitely Lex Luther. No? Not super enough? Then Batman, duh.

24) Do vampires have rot-proof teeth? Yes. Unfortunately we don’t have bad-breath-proof teeth, so we do still have to brush.

25) Are you secretly gay? Is the whole bombastic ‘I-dig-chicks’ thing a facade?

damon  why are you even here

26) If you really ARE straight, what about those gorgeous plus-size models? Denise Bidot is delicious.

27) What are your favorite pick-up lines? Eh, I don’t memorize pickup lines. I just say what comes naturally.

28) Could you be burned sitting in a patch of sunlight coming through a window? Yuuup.

29) Do you think on your feet or do you need a few seconds of reaction time? The first.

30) What is one thing you wish you could tell someone, but you never do?

damon - i'm not human and i miss it


15 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round Six

  1. ‘Bella girl’? Angel, I’m offended. I’m giving you a werewolf for your birthday. XD I’m slathering sparkly eyeshadow on you just to punish you. OH! OH! Rosebud is my daddy’s nickname for me. So I suppose I feel honored, even if you weren’t aware of this sublime fact.
    Do you like wearing printed tees, then?
    Are you happy in your life?
    FAvorite memory — I know you have a few hundred years’ worth, so answer the blasted question.
    Blue eyes, green, brown, etc?
    What’s the one thing you would want to do if you knew you only had a week left on earth?
    Would you be okay with my sisters and I adopting you? ;D

  2. Okay. Like, no sleep last night, up at 5:30 this morning and have been scrambling ever since. 4 debate rounds, one speech, and too much socialization. THIS is the perfect way to greet me. Thank you. ❤ Can't wait to repeat the cycle tomorrow. And the day after. x_x

    Angel, love, I love your hair. And the way you blink. Just too cute. AND THANK YOU FOR THE BATMAN ANSWER. I LOVE YOU MORE NOW. Also, the last one broke my fragile heart. *hugs*

    K, more. I know, I know. "PLEASE, JUST STAHP ALREADY!"

    1) Do you think national security or freedom of the press should be valued higher in times of conflict?
    2) Moonlight on the beach, or a soft winding river in the fall (COLORFUL LEAVES!)?
    3) I think it's wonderfully menacing when someone walks toward me while drinking something. Do you feel the same way? (yes, I am incredibly tired, so excuse the uber random questions.)
    4) Is there a way for you to become human again? Or will you forever be a vampire? 😥
    5) Morning, afternoon, or evening showers?
    6) Mirriam thinks you think I'm psycho. IS SHE SERIOUS? Would you still like me anyway? I can be serious when I have to be and carry intelligent, mature conversations, you know. I just pretend to be an idiot so I don't accidentally say too much about myself. :/
    7) Beaches, country, or mountains?
    8) If you had a teddy bear, what would you do with it (hug it, punch it, rip it to shreds, etc.)?
    9) Do you know how cute your blink is? I know I already said it before, once here and once to Mirriam, but seriously.
    10) Can I please have a hug? I need one bad right now. ❤

    • 11) Do you think sectoral heterochromia is attractive?
      12) Loose or skinny jeans?
      13) Pop or rock music?
      14) Favorite season?
      15) Intelligent or stupid women (careful on this)?
      16) Does it pain you to congratulate other people?
      17) Do you hold grudges?
      18) Oranges or pears?
      19) Cake, pie, cookies, or muffins?
      20) Are you patriotic?

      • 21) “Do you ever get tongue-tied and stutter? I never stutter. Getting tongue-tied has its merits, though.” – What merits are you speaking of?
        22) Do you prefer one-on-one conversations or do you like larger groups better?
        23) Are you obsessed with yourself or is that a facade (you come off as a bit narcissistic, hun)?
        24) Do you wear hats, beanies, etc.?
        25) What’s your preferred brand of toothpaste?
        26) Would you still look hot without brushing your hair?
        27) What’s your favorite scent?
        28) Who would you choose to be your best friend be they fictional or real?
        29) I don’t remember if I asked this already but thick or thin hair and do you like to play with hair?
        30) What’s your ideal date?

        • Which do you prefer of the following up to 39?
          31) Matte or glossy?
          32) Sweet or salty?
          33) TV or radio?
          34) Morning or evening?
          35) Pencil or pen?
          36) Mountain or beach?
          37) Spontaneous or structured?
          38) Neat or messy?
          39) Eat in or take out?
          40) Do you like Elvis Presley?
          41) Do you prefer newer songs or older ones?
          42) Favorite songs?

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