South Carolina, Part 2

 On the drive to Edisto, we stopped to visit the Angel Oak tree. It’s 65 feet high, the area of shade it covers is 17,000 square feet, and the largest limb is 89 feet long and over 11 feet around. It’s believed to be 1500+ years old and is named after the original owners of the property, Justin and Martha Angel.




Impressive, no? And now, on to Charleston! This city was – is! – absolutely amazing. We took an hour-long horse-drawn tour and barely scratched the surface of all the culture and history to be had. The family wants to go back and spend a week there sometime  to really explore.




The tea-and-spice shop was pretty amazing.



There are random skulls scattered around Charleston, just so you know. Even in tea shops. P1040250

There was a mystery shop called the Black Fedora with a welcome mat I wanted to buy, but I didn’t think mom would go for. There was also a fudge shop where we were serenaded with songs about fudge (that girl could sing). And also – my personal favorite – a guy on a corner performing a concert with marionettes.






 And then, there were the houses. I’ve never seen such houses.



P1040269 A couple random Charleston photographs…



While eating at an Irish pub, Silas drew on his cup “Silas ♥ Aunty M” and so naturally, my heart melted and I had to take a picture.



 And last, but not least, Botany Bay! (yes, fellow trekkies, it’s a real place. It’s the grounds surrounding a no-longer-existing plantation, and when the tide comes in the place is submerged in water, leaving sea shells hanging in tree branches and other such oddities.)









And there you have it! Is it any surprise I decided to switch the setting of a certain novel of mine?


8 thoughts on “South Carolina, Part 2

  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Did you take all those photos?? You’re a writer, artist, beautiful person AND a photographer? Remember how we were talking about how people like you should be illegal? 😛 Wow, that sounds like an incredible trip!!

  2. Okay, NOW I’m really jealous! XD That tree is lovely and majestic! My abuelo is actually a puppeteer — he’s looking for a job at Reno’s Circus Circus.
    What rewrite is this…? Paper Crowns…? 😉

  3. I think I’ve been in a tea and spice shop like that one; the packages look familiar. Have you tried their white rose tea? It’s amazing! It’s like drinking a garden!

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