South Carolina, Part 1


So we drove to Edisto Island, South Carolina, and realized there was nothing to do there. Let alone having a Starbucks, the island didn’t even have a coffee shop to its name. (It did have a bookstore that was a bit of allright, and I did get two books there. The bookstore cat was nicer than the bookstore owner.) So I actually spent a good portion of the trip reading, editing Paper Crowns, trying to save my iPod battery so it would last through the week to the car trip home (which I did. Hah!) and watching Dragons: Riders of Burk with my nephew, Silas. The rest of the time was spent walking on the beach, watching dolphins, and exploring Charleston. Also I slept on the couch so I could read late into the night (and also to avoid sharing a bed with my sister, who happens to cling like a squid to whoever happens to share sleeping quarters with her), and my bones aren’t sure the sacrifice was worth it. The week’s fruits – three books bought, four books read, half a book edited, and a lot of pictures. Enjoy the glimpse!



She might be seventeen, but I can still call her my baby sister.


 This cutie is Silas, my 7-year-old nephew, with a shard of something shiny.P1040142_picnik

 Oh yes, part of our beach time involved throwing beached jellyfish back into the water.P1040146_picnik

 It doesn’t get more gorgeous than this. Does it??P1040156_picnik


Easy, breezy, beautiful.


Possibly my favorite shot from the entire week.


The Real Photographer, my sister Maralie.




Dad asked why I was standing on the beach taking selfies. I told him it was for the blog.  MeBeach1 P1040197_picnik


More to come soon!


8 thoughts on “South Carolina, Part 1

  1. *dies* Oh my gosh, Mirriam. Those pictures are so amazing. And you and your sister! I’m so jealous! You two are flipping GORGEOUS!!! Silas is so CUTE! ^_^ Even if you were bored, I think the trip was worth it just for the pictures. O_O

  2. The bookstore cats at beaches are always super sweet. I’m not sure if I go for the books or the cat……
    lovely pictures!
    how’s the editing of Paper Crowns going? I want to read it soon;)

  3. Welcome back, missy! 😉 Those pictures (and their occupants) are beautiful! Congrats on saving your iPod! XD Don’t we all know the feeling?

  4. It sounds VERY relaxing! (And you got to read! What can be more relaxing than reading?) And editing. Maybe not AS relaxing, but it always gives one a feeling of accomplishment.

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