Getting to Know Angel, Round Five

It’s official – Angel’s month is going to have to stretch into February. Over here, we’re going to be gone to the beach for a week, and I’ll have no computer or internet connection. Oh, well – Angel loves February. It has Valentine’s Day.

1) Do you like to drink? Depends on what I’m drinking. Skata’s been a bad influence on me and made me like whiskey. That he’s influenced me in ANY way is a little too…nah, I don’t like to think about it.

2) Are you frequently found in a bar? Someone’s concerned about my drinking habits.

3) Do you like snow? Sure. I love snow. I like to jump around in it like a kid on Christmas.

damon - eyeroll epic

4) Do you smoke? If you did, how would it affect your health? I don’t smoke. I never could get into the habit. And if I did smoke, it wouldn’t do anything and I’d be home free! It’s kind of a shame that I don’t.

5) Can you get sick, like with a cold or the flu? Not from pesky human viruses. Venom from other unnaturals really takes you for a trip, though.

6) Does the sound of people chewing bother you? If it does, they don’t usually stick around to find out.

damon - eating

7) What are your favorite TV shows? Oh, you know, I like a wide variety… 24, Chopped, Buffy.

8) Have you ever been freaked out by anyone? Skata freaks me out on a regular basis. Usually it’s unintentional. He does this thing where he just…shows up.

damon wink

9) What’s been your worst injury? Well, judging by the scar on my chest, I’d say I was almost staked once.

10) Have you ever killed anybody? Am I attractive to women? Oh – yes.

damon judgy

11) Can you bleed? Sure, I can bleed. My heart still works. Relatively speaking.

12) Sunshine or rain? Honey, I’m a vampire. Rain.

13) Do you prefer to live in the city or the country? Oh, the city. So many more people.

14) How do you like your coffee? Or do you prefer tea? Black coffee, if there’s no good alcohol around.

15) What accent do you have? British? It depends on where I am. I’m flexible like that.

16) How do you feel about other people calling you pet names (besides Angel)?  I’m good with most names. Most. Don’t take liberties.

17) Do you like late-night conversations? Keeping this thing PG-rated is not easy, thanks to you. Yes! I like late night ‘conversations.’

damon - sexy face

18) Do you prefer small talk or intelligent conversation? Hmm…small talk. Not really my thing.

19) What’s the most personal question you’ve ever been asked?

damon dot dot

20) What’s the craziest face you can make?

damon - rawr face

21) Who is your favorite person? Alive? Dead? Neither? Both? Be a little more specific.

22) Would you ever consider getting married, or do you feel it would be hard to settle down with one person forever? That’s…actually a tough question. Mirriam here. Angel does fall for someone, and would want to be with them forever…but he doesn’t know that yet. He doesn’t truly love very often but when he does, he really does.

23) Are vampires immortal? Technically we can’t die because we’re already dead, but we can be killed in a bunch of inventive ways. So yes, but no.

damon - not growing old

24) Are you the kind of guy who likes to wear capes? *snort* Please. Do I look like Bella Lugosi to you?

26) What is your biggest fear? As if.

damon fool me once

27) Do you wear jewelry? I’m not much of a jewelry guy. I have a necklace that I never wear because I don’t have the slightest idea where it came from. Now scarves, I do wear.

damon scarf

28) Do you do your own grocery shopping? I have to. If I sent Skata to the store for whole milk he’d come back with two percent. I don’t think you understand just how irritating it can be. Plus, the guy is just a mess.

DAMON - clean

29) Do you like basketball? Nah. I don’t go out much for sports. I miss the Gladiators. (No, I’m not that old.)

30) If you ever need a break from Skata or people in general, you can come stay at my house. We’ll leave you (mostly) alone. damon - i could actually hug you


25 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round Five

  1. MY .GIF STASH IS GROWING!!!!!!!!! ANGEL, I’M PRETTY SURE YOU MAKE UP, LIKE, HALF MY COLLECTION. You might need a whole folder just for you. O.O

    MIRRIAM, DON’T LEAVE ME FOR THE BEACH!!!!!!! *grovels at your feet, wails, sobs* When will you be back?????????

    And I just love these. I know everyone already knows, but I do. I LOVE THE RAWR FACE. And awwwwwwwww, I really hope he settles down soon. ❤ He's a sweet guy.

    AND JUST SO Y'ALL KNOW, MIRRIAM AND ANGEL ARE INVITED TO STAY AT //MY/// HOW ANY TIME TOO!!!!!! 😛 (does that win me a hug? 😛 )

      • “Not from pesky human viruses. Venom from other unnaturals really takes you for a trip, though.” — Okay, what would happen if you were bit by another unnatural? Could you die? Or would you just be very uncomfortable for a while?

        • Who is your favorite superhero?
          Do you like to analyze things (people’s motives, essays, etc.)?
          If you had a computer, what brand would it be?
          If you had one superpower, what would it be (flirting is not a viable option, love)?
          Do owls freak you out (they can turn their heads pretty far around O_o)?
          If you could turn your head like an owl, would you?
          What are your favorite pick-up lines? Do you use them?
          Do you have to brush/floss your teeth at all? Or does being a vampire give you an advantage of having rot-proof teeth?
          How much could you bench press at one time?
          Do you like history?
          What’s your favorite song to rock out to?
          What’s your favorite scarf?
          Could you be burned by sitting in a patch of sunlight coming through the windows of your house?
          Are you more or less sensitive to UV rays than other vampires?
          Do you ever get hot walking in the sun down the street since you’ve got to keep your skin covered?
          If you had a blog, what would it be called and what would you blog about?
          Is it unnerving for you to have someone stare at you?
          Do you think on your feet or do you tend to need a few seconds to react to something (like the phone ringing, for instance)?

          Rest assured, I should be back with more questions later on. 😉

          • Do you prefer thick or thin hair?
            Curly, straight, or wavy hair?
            Long or short hair?
            Do you ever get the urge to pet someone’s hair?
            Do you have any odd fetishes (for instance, I have a hand and feet fetish)?
            Are you with a different girl every day, week, month… (not judging! Just curious)?
            What’s more important to you: looks or the way people act?
            Are you normally courteous?
            Do you dace often? And do you prefer more upbeat numbers, or slow dances?
            Do you get the hiccups often (I think you would have the funniest hiccups. I would pay to see you in a hiccup fit)?
            Velociraptors or pterodactyls?
            Geese or chipmunks?
            Do you tend to like fruits and veggies over meats?
            What’s your favorite meal?
            I don’t remember if I asked this before or not, but do you chew with your mouth open or closed (I may or may not want to hang out with you, depending on the answer…)?
            Would you care at all if you lost all your fangirls? Or even one?
            Who would win: you or Loki?
            Do you ever chew on the skin around your fingernails?
            Watermelon or cantaloupe?
            What is your dream occupation?
            Who is your favorite actor (aside from Ian Somerhaulder)?

            Wow. It’s weird. I just sit here and keep going, going, going, and then I realize: I have school work to do! Angel, you take precedence over my education. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

  2. *kisses Angel’s forehead* I’ll just adopt you, okay? Yes, that was a question. ;D. I’ll bombard you with more when Mirriam gets back. I agree with Rana — inside, you ARE a good man. Can’t wait for you to see it.

    • I have a very important question — how much time do you voluntarily spend with Skata and do you consider him a friend? Your comments (that often include him, btw) seem to imply he sticks around. He’s not as good at stalking you as I am, though, I’m sure. ;D

  3. Are you secretly gay-is the whole bombastic ‘I dig chicks’ thing a façade?

    If you’re just straight, how about those gorgeous plus-size models?

    Thanks, gorgeous. *winks slowly with heavily made up eyelid*

  4. Earbuds or headphones?
    If you’re shopping and see something you want, but for two different prices at two different stores, are you more willing to buy the cheaper one, or does it not matter to you?
    Do you ever donate old clothes to places like Goodwill?
    Do you like water slides?
    Are you more likely to squish a bug yourself or have someone else do it?
    Which do you hate the most: roaches, spiders, snakes, or rats?

    • I’m going to ask Hal this question (or some variation of it) when it’s his turn in the lime light, but what are your thoughts on this lady and what was your reaction to seeing the video?

      • Yeah, yeah, I’m back again. Tired of me yet? 😛

        I just read that since 1962, James Bond has killed over 150 men and slept with over 44 women, 3/4 of whom tried to kill him. Does that scare you?
        Are you a cautious guy?
        Do you tend to get coupons before shopping?
        Do you act weird on full moons? Or is that just the other unnaturals? If you do act strange, what sort of things do you do?
        How long does it take to recover from another unnatural’s bite?
        What if another vampire bit you?
        Do you have to bite a certain area to turn someone into a vampire? Or can you just bite them and voila! they’re a vamp?
        Can you concentrate on one thing for long periods of time?

        • Are you a hard worker? Or would you do anything to keep from getting your hands dirty?
          Would you rather watch someone do physical labor than do it yourself (why am I even asking this? We all already know the answer.)?
          Do you play board games?
          Are you big on ethics? Or do you usually find some way to cheat in whatever it is you’re doing (playing cards, taking a test, etc.)?
          Are you an open book or a mystery or both?
          Can you sit still for long periods of time or do you always need to be doing something?
          If you make a mess, are you willing to clean it up?
          What’s your favorite ship (talking couples here, not boats)?
          What’s your favorite ship (okay, now boats 😉 )?
          Do you like swimming?
          Do you like the ocean?
          Are you a romantic?
          Do you wear any rings, bracelets?
          Do you have any flowers in your house?
          Are there any paintings in your house?
          I think I already asked but, how many rooms are in your house?
          Do you prefer to have gatherings at your place or someone else’s?
          If you do have a party at your mansion, who do you get to clean it up?

          • Do you like bicycles (please say no. I need a friend who hates the things as much as I do)?
            What’s your favorite mode of transportation?
            Are you coordinated and graceful or do you trip over your own feet sometimes?
            How do you act when you’re very angry? Do you shout, throw things, get physically aggressive, bite…? Or do you just kind of boil inside your head? Or does it depend on how angry you are?
            What makes you incredibly angry?
            Are you a jealous person?
            Would you clean out an old refrigerator for a large sum of money or other reward (it’d be pretty gross)?
            Do you ever wish you had a twin?
            Would you ever use a Snuggie? If so, what color?
            Do you like to cuddle on the couch and watch movies?
            Are you a sucker for cheesy movies?
            Do you easily get teary-eyed during films?
            Would you ever go on a treasure hunt?
            Are you a curious person, or are you content to let other solve the mysteries while you sit back and enjoy a glass of red wine?

            • Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
              Do you have trouble accepting love (and I mean true love, not just temporary enjoyment)?
              Do you have trouble giving out love (same condition as the previous question)?
              Are you a Brian Regan fan (look him up if you haven’t – he’s one of my favorite comedians. He’s clean too – sorry, Angel. :P)?
              Blue cheese, feta cheese, or muenster?

            • When is the last time you laughed so hard it hurt?
              What was the situation?
              Do you find me to be a funny person?
              Does it bother you when you make a joke and people don’t get it?
              What’s your favorite weapon?
              What’s your favorite mug?
              What’s your favorite hairstyle?
              Whats your favorite eyebrow type?
              Are you a procrastinator?

            • What’s your favorite season?
              Do you prefer messy hair, perfect hair or perfectly messy hair? 😛
              I liked Ana’s question about the makeup. Answer those. xD
              Do you sleep with a fan or any sort of white noise or can you sleep in total silence?
              Does total silence bother you?
              Polka dots or stripes?
              What’s your favorite .gif of you?
              What’s your favorite picture of you?
              You’re enjoying searching for pictures of yourself, aren’t you?
              Are you really narcissistic or do you just play at it to make yourself feel better?

            • M’k. I just saw this and tried not to snort while I was watching it. But it reminded me so much of you. Are you offended or amused or not quite sure?

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