Getting to Know Angel, Round Four

I think Rana ought to get some sort of award for biggest Angel fangirl. Your questions are fantastic, love!

1) Do you prefer silk or cotton sheets? I am most severely judging you or kissing you depending on your answer. This is very important and undoubtedly has a polar fix on your destiny. Egyption cotton. I know, I know – you were expecting silk, weren’t you?

2) Does everyone taste different, or do they all taste like chicken? As far as flavors go, humans don’t have a very wide variety. But you can always tell if they’re heavy drinkers.


3) Do you like to debate? Of course. I’m always right.

damon wink

4) How would one become a vampire? Is it a choice, are you bitten…? There are a lot of misconceptions about vampires. We have to drink blood, we’re allergic to silver, etcetera, but the truth is that, while I could drink blood if we wanted to, my fangs also have venom which, if I choose to inject your veins with it, would turn you into a vampire. It’s a very long and complicated process and there’s a high fever and most people die and it’s all very fun.

5) Did your memory get wiped after you became a vampire? Well, I’m assuming it must have, considering I can’t remember a thing about who I was before, and a vampire can’t compel another vampire.

6) Are you afraid of geese?

damon confused

7) Since you burn in the sun, how do you protect yourself? Hah; it’s simple, really. I don’t go out in sunlight! Not that I’m not searching for a way how…

8) Do you ever blast music in your house when you’re alone? Now, why would you ask me a question like that?

damon - dancing

9) DO YOU LIKE CHIPMUNKS? I feel like this is a very important question and I’m not sure why. I’ll just go with total indifference. All they do is stand around and chew things.

damon chipmunks

10) How much do you weigh? 157 pounds, thanks for asking.

11) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Oh, I don’t know. It might be the time I got a little drunk and entered a fight against a goyle. …I might have been medium-drunk.

12) What’s the craziest thing you’re willing to do? What do you have?

13) Would you believe me if I told you you’re a good man? Because I really think you are. Deep down inside. Maybe very, very, very, very deep down, but it’s still there. I’d say you aren’t the only one who needs help.


14) Do you do all your own chores like cleaning, cooking, etc.? I’m a fair cook and a lot better than certain people I could mention, but nah. I get minions to do things like that. Neverending life tends to put things in perspective.

15) Are you particular about things, like making your bed? A bed is only made so I can unmake it again. You could say it’s half the fun.


16) Do you have any disorders? Well, as a vampire any fears you had before you were turned become practically PHOBIC. No, I’m not telling you what it is. What I will tell you is that certain vampires are extremely obsessive-compulsive.

17) Angel, you really don’t have any friends, do you? Now I’m hurt.

18) It’s fascinating how you can choose to turn off your emotions. What made you decide to do so? Does it always work — such as when your friend died? (Yes, I’m rubbing it in so I can see if I get a reaction, darling. *winks*) 

damon hurt 2

Mirriam: He chose to turn his emotions off because as a vampire, not only do your fears become stronger, so do all your emotions. He was too innocent and too sensitive, and so he chose not to feel and became what he is today. Does it always work? No. And he hates it.

19) How many women have you been with?

damon lecturing

20) How many years has it been since you were turned? Oh, closer to three hundred than not.

21) What is your favorite opera? Oh, La Traviata. I might actually get a little teary-eyed.

22) Happy endings, bittersweet, or downright crushing? damon life sucks

23) Why can’t I pry inside you and find out all about you, you little BRAT? Maybe I like being the mysterious broody vampire guy.

24) You’re obnoxious, yet strangely endearing. Do you know this? Oh, I do try.

25) What would you do if you found out that when my sister and I showed our mom your interview, she took one look at your face and said, “No wonder why you guys like him”?

damon eyebrows

26) You don’t sparkle, do you?

damon no

27) Don’t you think your name being Angel is ironic? I’m a sucker for irony. Plus, I know it’s not actually my name. Just something I remember.

28) Have you ever thought about breaking into the Big Red Bus and demolishing their blood supply? Only for kicks and giggles. I’m not one of the poor suckers who got addicted. It would be fun to cause a news splash, though, wouldn’t it?

29) If you saw someone abusing someone else, are you the kind of man who would stop that? Or would you turn a blind eye and walk away? Oh, it depends on whether or not I’m feeling particularly magnanimous.

30) So, I see you have abs…how do you maintain that? Do you work out? Do you fight people? Well, being active never hurts. I hit the in-house gym a lot, too. It’s a great stress reliever.

damon - match


29 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round Four

    *grins* I love this.
    It makes my day. ^_^
    And keep the .gifs coming. XD

        • Here comes the big whammy. Are you ready? It’s serious. In a bake-off, who would win: You, Skata, Rukiel, Cassis, or Seamus? And what would you make and what do you think the others would make?

            • Another one.

              Do you have beautiful penmanship? Or are you more like the typical guy? Sloppy, illegible…?
              Do you have a high pain tolerance level?
              Do you like caramel popcorn (I do believe I’m making some today to celebrate the coming-off of my upper braces in case you’re interested… *wink*)?
              Are you a good note-taker? Are you an organized note-taker? Or are you not a note-taker?

            • Do you like kids? Would you make for a good babysitter?
              Would you ever dress up as the Grim Reaper and stand outside of old people’s homes and just stare in their windows?
              Okay, would you be upset if someone had better hair than you?
              If you had an email, what would it be?
              Coke or Pepsi (watch the answer, sweetheart)?

            • Are you a romantic?
              Are you a womanizer (eyebrow)?
              You don’t seem like a very decent person and I know you’ll say it doesn’t bother you, but I think you’d do anything for your friends. Am I correct in assuming that?

  2. You’re a brat, a dear, a dork, a jerk, and all else I can think of, baby.
    Where would the world be without you?
    Please tell me you want sisters. You HAVE to want mine.
    Are you pleased with all of Rana’s love for you? ;D You BETTER be, buster.
    If there was one day where you could be human, what would you do?
    Favorite place to be?
    Favorite person to be with? Okay, I know the answer will be ‘Ana’, but I thought I might as well ask… *rolls eyes* XD
    Do you like Mirriam?
    Next time you go see Traviata, will you take me with you?
    Do you ever wear make-up?
    Leather or sparkles to wear?’
    Favorite food?
    Favorite ice cream flavor?
    Will you come play with my sisters and I? ;D
    This was a great interview. Thank you, dear, for putting in all the effort for us, despite your unlove for us. *sigh* And since when have you been the ‘mysterious, broody vampire guy’? Please. You’re just Angel. We may or may not love you for it. Sorry, I had to put in my two cents. You need not answer my random non-question comments, love. ;D

    • Angel, do you like makeup on girls? We’re discussing makeup at home, and now you’re the person we ask about everything — feel honored. Do like kissing girls with lipstick?

  3. Gah! As soon as I think I’m done, more questions pop up. >_<

    What's your obsession? I think Skata said all vampires have one. Or multiple. I don't remember.
    Converse or boots?
    Could you describe your fashion style, please, and give us examples what types of clothes you wear?

    • Describe one time you were speechless. The goose question doesn’t count, dear. 😉
      Owls or ferrets?
      MEEEE or… Gretel? From Hansel and Gretel?
      Well that came out of nowhere. *shrugs, continues*
      Do you feel like this is more of an interview or an interrogation?
      Would you be willing to help with homework?

          • How long can you hold your breath?
            What do you normally wear around the house?
            How rich are you?
            How many rooms are in your house?
            Would you watch Doctor Who and/or Sherlock (haha! I almost wrote “Jerklock”)?
            Do you have straight teeth?
            If you were dying, what would your last words be?
            Sweets or meal-type food?
            Would you ever write a book? What would it be on? (Let me guess. Autobiography?)
            Do you like to move around a lot?
            Traditional school or home school?
            If your teeth were crooked, would you get braces?
            Do you believe the ends justify the means?
            Long or short hair?
            Do you sleep well?
            Do you have a wild imagination? Or is your mind… dull?
            Do you believe all life is precious?
            What is the meaning of life for you?
            Would you rather have a sonic screwdriver or a sword?

            • What do you normally have for breakfast?
              When faced with the choice to either have healthy food or junk food, which would you choose?
              Are you an artist?
              Could you forge a check?
              Do you like bacon? (Miri, you might need to devote a whole round just to food-related questions. XD)
              What do you call your mansion? Or does it have a name? (You know, there’s places like Stone Cross Manor, Marlinspike Hall, etc.)
              Would you rather meet the Queen of England or the President of America?
              Fish or hamburger?
              Do you ever get bored?
              Okay. This one is big. I can’t believe I don’t know the answer and it’s probably really obvious, but I’m new to vampires, so be patient with me. XD When you have women over, do you suck their blood, steal energy, or just have a good time? O_o
              Strawberry, raspberry, or grape jelly/jam?

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