Getting to Know Angel, Round Three


The questions are still pouring in, and believe me, Angel is enjoying the attention. A few hints about his past are dropped in this interview, so keep a weather eye out, and enjoy!

1) DO YOU LOVE ME?? Why, this is so sudden!
2) Do you feel honored? Because seriously, I never get crushes anymore (I just like faces mostly, now) but I think I have a crush on you. I think you should go listen to ‘Hey NaNa’ and eat some ice cream or something. We can hang out together, but don’t count on wedding bells.

3) So you aren’t a pureblood vampire? You were turned? Ding!Ding!Ding!

4) They’re asking how you feel about being a vampire. Do you have a choice? No, in fact; I don’t.


5) Do you cook? Will you cook with me?? That’s two questions, honey, but I’ll be generous. Yes, and yes.

6) Which do you prefer – hot or cold weather? I’m not picky. As a vampire, I’m always cold unless I’m burning in the sun.

7) What’s your favorite number? Yours.


8) Do you like large houses or small houses better? I’d never try to keep myself somewhere too small to hold me.


9) Would you ever come to Florida? If you did, would you see me? If so, what would you want to do? Have a few drinks, check out the beaches…cook *wink*

10) Are you manipulative?


11) Do you respect women, or are you one of those good-time guys? Oh, it depends on whether I’m having a fit of morality or not.

12) Can vampires grow beards? It’s rare, but it’s been known to happen.

13) Do all vampires look as good as you? Of course not!

14) Would you be nice to my sister Fin if I sent her to you?


15) Do you like kpop? Bunch of short people jumping around? It has its good points. Those girl groups can be pretty cute.

16) Do you ever regret that you are what you are? A vampire, or even so unsympathetic? I’ll let you in on a little secret – vampires can feel. We can just decide not to. So, since I’ve decided not to feel, no. I don’t regret a single bloody thing.

17) Do you feel for anyone? When a certain person dies in the novel, you seem genuinely upset. Are you better inside than you lead us to believe? Note from Mirriam – he’s telling the truth about being able to turn emotions off, but if you believe for a second that he has, then click HERE to find out his reaction when a friend of his is killed in the book.

18) Do you like us (your fan club)?


19) Do you ever get the impression that you need therapy? Please. No therapist in the world could handle me. I’ve got more issues than Vogue.

20) What’s your normal bedtime/wakeup time? Well, aren’t you a creepy little stalker! I like you. Bed is whenever I feel like it, generally between one and three. I wake up around noon most days, unless I have something important to spend my time on.

21) What’s your favorite quote (and it can’t be one of your own)? The enemy of my enemy is the next one to die. That one’s only HALF mine.

22) Do you believe in an afterlife? I…


23) If I were to show up on your doorstep, what would you do? Ask what on earth you were doing there.

24) Do you look different when you’re being vampiric? Just a bit.damon-vampire

25) Will you ever be a hero? If not, I’ll be sad.

damon - aww

I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out…


31 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round Three

  1. Sheets, silk or cotton? (I am judging you most severely or kissing you depending on your answer. This is very important and undoubtedly has a polar fix on your destiny).

  2. HE IS JUST TOO PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Oh my word!
    I love all the .gifs. I am saving them all for a bad day. XD
    And yeah, I’m not hearing wedding bells either, darlin’. I just think you’d be cool to have as a friend. 😉
    And I have no qualms about asking more questions. 😛 I shoudln’t, should I?

    1) Does everyone taste different? Or do they all taste like chicken? (yeah, I was serious about that one. :P)
    2) Do you like to debate?
    3) How would one become a vampire? Do they get bitten, die, by choice…?
    4) Did your memory get wiped after you became a vampire? Does this happen all the time?
    5) Do you have to always go out fully decked out in sun-proof clothing or could you just get, like, 200 spf sunblock?
    6) Do you ever just blast music in your house when you’re alone?
    8 ) Are you afraid of geese?
    9) How much do you weigh? Or is that an off-limits question?
    10) Craziest thing you’ve ever done. What is it?
    11) Craziest thing you’re willing to do?
    12) Can I just say I love your name. Do you feel like everyone’s calling you a pet name every time they call you?
    13) Would you believe me if I told you you’re a good man? Because I really think you are. Deep down inside. Maybe very, very, very, very deep down, but it’s still there. ❤

  3. *Note to Kerri: YOU may have been called ‘doll’, but I got ‘creepy little stalker’. Take that. XD
    Angel, you really don’t have any friends, do you?
    It’s fascinating how you can choose to turn off your emotions. What made you decide to do so? Does it always work — such as when you’re friend died? Yes, I’m rubbing it in so I can see if I get a reaction, darling. *winks*
    How many women have you been with?
    How many years has it been since you were turned?
    What’s your favorite opera? This is a VERY, VERY important question, love.
    Happy endings, bittersweet, or downright crushing?
    WHY can’t I pry inside you and find out all about you, you little BRAT?
    You’re obnoxious, yet strangely endearing. Do you know this? I think you do.

    • Oh, what would you do if you found out that when my sister and I showed our mom your interview, she took one look at your face and said, “No wonder why you guys like him.”? And for your information, dearest, I’m about as willing to be with you as you are to be with me. That’s why I bother you — you’re safe territory, beautiful. *laughs and winks*

  4. Ok I have some questions for Angel. 1. You don’t sparkle, do you? ‘Cause if you do I’ll personally come over there and kick your butt.
    2. Don’t you think your name being Angel is ironic?

  5. Oh, oh, oh! I haz question!

    So, Angel, you are cute. How do you feel about this? (I dunno what inspired this question, maybe the possibility of getting a gif for answer, but I just wanna know his reaction XDDDD)

  6. OKAY ONE MORE (for now)!!
    Have you ever thought of breaking into the Big Red Bus and draining their supply? You know, the place where people donate blood?

    • Gosh, I really need to stop. I FEEL HORRIBLE. *facedesk* But not enough to make me stop. 😛
      Anyway. Angel, if you saw someone abusing someone else, are you the kind of man who would stop that? Or would you turn a blind eye and walk away?
      So, I see you have abs *cough* (Thanks, Mirriam. XD). How do you maintain that? Do you work out? Do you fight people? What would be your weapon of choice in a brawl/fight?
      Do you like to drink?
      Can you be found in a bar a lot of times?
      Do you like snow?
      I’m so sorry. AM I BUGGING EVERYONE ALREADY???


        Do you smoke? If you did, would it affect your health?
        Can you get sick (like the cold, flu, etc.)?
        Wine or beer?
        Red or white wines?
        Do you chew with your mouth open or closed?
        Does the sound of people chewing bother you?
        If you watched the telly, what would be your favorite shows/favorite type of shows (romance, comedy, action – if the last one, watch Red and Red 2. They’re fantastic.)?
        Do you have freckles?
        Do you find chinchillas to be cute?
        Have you ever been freaked out by anyone?
        What’s been your worst injury?
        Have you ever killed anyone?

        Oh my word. I need to stop. This is a long January. Oh my gosh. Someone help me. O______________________________________________O

          Oh, wait. No I don’t.
          Heck, I’m just gonna post whenever I have a question. Apologizing is boring. And it takes up time which is something I don’t like to waste.
          SO. Can you bleed? *big, creepy eyes* *low whisper* Do you have blood flowing through your veins??
          Oh my gosh, I’m so tired. I got out of bed at 4:45 a.m. to eat a granola bar and didn’t go back until about 5. Do you ever do that sort of thing? *yawns*
          Do you prefer to take showers in the morning, afternoon, or night?
          Showers or baths?
          Would you be the type of person interested in LotR/The Hobbit?
          Sun or rain?
          Country or city?
          How do you like your coffee? Or do you prefer tea?
          Wait, what accent do you have again? British?
          Stopping now. For now. *forces self to push the ‘post comment’ button*

          • Rana, seriously, KEEP GOING. I am ADORING this. AND the more questions you ask, the more ALL of us get to know our boy! Your brain must go at 382 miles an hour. ;D

            • Oh my word. This is funny. I’m grinning. XD I totally did not expect to have all these questions. O_o

              Anyway. MORE! *sings*

              Angel, darlin’, what’s your favorite pen to write with? Like, mine is a pen made from a recycled water bottle and it makes me write better.
              Favorite ink color?
              Red or black or blue nail polish?
              How do you feel about people calling you pet names (other than Angel :P)?
              WHAT’S YOUR REACTION THE .GIF OF THE GIRL IN THE PAJAMA PANTS? (Mirriam, if you don’t know what I’m referring to, let me know and I’ll send it to you again! :D)
              Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
              Do you like late night conversations?
              Do you prefer small talk or intelligent conversations?
              Do you mind my asking all this? I swear, I’ve probably asked over a hundred questions. x_x
              What’s the most personal question you’ve ever been asked (don’t say it’s this one)?
              New York Strip or Ribeye?
              What’s the craziest face you can make?
              Can I just say I love your face? If it wasn’t weird to pet people’s faces, I would probably be doing that to you. But as it is, I’m exercising self-control.
              Would you read a book with this title: “An Autobiography: The Life of a Dark Red Kidney Bean?”
              Who’s your favorite person in the whole world?
              What’s your favorite boy name?
              What’s your favorite girl name?
              Would you ever consider getting married? Or do you think it would be hard to settle with one person forever?
              Are vampires immortal?
              Are the kind of guy who likes to wear capes?
              Does death scare you?
              What’s the scariest thing in the world for you?
              Can I adopt you?
              Snow or sunny beaches?
              Gmail or Yahoo?

          • Do you like chocolate?
            Pie or cake or cookies?
            Apple pie or key lime pie?
            Mirriam describes you as having a scar on your chest. How did you get it?
            Do you bleed glitter? Are you one of those people?
            Do you wear jewelry?
            You said you spend a lot of time getting dressed. Does that mean you change clothes all the time? O_o
            Do you do your own grocery shopping?
            Apples or pasta?
            Cats or dogs?
            Do you think you and Eristor would get along?
            Would you rather be a vampire or an elf?
            Do you like the holidays?
            If you were in school, what grades would you get? Would you attend college?
            What would you study for?

            • If you eat something you don’t like, are you more likely to spit it out or just grin and bear it?
              Has anyone ever gotten lemon juice in your eyes?
              Top hats or bowler hats or Skata’s hat? 😛

            • Can you sing?
              Can you give yourself a double chin? Can I see?
              Can you dance?
              Do you like clocks?
              If you had to have a pet, what would it be?
              If someone paid you $10.00 would you put a turtle on your head and wear it as a hat?
              Do you prefer music with meaning or fun a little diddy?
              If it was up to you, how would Skata dress?
              Do you think Collins is a nice guy? Do you think you could be friends with him?

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