Getting to Know Angel, Round Two


1) What languages do you know? French, Aramaic, Italian…a phrase or two in English…

2) Do you like to read? Depends on the book. It would have to be particularly interesting.

3) What is your surname? His surname is Blackburn.

4) Do you like rain? Nothin’ like a cozy day inside.

5) Who is your closest friend? …Skata? Yes, no, maybe so?


6) Who is your favorite person to take energy from? You offering?


7) What is your favorite jewel? Well, you know what they say – sapphires are a guy’s best friend.

8) Are you ticklish? If so, how ticklish? Hate to disappoint you, doll, but I haven’t got a ticklish bone in my body.

9) If you could say or do anything to Skata without consequence, what would it be? I’d punch him in the face.

10) Do you like girls? If so, blondes or brunettes? If brunettes, call me and we can set something up.


11) Do you like cats? Nnnooottt particularly. I’m more of a nature guy. Let’s keep the nature in nature.

12) Do the people you compel know they’re being compelled? Do they know it’s you who’s doing it? The thing about compelling is they have no memory of me doing it. I could compell them to remember that I compelled them to forget, but that would be kind of anticlimactic.

13) Does your vampire state ever make you lonely?


14) Do you consider yourself to be more good, or evil? Does Mirriam agree with you? Even Angel doesn’t know how he feels about himself. I can tell you that deep down, Angel is a good man who intentionally tries to make others disappointed in him, because he’s afraid of failing people’s expectations.

15) What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks? Energy drinks from a particularly tasty barista.

16) Would you go to a mattress store and jump on all the mattresses? While I’m a fan of mattresses in their own right, jumping on them doesn’t top my to-do list.

17) Do you enjoy shopping? I think the question is, do I enjoy using what I’ve bought?

18) What are three items always found in your food and drink supply? Wine, bread, and branzino.

19) Have you ever acted in a play? I’ve done plenty of acting, but never on stage.

20) How do you really feel about Skata? Ahh, he’s a good guy. He just a little too reformist for my taste.


21) What’s your favorite dessert? You.

22) Do you like to dine with others, or alone? Eating isn’t a pasttime for me. Food is food.

23) Are you ever scared when you’re alone?


24) Do you like to use people?


25) According to ancient legends, when redheads die they become vampires. Mirriam said I could have you when I died. Are you cool with that? You, me, and the deep blue afterlife. Bring your friends.



17 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round Two

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Angel, I love your face. XD Who’s the model?
    MORE QUESTIONS!!!!!!! 😀

    1) DO YOU LOVE ME???
    2) How honored do you feel? Because I don’t really get crushes anymore (I just like faces mostly now) but I think I have a crush on you. 😀
    3) In the first post, people were asking about you before you were a vampire. Did I miss something in the first draft? Or is this something in the second?
    4) They’re asking how you feel about being a vampire. Did you have a choice? O_o
    5) Do you like to cook? WILL YOU COOK WITH ME???
    6) Which do you prefer: Cold or hot weather?
    7) What’s your favorite number?
    8 ) Do you like larger houses or smaller houses better?
    9) Would you ever come to Florida? If you did, would you come see me? And if you did, what would you want to do? xD
    10) Are you manipulative?
    11) Do you respect women? Or are you just one of those good-time guys?

    Mirriam, can I just say that these are so fun? XD And yeah. I just might have a crush on him. And I never get crushes anymore. O_O

  2. Angel, my darling, beautiful, precious lad! You have no idea how much I love you!
    I shall follow in Rana’s footsteps and add more questions for Your Snarkiness:
    Would you be nice to my sister Fina if I sent her to you?
    Do you like kpop (THE important question of your whole lifetime)?
    Do you ever regret that you’re what you are? A vampire, or even so unsympathetic?
    Do you feel for ANYONE? When a certain wonderful person died in the first draft of TMC, you seemed genuinely upset. Are you better inside than you lead us to believe?
    Do you like us, your fan club? ‘Cause you better. I CAN make your life miserable if you don’t. Trust me. ;D
    Do you ever get the impression that you need therapy? ;D
    What’s your normal bedtime/waking up time?
    What’s your favorite quote (no, it can’t be one of your own)?
    Do you believe in an afterlife?
    If I were to show up on your doorstep, what would you do?
    Angel, I love you. ;D

    • Hey, Angel, I’ve been thinking of you and have more questions.
      How is a vampire killed — believe me, I really want you to stay alive, but I am curious?
      How is a vampire created?
      What is your first memory?
      Do all vampires forget their human lives, or was that just you? Were you compelled to forget, perhaps?
      What is your greatest desire?
      Do you ever wish you had family/remembered your family? ‘Cause I have some sisters that would be more than happy to take you in… XD
      You’re something of a puzzle. But we love you anyway. *rolls eyes in your direction*

      • Wait a second, wait a second — I was just looking over the first part of your interview, darlin’, and I have yet another question for you, you brat: Mirriam said you went off the metaphorical deep end after your transformation. She said there are reasons. Mmmmm? You may tell us. However, I understand the desire that Mirriam might have to keep bits of you secret, so you are not completely obligated to answer this question, precious.

  3. Haha, this interview was great! Love his snarkiness. (Although I don’t think that’s a word…)
    The answer to number 14 — great the depth and complexity! 😀

  4. This post otherwise entitled: how-many-questions-can-Angel-answer-with-GIFs-alone. XD
    Awesome work Mirriam…getting Angel to talk. 😉 Hehe.

  5. Can you take energy from animals, or is only humans?

    Do you enjoy life?

    Do you consider yourself happy?

    Do you ever wish things were different?

    Do you want friends?

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