Getting to Know Angel, Round One

AngelcollageSkata took it and flipped it open to peruse the vampire’s answers and noticed several of the questions had been left blank. Where the vampire had been born and any family connections had been unanswered.

            He sighed. “What is this?” he asked, pointing at the blank spaces.

            “What does it look like?”

            “It looks like you’re being ornery for no reason.” Skata glanced at the paper where the vampire had signed his name and added, “You’ve got to be kidding. Angel? Your name is Angel?”

            “I don’t see why you’re so surprised.” The vampire’s lips parted away from his fangs in a grin. “You seem like the sort of man who would appreciate irony.”


1) Do you have a song? Afraid of the Dark – Ejecta

2) If you traveled to another country, where would it be? I’ve been everywhere, darling; you’ll have to be more specific.

3) Favorite childhood memory? See, there’s the thing. I have nihil in the memory department.

4) How do you feel about being a vampire?

5) Have you always enjoyed annoying people? I’ll have to plead guilty. People are so adorable when they get worked up.

6) What were you like before you were a vampire? Were you more compassionate? Author moment here – I’ll have to answer this, since Angel doesn’t know. He’s always been a snarky little devil, but he was much more open and sympathetic to others. After his transformation, he struggled with his transformation and went off the metaphorical deep end. There were reasons, though. Believe me.

7) How do you feel about others in general? Human others? Vampire others? Just ‘others’? Taking a general swing, I’d have to say that humans are entertaining and other vampires annoy me.

8) You’ve been pretty self-serving, but are there any moments where you desire to help others out of the (questionable) goodness of your heart? I resent the ‘questionable.’ *grin* And if I did have those moments, sweetheart, I wouldn’t tell you.

9) Do you have any siblings? Pretty certain Not.

10) Can you tell us how you turned into a vampire without Mirriam killing us to keep the secret? I’d be happy to! If I could remember. Unfortunately, I can’t.  She might tell you eventually.

11) It’s been hinted that there is a mysterious lady in your past…care to expound? No. But again, Mirriam might tell you if she ever gets around to it.

12) Will you marry me?

13) What’s your favorite music genre? I’m not much of a musical person, but I like a good opera now and then. In the 21st century, he listens to country-rock.

14) Favorite hair color (on you or other people)? Mmm…black.

15) Do you teach classes on the art of snark? Because I would love to learn.

16) Do you consider yourself to be a ladies’ man( or vampire, as the case may be)? I’d say that’s a given, but I’m not one to brag.

17) How tall are you? 5’10” – good things come in small packages. *wink*

18) Do you get along with humans or unnaturals better? Depends on the person.

19) Do you have a lot of friends? I have a wide circle of acquaintances. ‘Friends’ are something I actively try to avoid. They’re constantly throwing expectations at you.

20) What’s your personality off the Meyers-Briggs test? Angel is an ENFP (although who knows what he was before he turned). He draws energy from large crowds and needs constant action to distract himself. He’s excited by new ideas but bored with details; open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.

21) Short or tall girls? Neither? Both? Oh, I’ll take ’em any way they come.

22) What personality type draws you in or intrigues you the most? Well, anyone who doesn’t succumb naturally to my charms piques my interest.

23) When’s your birthday? If you find out, let me know.

24) What do you spend the most time doing, any given day? For the sake of the kiddies, I’ll say I spend the most time getting dressed. It’s an art form.

25) You have a lot of fans. How do you feel about them?

Also, a shoutout to the frabjous Rana! Happy birthday, girl; from me and Angel!


19 thoughts on “Getting to Know Angel, Round One

  1. Okay. All those .gifs. I’m saving them.
    ANGEL, MY DARLING. You are beautiful. *hugs him*

    1) What’s your favorite dessert?
    2) Do you like to dine with others or alone?
    3) Are you ever scared when you’re alone?
    4) Do you /like/ to /use/ people?
    5) I just wanted to get your opinion on this, but apparently, according to ancient legend, when redheads die, they become vampires (look what I get to look forward to! 😀 ). Mirriam said I could have you when I died. Are you cool with that? And don’t sweat the height love. Dynamite comes in small packages. Plus, God only lets things grow ’till they’re perfect. Some of us just don’t take as long. 😉
    6) Do you believe in God? Are you a regular church-attender?

  2. TWO of the pictures didn’t work on my computer! D: Are there links you could post?

  3. I think your author has a lot of things planned for you, Angel. Did you give yourself that name? Kind of for the sake of just getting to tell people and watch them stare at you to see if you’re being serious or not?

  4. Oh! A bit late, but thanks for the birthday wishes! Bad day and all, it just cheers me up a bit to re-read the interviews. 😉 I missed it the first time. O_o Anyway! Thanks again! *hugs you both*

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