Getting to Know You: Introducing Angel

angel23Most of you already know about Angel, my lovely, snarky This Mortal Coil vampire with the mysterious past, but there are a few of you who don’t. So I’m going to give you a few snippets so you have a general idea of his personality, and then you can feel free to ask your questions! No matter how basic, no matter how bizarre; if you ask, he will answer through the month of January. Enjoy! (Note from myself: I really can’t wait until he reaches the twenty-first century. He’s going to be a blast.)

            “You’re quick,” said Angel, appraising the hunter with his eyes. “It’s a good thing the Guild snatched you up before you went into the medical field.”

Skata pinched the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache coming on. “Just forget it.” He tucked the paper into his pocket. “I’ll see what Collins has to say about it, but don’t think about leaving the city until we get this sorted out.”

            “I will dream of many things,” the vampire answered, “but not that. You have my word.”

            Skata snorted and backed out of the room. “Your word,” he muttered. “That’s funny.”

            “Not as funny as your hat,” said the vampire. “You can take the boy out of the cow but you can’t take the cow out of the boy, can you? Where are you from in the states, exactly?”

            “Montana,” said Skata shortly.

            “Ah,” said Angel. “Everything’s clear to me now.”


“It’s like a museum in here. What did you do, hire an army?”

            “Help comes surprisingly cheap in London,” said Angel, shutting the door. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? Again?”

            “I have orders to bring you to the Guild for assessment,” Skata responded, feeling distinctly uneasy in the elaborate, expensive surroundings. How anyone could live somewhere so large and stuffy was too much to comprehend. “If you can spare the time, now would be good.”

            Angel looked at a spot directly over his shoulder. “He’s concerned about my time.”

            “Please, no theatrics.” Skata shook his head. Why did all vampires feel the need to be so over-the-top? It was like they thought they were constantly acting in an ongoing opera. “Let’s just get this over with, all right?”



Angel twisted in his chair to give Skata a slanted expression. “Why do I need him?” he asked, directing the question toward Collins while Skata made a face at the vampire.

            “To judge just how high your mental powers are,” said Collins in his standard soothing-all-your-fears tone. “You give Skata a mental suggestion, and I’ll rate how strong you are. It’s only for categorization,” he added.

            “So you can know how dangerous I am.” Angel smiled. “Isn’t that right?”

            Collins hesitated before nodding. “Putting it simply, yes.”

            “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?” Angel pushed his chair back and stood up. He tilted his head in Skata’s direction.

            The next thing Skata knew, he was standing on the top rung of the bookshelf ladder. He turned slowly around and looked down.

            “I’ll refrain from asking how the weather is,” said Collins without looking up as he wrote down the result.

            Skata gave Angel a dark look. “Stormy.”

            “You could at least have waited until I ordered you down again,” said Angel, adopting a cherubic expression as Skata jumped down the last few rungs.



14 thoughts on “Getting to Know You: Introducing Angel

  1. I LOVE ANGEL. He’s hilarious. This book is awesome…although somehow I never got to read the ending. But I still love this book. ^_^
    1) If you travelled to another country, where would it be?
    2) Do you have a song?
    3) Favourite childhood memory?

  2. YES! ANGEL, I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    Okay, my beautiful darling, here we go:
    How do you feel about being a Vampire?
    Have you always enjoyed annoying people?
    What were you like before you turned into a vampire? The same, or slightly more compassionate?
    How do you feel about others in general? You seen pretty self-serving, but are there any moments when you actually desire to help someone just out of the (questionable) gooddness of your heart?
    Do you have any siblings?
    CAN you tell us about how you changed into a vampire without Mirriam killing us to keep the secret?
    What’s that picture of you on ?Mirri’s FB of you and the myseririous lady all about?
    There’s many more questions I’m dying to ask you, precious, but I’ll settle for one more: will you marry me? ;D

  3. Oh, man. I love him. XD

    1) What’s your favorite music genre?
    2) Favorite hair color (either on yourself or other people)?
    3) Do you teach classes on the art of snark? Because I would //love// to learn. *wink*
    4) Do you consider yourself a ladies’ man (or vampire, as the case may be)?
    5) How tall are you?
    6) Do you get along with humans or other creatures better?
    7) Do you have a lot of friends?
    8) What personality type are you, going off of the Myers Briggs thing?
    9) Short or tall girls? Or either?
    10) What personality type draws you in most? Or most intrigues you?
    11) When’s your birthday?

    Sorry if that last one made no sense. I was up ’till 3:30 last night (didn’t make it ’till 5:30 😛 ), so excuse my inability to create comprehend-able sentences. XD

  4. 1. How old are you?
    2. What languages do you know?
    3. Do you have large feet?
    4. Do you like to read?
    5. What kind of early 2000 music do you listen to?
    6. What is your surname?
    7. Do you like the rain?
    8. Who is your closest friend?
    9. Who is your favorite person to take energy from?
    10. What is your favorite jewel?

  5. Angel, I’ve heard a lot about you. It hasn’t always been good, but it has been funny. So, I have prepared a few questions for you.

    Are you ticklish? If so, how ticklish?
    If you could say or do anything to Skata without consequence, what would it be?
    Do you like girls? If so, blondes or brunettes? If brunettes, we have five! Call me, we can set something up. I’ll have to ask my dad first, though. ❤
    Do you like cats? I have one up for adoption! (Mean kitty, but he's black and has nice moments. He's missing a canine.) I don't mean to make you feel like I'm pawning everything off on you, but I have so much to offer you!

  6. Judging from one of the snippets, I see Angel can mentally manipulate people. (Which would be a boatload of fun!) So I’m curious…
    -Do the people you give ‘suggestions’ to know they’re being controlled? Do they know it’s you doing it?
    -Favorite season?
    -Does your vampire state ever make you lonely?
    -Do you consider yourself to be more good than evil? (And would Mirriam say you’re correct?)

    That’s all I’ve got for now. 🙂

  7. favorite drink at Starbucks? (Cause I want to try all your characters’ favorite drinks…)
    would you go to a mattress store and jump on all the mattresses?
    do you enjoy shopping?
    what are three items always found in your fridge?
    have you ever acted in a play?

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