Are you feeling Bold?


So this is a day I’ve been looking forward to for Quite Some Time. Why? Because I get to share a super-epic-amazing book with you. The doubly awesome part? It was written by a friend of mine. So you can believe me when I tell you, this is a good book. Don’t believe me? Fine, then – read the premise!

Jesse and her older brother, Ben, rebuilt the Resnik army after it was nearly wiped out in an ambush 8 years ago. Building this army upon the values of friendship, chivalry, and brotherhood, they believe they hold the key to unlocking the long-lost life of the American Dream. Now, having nearly reached it’s previous height of glory, they wait with bated breath for their chance to change the future of the country. But with the army hot on their tail, undercovers everywhere, and danger around each turn, can they really launch an attack that would turn the tide of the battle for the American Dream?

You can find the novel Breaking Shadows: Bold on Goodreads (look for author Hannah Stewart!) and you can find the author at her blog, Breaking Shadows Project. She’s even having a Holy Apple Crisps! giveaway, giving you the chance for %70 off the list price of the book! Wooot!

In honor of this novel’s release, I’ve compiled a postapocalyptic playlist for Jesse, Ben, and their shattered world. Take a listen, enjoy, and be Bold!




6 thoughts on “Are you feeling Bold?

  1. has the title been changed?? I tried looking it up, and all I can find is Tears of Ink by hannah stewart. Am I on the right track? Just wondering…

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