the write language


I know a lot of people out there who are insecure about what they write. They write and they keep it tucked away in a secret file, or in a notebook under their pillow, or maybe it’s just in their head but wherever they keep it, it’s hidden away. They never show it to anyone because they’re worried someone might not like it, that someone might think they’re stupid, that it just won’t be good enough. What does that even mean? Who says if it’s good enough? If you like writing, if it makes you happy, if it feels right, if it transports you to another time and place, if it takes you to the darkest places only to bring you back into light brighter than ever, then do it. Writers never see what they write as ‘good enough,’ so stop thinking that way. It will never be perfect, but it will always be yours. Writing is like nothing else. You can create people, things, and places. You can go there alone or you can take people with you; you can create and destroy and get caught up in relationships and cry for the broken hearts and feel that special sense of joy when things turn out right in the end. Every writer has many similarities but also a lot of differences, and that’s okay. People who aren’t writers will never understand, and that’s also okay. It’s okay if they don’t like a book that you love, and it’s okay if you don’t like one that they love. It’s okay if you love a character so much you’d marry them but someone else doesn’t like them. Writing is a kind of language, and everyone speaks it differently. Do you write for your eyes only? That’s okay but maybe you’re depriving somebody who would really love it. Do you write for tons of people? Don’t forget to write for yourself, too. In the end, writing is still a language. Whisper it, shout it, wield it with an accent, but however you use it – use it well.


6 thoughts on “the write language

  1. Oh my, boy did I need this today! Thank you so much, sweet girl! This is something I have to remind myself on a daily basis. Writing can be such a discouraging occupation, but it’s also the most wonderful thing a person can do when they really love it. And I do, I love it so much. I just need to remind myself that fact sometimes. You’re the best, Mirriam. Thank you!

  2. well, I guess I will just go ahead and join the ranks of “thanks-givers” because I needed this, too… Brilliant post: encouraging, inspiring, not candy-coated or mush. Thank you…

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