Getting to Know You, Round Three: Azrael

Once again, it’s time for another questionnaire with Azrael! This will probably be the last round for him, so if you have any more questions we’ll answer them in the comments!


Would you like a twin? Would said twin be willing to do all the chores?

2) Do you wear jewelry? On occasion, sure. Rooney bought me a dog tag as an early Christmas present that says ‘if found, please return to address.’  If I don’t wear it she gets mad.

That’s not entirely true. I only get mad if he does dangerous stuff without it.

3) Could you turn Patrick into something other than a marionette without him dying (poor dear)? I could always try, but he’d probably die between transitions so I haven’t tried it. I told him to wait for the Blue Fairy.

4) If you had an email address, what would it be? Rooney told me not to tell my email address. *whispers* It’s It’s actual the email for everybody I know – Ginger, Hal, Rusty, Castor, Rooney, whoever.  But I made it so it’s mine.

5) WHEN ARE YOU PROPOSING TO ROONEY-ROO???? Can I be invited to the wedding???? O___________O Erm….

6) You don’t scowl as much now as you did when you met Hal and Ginger. Why? Untrue! I scowl just as much! Maybe even more!

7) Azzy (hope you don’t mind us calling you that), what’s your favorite holiday? I’ve been called worse. And…oh…the Mid-Autumn Festival. Christmas next because presents.

8) How do you get into the Christmas spirit, if at all? Well, thanks to Rooney the house is suffocating under a mass of pine boughs, tinsel and lights. She’s forcing me into it.

9) Are you a holiday person? Or do you prefer to roll with the everyday life? I love a good excuse for a party, but only small ones. Say five or six people. And it can’t last too long. Half an hour is good.

Longer if you can dazzle everyone with your wysary.


10) How long do wyslings live on average? Oh, it differs from person to person. Most wyslings are faeries like myself, so we can live for quite a long time. Human wyslings do tend to live longer because they’re around so much wysary; 200 for a human, on average. I think.

Whoo; I’m gonna live to two hundred!

Don’t count on it.

11) Can I have a hug? If you must.

Be nice!

….Sure, I love hugs.

12) What’s your favorite Christmas memory? The time I accidentally turned Bernie into a Christmas ornament.

13) What’s your favorite thing to do during Christmas? Go sledding! It’s easy enough to raise a hill and make some snow. I’m taking Rooney and Patrick out sledding later. I think she’s working on convincing Rusty.

He says he’d rather stay inside and make hot chocolate for us when we come in or something.

Tell him he’s a party pooper.

I already did.

14) What do you want for Christmas this year? Rooney’s looking at me like I’m supposed to say world peace, but then you have all these problems – which world? How much peace? Does peace = happiness? So I’ll just say a new hoodie.

15) Are you giving anyone (Rooney) anything for Christmas this year? Maybe.

He is. I saw the package. But he won’t tell me what it is.

That would spoil the surprise, and you know it!

He even wysered it so I can’t touch it. I can’t even shake it to see if it was expensive.

It wasn’t.



12 thoughts on “Getting to Know You, Round Three: Azrael

  1. OH MY TEA I MISS THAT BOY. Number five and twelve… woooowww…

    Am I the only one who wishes each of these questions was somehow turned in a chapter so we could know the WHOLE story because it???

  2. I love how real your characters always are, with lovable (or not so lovable) personalities of their own! I try, and I read your advice posts, and I think I’m improving, but I sure haven’t reached your level yet. I sent you a facebook message a few minutes ago.

  3. I so needed this. That reply about the parties and only being able to handle 5-6 people for about half an hour is so me. -_- My little cousins are staying till Christmas eve and day one already has me about ready to go out to the store just to buy some duct tape. >_<


  4. AAAHHHH I LOVE IT. ALL THE THINGS. Especially Bernie as a Christmas ornament: Azrael, you shoulda left her like that! And nooo I want the Q&A-with-Azzy to go on forever! *sobs* But I’m sure we’ll have just as much fun with the next charrie. Maybe.


    Also, question for Azrael: what’s your favorite Christmas song? And are you secretly a) Scrooge or b) the Grinch? XDD (kidding, totally. I think. Heartlessness may be involved. *cough*)

    Okay I decided what I’m sending the charries for Christmas. Azrael, you get a black cowboy hat. Seriously. You need one. And it may console you for the loss of your black hair color. (Also, if you do get a new hoodie, it had better say VARSITY again. But I like the one you wear with the hole in it! <3) Patrick gets a scented candle so he can smell it (but he shouldn't ever let Azrael accidentally light it because it could harm his wood). Rusty needs a leather jacket. Only because Azrael's clothes doesn't fit him very well. *cough* Rooney… well, the only thing I can think she really needs is a User's Manual to Azrael. But I don't think there is one… Cookbook, then. Boring but useful; at least Azrael and Rusty will benefit. XD I can't think of anything for Ginny and Hal… (And Hal would probably be offended if I sent him a flea comb, right?) Anyways that's it. Poe gets a new cage, too. *sends all the things by imaginary post*

  5. (Aaaah! I commented Sunday but I think it broke…)

    Last questions for the Azrael:
    What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
    Did you like the Hobbit movie?

    We’ll miss asking you questions Azrael! Bye-bye! You’re awesome! (Whodowegetnext?CanitbeHal??!!)

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