There’s no place like home for the holidays


In a flash, my week has looked something like this…

– We saw The Desolation of Smaug and every time I see anyone on Facebook discussing it I have to pop in and say “THRANDUIL!” I’ve had a soft spot for him since I was eleven and read the Hobbit for the first time, and he was spot-on. Granted, Jackson took liberties with the movie, but they were good liberties, and I had an awesome time.

– We went and saw an illusion show at the performing arts center (their illusion/magic shows are the best) and my nephew Silas, recently 7, now wants to be an illusionist. I approve of his career choice, as long as he keeps dragon riding first and foremost.

– I cut the middle finger of my left hand open with a knife (unintentionally) and I can’t even type with it. I’ve been trying to handwrite, but it really isn’t the same. I pull up my documents and stare forlornly at them, but there’s nothing to be done. I’ll just have to wait.

– Christmas shopping!! As much as I like getting presents (I mean, who doesn’t?) I love hunting for things to buy people, even with limited funds. Some of the people I know are SO hard to buy for that I feel like throwing up my hands and giving them a gift card to Starbucks, but…

– I received a surprise package in the mail – a big, soft TARDIS blanket and a Hobbit-themed moleskine from my friend Maximillian. Seriously. You’d think he knew me or something.

– I’ve read Percy Jackson & The Olympians, finally, and fallen in love with it. Now I can see what all the buzz is about; I keep having to read bits aloud to my mom. And, as someone who has long loved Greek mythology, I can say that this book is the best way to learn about it that I’ve ever come across. Plus it’s super fun.

– I’m wanting to start journaling again but I don’t have the proper kind of notebook. I’m sure you’ve experienced this problem.

– I’ve been researching a lot of common/uncommon vampire/werewolf/general non-human thing traits, tweaking them, and using them in This Mortal Coil. I get a lot of enjoyment from this.

– I’m working on a surprise that involves Monster. Is it a special edition? A new cover? A publisher? Possibly all three, possibly none? You’ll have to wait and see!

The Passion of Christ by John MacArthur is very good. In it, he details 50 reasons why Christ suffered and died. They aren’t very long, but they’re supremely thought-provoking and I’d recommend it to anyone.

– We put up the Christmas tree last night! We’ve been sick so we got it up a little late, but it’s in the living room now, decked out in ornaments and lights! (Colored lights. Every year we have this vote – colored lights or white lights – bu the rule is as long as someone still votes for colored lights, that’s what we’ll have. I’ve been fighting a lone battle for the last several years and I will continue to fight it until I live elsewhere.)

So that’s the appearance of my week in general. How’s yours? Can you believe it’s only ten days ’till Christmas??


31 thoughts on “There’s no place like home for the holidays

    my poor brother, who was sitting next to me, had to put up with all my fangirling, squeaking, and holding on to his arm.

    I’m excited to see the Monster surprise! when will you reveal it?




    And aaawww I hope your finger gets better soon! *hugs* I hate it when I can’t write due to a hurt finger. It’s rends the soul. *nods sympathetically* (Not to mention we miss Azrael and the only way his adventures can continue is through your fingers…) Also. Your hair. What. O_O

    And what sort of journal do you need?

    • XD I did not expect my hair to be the main topic of conversation after this post, but life is unpredictable. XD Oh, you know…something medium thick, with whatever paper and an inspiring ‘write in me’ cover. I’m picky about what I write in; it has to speak to me. XD

  3. The parts I liked best in “The Hobbit Part 2” were the scenes in which Legolas and Tauriel kill orcs with great force and epicness. Or awesomeness. Or just cool moves.
    Also, Richard Armitage probably has the coolest voice I’ve heard.
    Random observation: you have a Christmas tree…and cooler weather…and get to spend Christmas with family. How nice.



    Sounds like a lovely week!!! ^_^ And your hair looks lovely! Is that your sister? She’s gorgeous too!!! It must run in the family…
    And colored lights ftw. How can you be the only one for colored lights? O_o

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