Getting to Know You, Round Two: Azrael

So today not only do we have Azrael’s last bout of questions, we have some clever fan art from The Princess of Dol Amroth! The first picture displays the main items in Paper Crowns – a verily muffin, Ginny’s award, paper chains, her paper airplane, icicles, and Salazar down there at the bottom. The second picture is, of course, Ginny in the Summer Kingdom after having reclaimed her crown (notice Cat!Hal’s tail?) Aren’t they awesome?











What’s the weirdest form you’ve ever been in?

Oh, tough. I have to say the painting was an interesting form, except I was stuck like that for two days until the wyse wore off.

You never told me about that!

Rooney, stay out of my interview.

Do you mind your name being shortened?

I hear I’m being called Azzy. I…I can think of worse nicknames, I suppose.

Would you be caught wearing pink?

Dead or alive?

Obviously you’d be caught as a ginger, so-


How many clocks are in your house?

One. On the mantle. Well, two, if you count the – no, three. I actually don’t know. Rooney, how many clocks are in the house?

Including watches? Six. I have a wristwatch, there are three clocks, you have a wristwatch, and Rusty has one of those watches on a chain.

How many people have you turned into dogs?

Only two. Dogs aren’t the only forms I use, you know. And both the baker and the mailman deserved it.

What’s your favorite number?

Thirty-seven is an excellent wysing number.

If you were a musical instrument, what instrument would you all be?

Well, ROONEY would be a piccolo. Ear-piercing, annoying, makes you want to poke your eardrums with a stick-

Azrael would totally be a harmonica.

A har – what? Why?

Rusty’s a cello. Everybody knows that. Patrick is probably a xylophone.

Why couldn’t I be a xylophone?

You just aren’t.

Nobody asked you.



5 thoughts on “Getting to Know You, Round Two: Azrael

  1. I love you, Azzy, my dear!!!!! *hugs* And why do you pick on poor Rooney? She’s not annoying. She’s funny. *hugs Rooney*

    I don’t know if there will be another round of questions, but if there are:

    1) Would you like a twin?
    2) Do you wear jewelry? (you know. Like, dog tags. I’d say friendship bracelets, but you don’t seem to make friends very well… BUT IF I WAS THERE, I WOULD BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!)
    3) Could you turn Patrick into something other than a marionette without him dying (poor dear)?
    4) If you had an email address, what would it be?
    5) WHEN ARE YOU PROPOSING TO ROONEY-ROO???? Can I be invited to the wedding????

  2. The Princess of Dol Amroth? I know her!! These are fantastic pictures! I love Hal’s tail poking out there.

    And Azreal and Rooney are just way too fun. I haven’t even read their story and I already love them. I love this idea of character interviews.

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