Getting To Know You, Round One: Azrael

A lot of questions for Azrael came in yesterday. I hadn’t expected to have enough to do a full post for a few days, at least, but you didn’t seem to have any trouble at all thinking some up! Enjoy the interview!


How old were you when you became a wysling/started learning wysary, and who taught you?

When I was nine my parents bought me all twelve volumes of the Lives of Edridanus, and curiosity did the rest. I taught myself (not very well) and was helped out by Sceptrum, a nether fae I met at the goblin market.

Are you seriously a ‘fanboy’ of Eridanus?

I think ‘fanboy’ might be overdoing it, but –

Sorry, Rooney here. Is he a fanboy of Eridanus. He owns two twelve-volume autobiography sets, quotes him every time he turns around, and would probably have posters on his walls, if wyslings did that sort of thing.

MANNERS, Rooney! It’s rude to interrupt!

I think you must be rubbing off on me.

What’s your favorite thing to eat? And what’s your favorite color?

My favorite thing to eat is food. All kinds. Rooney’s waffles are pretty good. And my favorite color is BLACK.

If you could go anywhere, and do anything, where would it be and why?

I CAN go anywhere and do anything. Almost. I’d probably go forward in time and watch The Desolation of Smaug and then right after I’d watch the one after that. I hate waiting.

What is your preference: redheads, brunettes, or blonds?

I quite like them all. Except gingers. Gingers are trouble.

Rooney again. Azrael, can I point out that you’re currently a ginger?

For heaven’s sake, be quiet and stop interrupting.

You seem to not be very physically active (though you don’t seem to gain weight at all…). Do you like to exercise in your free time? What is your favorite sport?

I’m naturally thin. I can’t stand not doing anything, but I hate to exercise just for the sake of exercising.

It’s me. He doesn’t exercise. He twitches. He’s the twitchiest person I’ve ever met.

How do you take compliments? Because have a ton… *squees, fangirls, hugs Azrael*

Hey, hey! I take compliments very well, so please don’t feel you have to be shy on my account!

Is your real eye color black?

Yes. Black is my favorite color. My hair should be black, too, but I’m not bitter. Of course not.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee. I enjoy coffee. Coffee is delicious. Have you ever had an eggnog latte? You should. Starbucks has them this time of year. Get a trente. Or at least a venti.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

Converse high-tops! Or combat boots. All the better to kick Rooney with.

To you, what is the meaning of life?

42. What’s it to you?

Who was your best childhood friend?

Hogarth, the family dog. He was one of those big, black, floppy ones.

A newfoundland.



Do you cry during movies?


He’s lying.

What, or who, makes you really, really angry/irritates you? Why?

Am I expected to answer all these with full honesty!? Because if I do, every enemy I have will know exactly how to strike at me.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have any enemies here.

I can’t stand being interrupted or bossed around. And I suppose if anyone tried to hurt certain people, I might get a bit ruffled.

Do you take dares?

Only worthy ones.

Out of all Mirriam’s books (your series aside) what would your favorite be?

This Mortal Coil. I’m a Rukiel fan. I’m only a few chapters in, though, so no spoilers!

What’s your favorite time of year?

Autumn. I’m originally from the autumn kingdom, anyway.

If you didn’t have ‘heart problems,’ how would you view Patrick? Like a kid brother, a friend, or a nuisance?

I view most people as nuisances. They’re always getting in the way. But Patrick might be a bit less nuisance-y than some.

Do you like Rooney as much as you pretend not to?

What kind of question is that!? Cat’s teeth!


16 thoughts on “Getting To Know You, Round One: Azrael

  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay. He doesn’t mind compliments. So I’m going to go ahead and spit some out: YOU ARE THE CUTEST, MOST PRECIOUS BOY EVER!!!! I quote you. Frequently. I’M SORRY. Oh, wait. No, I’m not. *grins*

  2. I didn’t know he liked to watch movies o__o that’s very interesting… now I can how the DoS would appeal to him XD

    EEK, HE’S A RUKIEL FAN. WHY DOES THIS MAKE HIM SO MUCH MORE ADORABLE AND HUGGABLE? The fact that he reads your books is just…jgiraghrgerg

    Okay, Imma just go in the corner and fangirl for a bit. Don’t mind me.

  3. *purrrr* I love him! He cries during movies … hahaha…. No matter how tough he pretends to be, he’s still so cute! Man, now I want to see him with his heart all better…. THANK YOU, MIRRIAM!!!

  4. “He’s lying”
    Annnddd now all I can imagine is Rooney and Azrael watching some flick while Rooney holds the tissues and pretends to be annoyed and Azrael drowns his tears in cheesy popcorn. I’d read that. I would. 😉

  5. Can I just say this is my favorite interview EVER? Or, well… Tying with Eristor’s because those were so epic and amusing. Maybe I should just say my favorite interviews are all the ones Mirri conducts with her oh-so-awesome guy characters. XD I love alllll the answers!!! *flails*



    Also, who is your favorite character in a book? (Answering “myself” is, I’m afraid, acceptable, but highly frowned upon.)

    And favorite kind of music/band/song/whatever?

    Also is it weird that I imagine you looking somewhere between the first two pictures Mirri posted of you, but not very much like the currently featured one? Because that’s more what I think of Asterope looking like… kinda… Irish. Leprechaunish. I dunno.

    And of course you’re bitter about your hair. XD Why do you enjoy lying to yourself so often? (Yes, that was a question. Answer it. *is totally not being bossy, nuh-uh*)

    Okay, I have to go tell my sister about this because she is going to LOVE the one about food and the Hobbit. XDDD

    *whispers* Though I still like Hal better then you because he is HAL.

    Azrael is from the autumn kingdom? There IS an autumn kingdom? I described Paper Hearts to a friend and she was like "The idea of a land with a kingdom for each season is awesome" and I was like "I don't think there's a kingdom for all of them, just Winter and Summer" but I guess there is! That is AWESOME. The autumn kingdom would be my favorite because autumn is my favorite season.


    AZRAEL TAKE ME WITH YOU TO THE HOBBIT MOVIES. If you do I'll come live with you and cook you pizza and chocolate pudding and muffins and brownies and hamburgers and all sorts of goodies. And I'll lock Rooney in the pantry when ever she's being mean to you. And I'd never call you Digby and I'd keep everything clean.

    Also, I think of you as looking like this pic Mirri posted of you:

    Mirri, should I post my questions for Azrael in the comments or send you them in an email? I have some Paper Crowns fan art I drew to send you too…


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