Getting to Know You

The verdict concerning my last post is this – everyone wants me to interview everyone. Someone suggested I make this a monthly thing, and the idea seems brilliant! It will give me a chance to discover things about my charcters, give you a chance to find out what you want, and give everyone some fun. I’ll put the ‘Featured Character’ on the sidebar, and questions will be open and running the entire month. I’ll do an Answers post every time I have enough questions!

So, winning by a margin, this month’s character is:



Character summary: Azrael is a wysling from my Paper Crowns series, and if you search either the ‘snippets’ tag or the ‘paper crowns/paper hearts’ tags on my sidebar you’ll be able to get a good grasp of his personality.


You can ask your questions either by commenting on this post, contacting me over Facebook, or sending me an email. Let the asking commence!


5 thoughts on “Getting to Know You


    Question #1: If you could go anywhere, and do anything, where would it be and why?
    Question #2: What is your preference: redheads, brunettes, or blonds.
    Question #3: You seem to not be very physically active (though you don’t seem to gain weight at all…). Do you like to exercise in your free time? What is your favorite sport?
    Question #4: How do you take compliments? Because have a ton… *squees, fangirls, hugs Azrael*
    Question #5: Is your real eyecolor black? O____O

  2. 1) tea or coffee?
    2) what’s your favorite pair of shoes?
    3) to you, what is the meaning of life?
    4) who was your best childhood friend?
    5) do you cry during movies?
    6) what, or who, makes you really, really angry? Why?
    7) do you take dares?

    And that’s all I’ve got for now(;
    Thanks for doing this Mirriam! It’s way cool.

    xx Riley

  3. *dances in smug excitement* Let the Azrael-loving begin!
    What irritates him more than anything (okay, there’s probably a lot, but I want to know the worst thing I could possibly do to him — I love him.) and why?
    Out of all your books, which would be his top pick (Paper Stuffs aside)? Why?
    What’s his favorite time of year and why?
    Does he like Rooney as much as he pretends not to? 😉
    If he didn’t have heart problems, how would he think of Patrick? Like a kid brother, a friend, or a nuisance?
    Tell him ‘hi’ for me, please, and more questions might come from this corner of the world…

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