That escalated quickly

Well, that was fun. I should probably get myself a shirt with the word TROUBLEMAKER across it somewhere, because I seem to have a knack for kicking hornets’ nests. Fortunately, 99% of everyone who read the last post took it in the spirit intended, which proves it – you all are officially awesome. And just so you don’t think I’m now a Twihard, you should check out this site – Reasoning with Vampires. It points out every flaw with the Twilight series in such a way it literally becomes a ‘How Not to Write a Book’ site. It’s surprisingly helpful.

To lighten the mood a bit, I felt it was time for some more Disconnect snippets. I’m about to hit 28,000 words, so that means tomorrow I hope to have 30,000. Whew.


As soon as the door closed, he knocked me onto my bed with the back of his hand. “Don’t kick me again, Q. It makes me swear, and swearing makes your mom wince.”

            “You have way too much consideration for my mother,” I told him, sitting up and turning to my computer. “It’s a little creepy.”


“Slow down! What are you, a bullet train?” Chopper gripped my head and shook it. “What makes you think you can get her to do it? And even if she says yes, which is pretty much muri, what if she doesn’t win? She’s going up against the best players in Japan. For pity’s sake – Decimer is going to be there.”

            I looked him straight in the eye. “Get your hands off my head.”

            “Then get it on straight.”


“Seen Gummy yet?”

            “No, idiot, I was waiting for you. You told me not to talk to her without you, if you recall.”

            “I recall, but since when have you ever taken my suggestions to heart? Keep this up, and I’m gonna have to rethink my existence. And that’s your department.”

            “You didn’t word it like a suggestion,” I told him, walking toward homeroom. “You worded it like a threat.”


            “It was, wasn’t it?”


            “You had something planned, like embarrassing me in front of the entire student body if I didn’t, right?”


            I looked sideways at him. “Why are you giving me one-word answers?”

            He shrugged. “Because.”


            “Well, I think it’s handy sometimes to look lethal when in fact, you’d rather take a nap than do anything physical.”

            “Says the guy whose idea of an extracurricular activity is running over rooftops and scaling walls,” I snorted

.           “Well, I like to pick and choose what I spend my energies on. I only have so many. And I agree with your ballroom plan, but tread carefully. Also, don’t expect me to take a hit for you if Deuce decides to swing a few for talking with his girlfriend.”

            “Never do,” I said, and we walked into Coding and Script class.


“I hope he keeps it on. I don’t wanna lose my Freak status to that little yatsume.”

            “Don’t worry,” I assured him. “Nobody’s a bigger freak than you are.”

            “You make me feel special, Q.”

            “Just doing my job, Chop.”


She shrugged her slender shoulders. “Where do we go?”

            “There,” said Chopper, pointing across the sea of bobbing people to a corner near the bathrooms.

            “You’re like my own personal spy tower,” I joked, pushing through in the direction he had pointed out.

            “I might apply for that once I graduate,” he replied.


He laughed. “I’m a freak, not a Hardcore. I have a very special place in the universe. Stop trying to mess up my orbit.”


6 thoughts on “That escalated quickly

  1. Chopper — GOSH, I LOVE HIM!!!!!! Q, of course, is simply amazing, but Chopper how has quite a chunk of my heart to call his own. ANd I LOVE Gummy. 😀 Happiness abounds!

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