Nowhere to go but forward

NaNo rolls on, as difficult and delightful as ever. Something about having a pressing deadline in which to finish a 50,000 word novel sparks the brain, I have discovered, into dumping at least a dozen, if not more, excellent story ideas on you. Of course this happens when you have no time in which to write the stories, unless you’re a.) superhuman or b.) want to forfeit NaNo. So I’m storing my ideas like a chipmunk until December begins and I can pick up and start a few things. Having discovered that I can, in fact, write quickly if I can keep my grubby hands off the pretty pictures on the internet (there’s a fine line between SO! MUCH! INSPIRATION! and ‘why do I even bother’), I’m planning on being a more productive author from now on.

So! Once December begins, this is what my plan of attack looks like.

1. Look into getting an agent, edit Paper Crowns, and begin seeking publishers.

2. Finish writing This Mortal Coil and let it simmer for a while before trying to edit it.

3. Finish Paper Hearts, also let simmer for a while before trying to edit it. (Thankfully it doesn’t need nearly as much editing and smoothing as This Mortal Coil.)


4. Begin writing Howl, my werewolf story (with a name that is still a complete working title. I’m on the lookout for a better one).

5. Possibly work on another book alongside Howl once I finish TMC and PH. I’m going to try and be more focused, though, and not let myself work on more than two things at one time. Even though it’s more fun hopping from book to book, it also takes much longer to complete the novels I start.

And also, we went and saw Thor 2. It was awesome.

So what about you? Is your mind filling with awesome ideas now that NaNo has started, or is your NaNo novel your sole focus for the month?


10 thoughts on “Nowhere to go but forward

  1. Help me! If you’re still sending out chapters of Disconnect, I’m not getting them! And is Howl going to be up for beta-reading??? 😉

  2. Never mind, I got it! SO … EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think I just freaked my mom’s friend out with my ten-miles-a-minute monologue about how excited I was that lasted all of five seconds).

  3. I agree, it’s difficult to focus on one story at a time. Why is that? The beginning half of the year proved to me that one at a time really IS the way to go because I could pour everything into that one story and keep notes for other things on the side (or just abandon them entirely and remember “Oh yeah I had a great idea for that story… now what was it?” XD) So focusing on one story at a time is a very good idea, though difficult. It’s also a good idea so that multiple story ideas don’t collide… not that I’d know from experience or anything… >.>

  4. My NaNo novel has pretty much been my focus this month. I’ve been cruising along yesterday and today thanks to word wars. But then on the flip side, my left wrist started hurting. I think it was begging for a break. :/

  5. Haha, now that I’m writing fantasy, I have ideas for everything BUT. Including (but not limited to) an epic sci-fi novel, a mystery set in 1947, and a contemporary novel based on Cars and Cold Comfort Farm. XD

  6. Thor 2 was amazing. I loved it. ^_^ And I look forward to seeing your goals accomplished! Let me tell you, I will buy Paper Hearts and Paper Crowns! (By the way, I haven’t read Paper Crowns yet. :/ Could you send that to me, please? :D) *hugs* You’ve got this!

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