In which I answer some questions

I’ve had a cold for the last few days and so my brain isn’t quite up to speed. Therefore, I figured it was a good time to answer some questions you’ve been asking, yes? Okay. Here we go.

The Paper Crowns books seem a lot different than what you usually write – what gave you the ideas for them? They are quite a bit different, but I never just get slammed with a complete idea for a book. I trip over various ideas and puzzle pieces, and so my ‘process’ goes something like this – “A shape-shifting cat is a cool idea.” “That paper crown is pretty, I wish I could fold those.” “I like the name Ginger, I think I’ll use it in a book.” “Hey, a guy with a scarf on his wrist, I could use that.” And then a few days or weeks later, I go “Hey, this would make a cool book!” The only constant in the way books come to me is that they drift to me in pieces over a period of time.

Are you going to self-publish Paper Crowns, or look for a traditional publisher? I’m working on the pitch (and by “working” I mean staring at the paper waiting for the right words to magically appear) in order to submit it to a traditional publisher. I think it will be accepted by a much broader range than Monster due to the non-offensive storyline. *wink*

Are you ever going to write a sequel to Monster? I’ve given it a lot of heavy thought and have come to the point where I can tell you I Have No Idea. Every time I think ‘probably not, it’s a standalone’ I get another idea, and every time I begin to seriously consider writing a sequel, I think ‘probably not, it’s a standalone’ again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What are you going to write after NaNo? Good question, that. I have several ideas – I was hoping to finish Paper Hearts and This Mortal Coil before November but since I caught the cold and my brain has frozen, I don’t think it’s going to happen. So after I finish those two objects, I’m probably going to write This Curious Madness (an Alice in Wonderland spinoff), Painkiller (my modern Beauty and the Beast rewrite) and The Alphabet in Cell Seventeen (which is the working title for a book with an asylum, four boys, one girl, a twin, a curse, and a creepy alphabet. Happy ending optional. It’s probably part of a duo.)

You seem to collect a lot of quotes – What’s your favorite? Currently? “Being a hero means ignoring how silly you feel.” (Diana Wynne Jones, Fire and Hemlock)

What are you reading right now? Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman and The Archive by Victoria Schwab.

I wish you’d post more of your sketches! So this wasn’t really a /question/ but it gives me a good excuse to post my latest sketch of Theodora and her wysling, Asterope. I left her leg out on purpose. I totally did.


Why are they looking so forlorn? Well, it’s because ————-. I know, sad, right?

Who is your favorite character to write in Paper Hearts? That question is both excellent and evil. I love writing Azrael (who also happens to be my mother’s favorite character) because he somehow manages to be both endearing and a total blaggard.

Can I get a signed copy of Monster? Sure; I have stacks of copies here, and all you have to do is send me a check for $22. Voila; you shall have a signed copy. (Curse shipping for being so expensive!) If you prefer a cheaper way to read it, it’s also available on Kindle. 😉

How do you make your characters witty? I try to make mine funny like that but it doesn’t work. Um…I was born in a family with the biggest sense of humor of any family I know. I had the good fortune of being raised in a funny, witty, sarcastic environment. So, if you haven’t had that opportunity, I suggest you read books with the sense of humor you want to portray or watch movies and tv shows with witty characters. Things like that DO rub off on you, I promise.

Will you critique my work? I’ll critique up to three pages of your work. Send it to if you’d like me to – I don’t bite. 😉

This is a weird question, but what are your favorite movies? It’s not weird. I ask people this question all the time. Since I have a LOT of favorite movies, I’ll just list a few of the special, less heard-of ones. My favorite movies tend to be a little cheesy, just so you know. They are: The Secret World of Arietty, Labyrinth, The Secret of Moonacre, The Road to El Dorado, Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton version), The Court Jester, Stardust, Galaxy Quest, and The Thin Man movies.

How do I find you on NaNoWriMo? Click the little button on the top right sidebar.

Any other questoins, feel free to ask and I’ll answer them in a while with another post like this.


19 thoughts on “In which I answer some questions

  1. The Secret of Moonacre and Alice in Wonderland. *dies* Two very good movies there. XD

    And, you didn’t specify where to ask you questions. So, if you don’t get to it here, I might bug you with an email (sick of mine, yet?). 😛 How did you get publishers interested in Monster? How could I do the same? And do go to writer’s conventions and things like that to either make more connections or publicize your writing?

  2. We have so much in common, and yes, so much not in common, it’s scary… :p I love that people don’t have to be the same age to find a way to relate. I thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor! I grew up in a home where sarcasm was akin to sin, but I enjoy it so! I “hear” you on wit, humor, sarcasm…. I also “hear” you in ‘piecing” together bits of ideas (like puzzle pieces) until they come together in that great story. I am still in the “piecing” stage, but I enjoy it… Fun stuff! 😉

  3. Awww I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! D: *sends you internet-hugs and tea* FEEL BETTER! ❤

    YES. PAPER CROWNS–PUBLISHED. *dies a little inside from happiness at those words being together* And when it is, I'm buying like a dozen copies and giving them to all my friends for Christmas or something. ❤

    Also Asterope and Theodora — NOOOOO WHAT HAPPENED I CAN'T. *sobs*

    I… can't think of any questions. O_o Um… *is struck with inspiration from something you said* I know! Have you read three pages of Tare yet? XD

    Now go write me some more Azrael/Hal/Rusty/Asterope things please! ^_^

    (/end annoying long comment)

  4. I love Arietty and Shawn….but the ending…nooo. You really should see Howl’s Moving Castle! Oh, um, did something happen to Hermione? Did Theodora replace her?


    also, I thought you’d already started Monster 2? or at least has a synopsis for it, or…something……….. 😛 X)

    haha! You always have so much on the go. X) I’m 86% sure I’ve asked you this question before, but how many novels have you finished at least the first draft of, besides Monster? 😉

  6. Offers you soup for not feeling well. Ooh! The Secret of Moonacre! I really like that movie! It’s cool in a magical way. I was encouraged to read the book first, so I liked that first, The movie is really good too, but there’s some differences between the book and the movie. Both very good stories.

  7. I want to see “The Secret World of Arietty” sooooo bad! I read the book it is based off of so many times it’s not even funny,.

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