dramatis persona

I made up some graphics for a handful of my characters because looking at people’s character thingamabobs is something I find enormously fun and inspiring. I hope you enjoy looking at mine; if you can’t decide who one quote is for, feel free to guess!









(Note: NaNo is in a little over a week. Just thought I’d say.)


13 thoughts on “dramatis persona

  1. I only have guesses for the top two: the first is Azrael and the second is Halcyon.
    By the way, how long did it usually take you to write a book when you were still in high school? Just curious. (I saw you recently finished a book in one month, which is insane!)

    • You’re correct on both counts! When I was still in high school, it took me between 6 and 12 months to complete a first draft. Now it’s going much faster. Post-graduation life is severely underrated. 😉

      • Wow, that’s still fast! I’m a bit slower than that. I don’t know exactly how long my first draft took, but I’ve been editing the same book (off and on) for about five years. 😛 I’m looking forward to the days when writing is all I do.

  2. Reading these….incredibly inspiring, chilling, and delicious quotes…I think I’ve not read most, if not all of your current writings…! Shame on me!

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