When the world collapses…


I can see it now.

The bombs have gone off. The fallout has wiped out half the planet, and people are banding together in groups to stay safe, to create their own model governments, to keep each other alive. There are groups that will die, that won’t have the information or the planning to make it – and there are groups that will rise above others.

They will divide themselves.

There will be those who choose The Hunger Games. They will keep those under them in constant fear. They will have annual Reapings to keep the Districts in line.

There will be those who choose Divergent. They will split into different sections to keep themselves alive, devoted to different causes and skills.

There will be those who choose Enclave. They will enter subterranean tunnels and work through a strict caste system, and they will never again see the light of day.

My friends, when the day comes, after the world has ended, a new order will rise.  They are the Young Adult Readers.

They will lead us to freedom.

Or potential global destruction (again).

Choose your books wisely.

 We are not dauntless. We are not abnegation. We are divergent.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

(and you thought this was going to be a serious post)
(in other news,  we’re going to the mountains for the weekend. Pictures when I get back. Toodles.)

9 thoughts on “When the world collapses…

  1. Bombs will not be necessary, Miriam. Do not predict the future by the present. You must reasearch current demographic trends. In case you haven’t noticed western civilzation has already begun to collapse around you while you have been cocooned in the bubble of medieval gallantry. Low informed voters, ignorant of the history of this country and imbued with a feeling of entitlement will continue to raid the coffers of city, state and the federal government. The 19,000 baby boomers who retire each day. Yes, each day. Will take their work ethics their productivity and their understanding of history to the grave . Leaving behind the compliant, uneducated and whining masses who daily expect someone else to pay their way. The current U.S. birthrate is 1.9 per couple and dropping. Not enough to sustain our population. In Europe, it is 1.7 or less. Except among the Muslim enclaves who promote a birthrate at least double that. Their children will not be supporting symphony orchestras, museums, the opera or the native languages of the countries to which they have immigrated. 50% of the school children in southern France are Muslim. 40% of the Russian military. Sharia law will eventually encompass vast portions of Europe and yes, even the United States. You and your children, if you have any, will live to see this. I forturnately, will not. Hide your libraries before they are burned.

    • Why, hello, there. First off, let me say – this post was meant in a humorous, non-serious way; therefore, your response is inappropriate. Secondly, I have not been ‘cocooned’ in a ‘bubble of medieval gallantry.’ In this day and age, I doubt anyone has. Also, since most of the country’s troubles (governmental, economical, and social, etc.) began with Woodrow Wilson, I do not pretend to think the Baby Boomers had it all down right. In fact, a large reason America is in such trouble today is because the Baby Boomers dropped the baton and left children to the public schools instead of teaching them any values and morals they had. Your birthrate information is accurate, as are (probably) your predictions about Sharia law. I am just as well-informed as you are, and while I appreciate your concern and I believe everyone is free to express their own opinions, giving your information in a condescending and utterly pessimistic manner will neither do you good nor endear you to those you speak with. You may want to find a more productive outlet for your political rampages, rather than an author’s blog.

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