The world of Paper Crowns

There aren’t many words to go along with this post, but I’ll give you small descriptions. The first world is, of course, the world Ginny has grown up in – a modern world mingled with a touch of fairytale.


The second place is the Winter Kingdom, which has stretched to cover the Summer Kingdom now that Queen Maven has taken over. It’s a place of ice and frost and white, beautiful but frigid and unfriendly.


And the Summer Kingdom, the way it was before the Winter Queen usurped the vacant throne – a wild greenwood full of danger and magical things and warm summer beauty.


Put them all together, and you have the world of Paper Crowns.



11 thoughts on “The world of Paper Crowns

      • lol! I was about to ask the same question! *rushes off to take a look at Ribbet* 😀 (Love PC, by the way! So… interestingly fairytaleish… I don’t know. My brain’s not working today, I can’t describe it the way I want to in my head. 😛

  1. Love this post! And I really like the idea of color-coordinated “Inspiration Grids”! 😀 I’m gonna have to make some for Winter Tears!

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