Slapdash & Snark

character inspiration 8I know, I know. My last two posts have been about Paper Crowns – but I haven’t gotten any complaints, and not much else has been on my mind, yes: After four days (I don’t write on Sunday) I have 15,000 words and 32 pages. Which means, I have more snippets to share with you.

(Halcinny is, apparently, a ship that sails itself, but it was very gratifying to watch a four-way argument over Halcyon on Facebook. I’m not actually sure how it ended, but seeing as he’s still with me, I assume it went well.)

Anyhow, let the snark & whatnot commence. (I do love these two. So, so much. They are my favorite couple to date, and I have a lot of couples.)

“Fainting is the most unhelpful thing you could possibly do, Ginger.”

I cast a glance at Halcyon. “Is he safe?” I whispered as soon as the baker was out of earshot.

            “I very much doubt it,” Hal said in a low voice.

            I frowned. “You’re meant to say ‘yes, I’d trust him with my life.’ That sort of thing. Something reassuring.”

            He blinked twice at me. “I beg your pardon. Next time I’ll read between your extremely vague lines, and lie. Will that make you happy?”

            “Very,” I said, for the sake of annoyance.

            He tugged the pack off my back and smacked my shoulder. “Get in,” he said, and limped over to the passenger door.


“’Aiap, I know of one,” said Badger, nodding. “You must be in a powerful lot of trouble to want this one, though. He’s difficult, he is.”

            “I have never met a wysling who wasn’t,” said Hal.


“You irk me,” I said, hopping onto the sidewalk and following him again. The pack bounced against my back and I slowed down, not wanting to break or dislodge anything inside. “You’re irksome.”

            “Practice,” said Halcyon.


“The plan,” he said, “is to find a wysling, have him create a rend, enter the summer kingdom, and keep you safe until we find someone who can help us.”

            I had to be honest – I had been hoping for something more concise and safe, something that gave me confidence. “Well, that’s slapdash at best,” I said without much enthusiasm.

            “Slapdash is what I do best,” he responded.

            Knowing he was much older than I was and had been doing this for ages made me feel a little better, but not much. “What if we run into another hyinen?” I asked. “Or a hag? Or something worse? Are there worse things?”

            “Of course,” he said, stopping at the corner and pushing the walk button. “And to answer your question, if we should meet a hag or a hyinen, I would kill the former without a thought and interrogate the latter.”


            “Then I would kill him.”

            I was not as surprised as I felt I should have been. “You were nicer as a cat,” I said.

            “No, I wasn’t,” he responded, motioning to me with his hand to follow him across the street. “I just didn’t have the ability to express my mean streak so well.”


I was very tempted to punch him in the nose. “I’m not exactly used to all this fey, greylands and hyinen stuff, you know,” I said, sticking my hands in my pockets. “I think I’m handling it nicely.”

            It took several seconds for him to mutter, “I suppose.”

            It took several more seconds for me to say, “You said you were going to explain wyslings, but you never did.”

            “Did I say that?” he asked, unaffected.


“You want us to go back?” I asked, straightening in alarm. “I thought Maven wanted to kill me!”

            “She does,” he said gravely. “But now, she’s looking here, not there. The safest place to hide will be under her nose.”

            I shuddered, and tried to tell myself it was from the rain drying on my skin. “That doesn’t sound like much fun.”

            “It’ll have its moments,” he assured me.



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