Well, that was unexpected

Paper Crowns turned out to be a lot more popular than I expected! Hal was a major favorite, and I got emails and Facebook requests asking if they can be on the beta-reading team while I write it! 

And, being as chuffed as I am about the whole thing, I thought I’d oblige with some snippets, a couple of pictures and a playlist. (Note: I began Paper Crowns yesterday, and as of now it has over 6,000 words in it. I’m feeling very productive.)

My Two Stars

Ginny Ginger (or Ginny, as she’s more commonly called) lives in a house in the middle of the woods with her Aunt Malgarel (who is not actually her aunt) and her cat Halcyon (who is not actually a cat).

She spends most of her time drawing or folding paper into strange objects, from paper cranes to depictions of foxhunts. She lives a pleasant but secluded life, and while she is not unhappy, her favorite thing to do is go to the city on Fridays with her aunt.

This life is the only one she knows, until one bizarre day when she runs into a dead-skinned man in the city, a simple paper airplane takes on a life of its own, and she overhears Malgarel having a conversation with someone who vanishes before Ginny can see him.

She’s been dreaming of adventures her whole life.

She never expected her own to be quite like this.



Halcyon, or ‘Hal’ as Ginny prefers to call him, is a cat.

(Not really, though.)

Blue-furred, golden-eyed, and extremely opinionated for a feline, he’s been around Ginny as far as back as her memory reaches. He accompanies her every time she leaves the house, and spends a lot of time inside with her, as well. He can speak into Ginny’s mind and understand the speech of humans perfectly, but Ginny still isn’t sure exactly why he’s such an unusual cat.

 (Not that I blame her, because aside from the fact that he’s blue and speaks to her, she really has no way of knowing that he actually looks like this.)


His hair is darker in his natural fey form, but still blue. He has been charged with looking after Ginny and protecting her from those who wish her harm – and now that she’s been found on the human plane, he has his work cut out for him.

 I quite love Hal.

He’s been claimed by a few girls already, which is highly flattering to myself, but I haven’t the heart to tell them that he’s probably too focused on Ginny to notice.


Malgarel had told me I was named Ginger for the cinnamon shade of my hair, but the only time she called me anything but Ginny was when she was upset with me. Halcyon always called me by my full name except for very rare occasions when he called me Spice. (There were only two such occasions on record.)

– Paper Crowns

It took me an hour to decide what to wear the next morning, not that I had many options. My entire wardrobe consisted of three skirts, five blouses, three dresses, a pair of jeans and a warm, caramel-brown leather jacket. I opted for the jeans and a white blouse and pulled on my only pair of sandals. Wearing shoes, even strappy ones, always felt strange, but today my feet were glad to be placed in confines.

            If you’re quite ready, said Hal, eyeing me from his perch on the windowsill. It’s almost nine o’clock.

            “I’m coming,” I said, running my fingers through my hair, trying to turn the loopy waves into something manageable.

            You look fine.

            “Just – one second, please?” I asked, shooting him a look.

            It doesn’t take me this long to get ready, he muttered.

            “You,” I said pointedly, “are a cat.”

            Once you finish stating the obvious and primping yourself, come downstairs. He hopped off the windowsill and padded from the room, his tail swinging low in annoyance.

            “Quisling,” I called after him, and smiled at his lack of response.

– Paper Crowns

“I want to go Isabelle’s.”

            The art store?

            “Mmhmm.” I lifted my foot a few inches off the ground and he stepped off with a sniff. “Is that all right with you?”

            Ginger, he said with affected weariness, I would follow you to the ends of the earth if you’d just stop talking to me.

– Paper Crowns

“This – I don’t know,” I stammered, more shaken than I was frightened. “Did you see his face? He was all white, like…” I glanced down at my bag. “Like paper. His skin, his eyes, his hair – and he had pointed gray teeth. I’m not joking,” I added, just in case he gave me his typical cockeyed ‘are-you-nuts’ stare.

            He didn’t. Instead he curled his tail tightly around my ankle and stared in the direction the ghost-man had gone. I think perhaps we should go home, he said grimly.

– Paper Crowns

            You look peakish.

            I turned, resting my arm on the back of the chair, and sighed. Halcyon was curled up on my pillow, his eyes slitted open just far enough to watch me. “Someone was here, a few minutes sago,” I said. “I heard Mal talking with him in her room.”

            Oh? He settled his head on his paws. How fascinating.

            “We live in the middle of the woods, Hal. Malgarel never lets me make friends, let alone have them over. So who was that?”

            I haven’t the slightest idea. What were they talking about?


            His blue tail curled up in an arc and thumped back onto the pillows. I’m sure I could think of several hundred more fascinating topics.

– Paper Crowns



19 thoughts on “Well, that was unexpected

  1. Oh the FAME and POPULARITY. It just floods in, eh? 😉 I’m SO happy I’m on the list. Loving things book. (The cat….the caaaaat. Who is not a cat. Which is totally fair enough.)

  2. Ahhh Paper Crowns sounds so fabulous! If you’re up for one more on the beta-team, I’d be happy to join in. I love Hal already, and Ginger sounds so interesting!

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