Now I know how parents feel when their children won’t stop growing

I knew, writing This Mortal Coil, that it was something special. If not to others, then to me, at least – the characters drew me in like no other characters had before, the dialogue took on a life of its own, and the colors and sounds of London surrounded me every time I began to add more words to the story. I suppose I was asking for it, really; my muse seems to have a particular fondness for these characters and doesn’t want to stop playing with them. Therefore, thanks to her, I have no choice but to plan an entire series (though ‘plan’ may be stretching it – the plots for these seem to pop into my head with no real planning whatsoever). So, ladies and gentlemen, here is what we will eventually have in the Lamia Venator series.


City of Monsters (prequel to This Mortal Coil)

Not to Be novella cover

Not to Be (A novella about Angel’s past)


This Mortal Coil

(which, I’m excited to say, is rapidly approaching the end)


The Midnight Theater (Book #2)


 The Grave Shift (a novella about Sol; a character who plays a major role in The Midnight Theater)

I know there will be a third book (not including the prequel) and several more novellas – people have asked about Cassis and Rukiel and even Collins, wanting to know their backstories, so those projects are hiding, nameless, behind the curtains as well.  Also – you know when you have a feeling a certain series was meant to be? Well, I’ve been searching for the perfect music to write these books to. I found several really excellent albums and songs, but the day before yesterday, I stumbled across something. A gothic dream-pop band from the nineties. The name of the group? This Mortal Coil.


10 thoughts on “Now I know how parents feel when their children won’t stop growing

  1. You have two amazing talents, Mirriam. One is a knack for coming up with novel plots like that *snaps fingers*. And the other in a knack for making me insanely jealous of your knack for coming up with plots. XD I can’t wait to read them!!!

  2. Okay. My heart skipped a beat when I read that last sentence. OH. MY. WORD. That’s almost creepy!!!!! But in a good way… @_@ And I loooooove your covers!!!! ❤

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